Review - U Me Aur Hum: Thought-provoking yet over-sentimental

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U Me aur Hum: A sensitive, stimulating aur sappy theme with romantic, idealistic aur mushy characters who have thoughtful, filmy aur repetitive lines.



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It is touching. It is sweet. The romance is too good to be true. Yet at some level it works, because the chemistry works. But, where's the "hum" Mr.Devgan? I saw only the "U". Why is the Mrs. denied character development? Of course, the U can argue that the movie is from Ajay's point of view. But then why behave like you are in love with cheese and call it, U Me Aur Hum?

The story has a clear set-up, a conflict and a resolution. I like the pace at which the romance builds on the cruise ship as a tribute to Titanic. The conflict chosen however, is so specific that you wonder whether the resolution is applicable to all situations. Especially considering that Ajay Devgan, as a person, wants people to work on their relationships rather than let go. Yet, it does manage to make you think "how much would I be willing to give up in my relationship?"

Again, the problem at hand is specific enough to warrant research. A cursory glance around the web raises a couple questions. To an extent, the movie is not about this specific issues, but is about the overall idea that love also means enjoying the blindness. But the issue is so much at the crux of the story that it can't be ignored.

And why this obsession with a boy child? "To each his own" is all very good, but do we really need that kind of propaganda in such an influential medium? The issue of female infanticide is so rampant in India that this one doesn't even need research.

Coming back to the romance, there is a lot of pretentious dialogue going back and forth, which is alright till Ashwani Dhir gets to sentences with "repeated words". He takes this scheme of sentence formation along with a joke to the other release this week Krazzy 4 too. So, we are repeating across movies too! Not to mentions that some of the key scenes lacked punch. But, there is this particular monologue which is getting tedious just when Ajay changes his tone completely and takes off. It touches the right chord.

Yeah, the credit does go to Ajay Devgan for that. I have always felt that it's very difficult for a director to direct himself well. But when it comes to directing others, Ajay missed the mark. Almost everyone in the supporting cast is over-the-top. Of course, Kajol has done the best she can to get us involved with her situation despite the lack of depth writer, Ajay Devgan, etches out for her. Though she does get to her shrill self every once in a while. But I'm still miffed by the short hand she has been dealt.

More credit to Ajay, this time with regard to experimenting with the camera. And of course to Aseem Bajaj for executing the director's vision. Most of the film is shot with the subject of the camera in the background. And some or the other out-of-focus object in the foreground - be it a chair, a person or a showpiece lying on the table that the subject is sitting behind. I found this interesting because I always had some inkling as to the evironment the character in focus is in.

However, while Ajay and Kajol are stylish, elegant personalities, they are not the most beautiful looking people. Close-ups of their aging faces should be avoided, especially when they are playing characters 10 years younger than they are.

Munna Dhiman does a decent job with the lyrics. The witty words flow well with the music and thus you don't have to strain too hard to understand. The music however, is just about functional.

Despite all its flaws, U Me Aur Hum touches a tender spot, makes a tear roll, and sets you thinking about what love really means to you.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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U Me Aur Hum...

The real-life couple bring romance to screen. Will the chemistry show on reel?...


U Me Aur Hum Review...

U Me aur Hum: A sensitive, stimulating aur sappy theme with romantic, idealistic aur mushy characters who have thoughtful, filmy aur repetitive lines....

U Me Aur Hum | The Brave One Review:

Meeta, Without Giving The Movie Away.
“..Despite all its flaws, U Me Aur Hum touches a tender spot, makes a tear roll, and sets you thinking about what love really means to you...”


Oh! Great job!
Very good and useful post.
Thx, your blog in my RSS reader now


Thanks, Mikael!

Why bad movies are good for fans of actor « :

[...] Without giving the movie away On the other hand, Kajol is brilliant. I didn’t quite realize that she was this fabulous. Even when she is lost, or screeching, or struggling to remember the smallest of things - you don’t cringe. But there are other parts of this film that are very cringe-worthy. [...] There are a few tense moments in the film. Kajol rules them all. Ajay Devgan is a mere prop in this film. [...]


I must say I'm not good to critize movies... I only go to watch a movie because I know it will entertain me. And U Me Aur Hum totally rocked my world! I'm a huge fan of Kajol and I just think she made an outstanding performance in this movie, and Ajay made a really good debut by directing it. What else do I have to say? This film was really heart-touching, I cried and cried at the second part. I read so many review articles about UMAH, they really disappointed me! Certainly, they didn't notice (or didn't WANT to notice) that this is one of the best movies of this year so far...Even though, I still think that the Devgans will come out with movies better than this...
My Final Line... I just loved it! And I recommend it to those who don't have hearts made of rock... It will certainly entertain u and get ur 5 stars vote!

Vinay Padole:

Yes, the second part is really touching and Ajay Deogan did a very good job in bringing such a good movie. I would rate this is one of the good movie of this year. Look at the direction, even though movie feels like slowly moving it doesn't llose the grip and you just want to watch the moview until end. Some of the moments are heart touching and definitely thsi movie is worth watching with you life partner and I would think this would be the boost to all coule who think that the problems in their life are bigger than anything else and there is no way other than separation. I would strongly recommend this movie to everyone.


Tonight on INSIDE BOLLYWOOD: When Actors Direct! U ME AUR HUM is a textbook example of a first film directed by an actor - lots of big emotional scenes for the cast to play, a bit of an unfocused quality to the story, an excess of camera trickery so the movie doesn't look "static", casting the director's spouse/Significant Other/child as the lead or co-lead, and a tearjerking ending of one kind or another. Despite all that and an incessant use of flashbacks within flashbacks, Ajay Devgan's directing debut did very well by its lights, making its big emotional payoffs feel earned.

Admittedly that's much easier if you're Ajay Devgan and your wife is Kajol, and you've given her character.... But I suspect that's a spoiler. Let's just say they both do the romantic and dramatic much better than they do the early comedic bits (ironic given Devgan's participation in the GOLMAAL series!).

U ME AUR HUM wasn't a great movie by any means, but we American Bollywood fnas enjoyed it, and even shed a tear or two at the ending. It was light-years better than our last actor-directed movie starring Kajol - Satish Kaushik's 1999 HUM AAPKE DIL MEIN REHTE, which was so overripe we couldn't decide whether to be annoyed or amused, and which I unburdened myself of on WOGMA's Facebook page ( ).


@TimELiebe Ajay Devgn actually has impeccable comic timing, if directed well. I might stick out from the common conception here, but I especially enjoyed his act in Raju Chacha and though Lajja didn't have him in a comic role per se, his role added a flourish. Both films aren't great, but are good while they last. Both aren't the typical masala films, but they still are, if you know what I mean. And Raju Chacha has Kajol in the lead again.


Sadly, Meetu - RAJU CHACHA isn't available on Netflix in the US. :( If you think it's worth a try, maybe I'll see if it's for sale on Amazon....


@TimELiebe Don't know if the film is worth that much trouble. But if you want to see Ajay Devgn in his element, this has to be one. :D

tarun kumar :

It's a very romantic nd comedy.

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