U Me Aur Hum - Preview

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U Me aur Hum: A sensitive, stimulating aur sappy theme with romantic, idealistic aur mushy characters who have thoughtful, filmy aur repetitive lines.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just my thoughts on the theme of the movie

The first promo I saw had a romantic quote followed by Ajay Devgan's voiceover enlightening us that he read it somewhere and Kajol's telling us that someone somewhere must have written it. Wow, nice, I thought.

That was over a month ago. They have a campaign of romantic lines. And I think that train of dialogue is overexposed.

I am really hoping against hope that there is something the marketing department has purposely kept from us and the movie will have this wonderful thriller twist. I know we don’t really have out an out completely romantic movies which is just about that one relationship and nothing else. But, somehow the overdose has gotten to me, and the movie hasn't even begun yet.

Producer, Director, Actor, Ajay Devgan says -

Why this particular story?......Its positivity. I've noticed that people these days have become more cynical and less optimistic than before....

In today's scientific world, everyone seems to be looking for tangible justifications for things they do. Even with regards to love, people spend hours theorizing about chemical reactions in the body, the impact of hormones and other such clinical things. My question is - where has all the romance gone?...

Oops...there goes my theory of a thriller twist in the tale. Jokes apart, a friend and I were listening to old Hindi songs the other day and we were talking about how the sweetness in romance is vanishing. There is romance but more people would get flowers instead of writing or even reading poetry. Also, people give up on relationships instead of making them work.

So, will U Me Aur Humbring the charm back in romance or will it convince more of us that romance is tacky dialogues and too sugary-sweet to handle?