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Almost all attempts at humor seem forced.



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60 tweeters have given Total Siyapaa an average rating of 1.2/5.0(?)

13 yays
44 nays
3 so-so
  • zchiragh: Total Siyapa; 4.5/10
  • TVMoviesIN: Movie review: Total Siyapaa is a total waste of time: The storyline gets a little too stretched and the jokes ...
  • tikkview: Total Siyapaa Our rating: 2.5/5.0 Really Disappinting Read detailed...
  • thebhokalibong: Total Siyapaa is hilarious hahaha! @AnupamPkher Sir is fantastic! :D
  • tanqeed: Sanket’s Review: Total Siyapaa is a Headache #TotalSiyapaa
  • TaniaGoklany: Just watched Total Siyapaa. The movie lives upto its name. It's an assault to the brain, and insult to intelligence. Definite miss!
  • sneha_t1: Total siyapa is a nice movie sometimes the place can make a movie good for u #loveforlondon #london #moviereview @AliZafarsays
  • SmartKiller2425: Total Siyapaa is total mind ka siyapaa. Don't waste money. Sasti tareen film.
  • Sbaig767: Just now watched Total Siyapaa it was a very comedy and nice movie i like it!!!
  • sardary20: Best movie total siyapaa
  • saniyamalik: Total drag has to be more apt as a title for total siyapaa
  • sameer_kamra: Movie review : total siyapa Good movie...really funny....good acting...great writting...
  • sabawaqar4: Just watched total siyapa ....good one
  • RashiChandra: Total Siyapa movie verdict: Don't watch. Even if you don't have anything to watch. Or just watch the first half.
  • RamjiPoddar: Warning Plz 'Dont Watch ' TOTAL SiyaPAa =D :P — feeling irritated
  • rajdandy143: Just watched Total Siyapaa! Thus I conclude say to tweeples that this movie Is Total TimeWaste! I was fan of Neeraj Pandey but #unexpected
  • prianca1012: Ali ! Trust me, Total Siyapaa was really good. Everyone laughed ! What else do we want? You were just perfect! @AliZafarsays
  • powertechnique: Total Siyapaa is such an awesome movie Except for the : Bad story Bad Acting Bad Direction
  • patwaripratik: Total Siyapaa is a Total Chutiyapa ! #TrueStory
  • ParthSangoi: "@yashshah1994: Total Siyapaa has to be the most boring movie I have ever seen!!!#PATHETICFILM"...hehehe lol!!
  • pankajontweet: Total siyapa one time watch full of masti enjoyed...
  • nimishdubey: Total Siyapaa is proof - if any were needed indeed -that even a good cast cannot rescue a film from a mediocre script. Flat and predictable.
  • nikhillohar: Total Siyapaa — feeling angry
  • nihar123: Total Siyapaa! Poor poor movie. What a waste.
  • nichelifestyle: Total Siyapa= Total fun!!!
  • neyha007: #TotalSiyapaa is a Total Siyapaa... The only thing missing was the script..... Oops...
  • naveenmurali: Total Siyapa - Wish I had known what siyapa meant. Probably then I would have avoided the movie. Loose storyline. Tragedy of errors.
  • mykthecoolest: Total siyapa full chutiyapa #bollywood #boxoffice #totalsiyapa
  • MsSonikaSingh: Movie Review: Total Siyapaa is a total mess
  • Mirza_Fawad: Just Watched Total Siyapaa :P Qasm se Totally Siyapaa hay yeh Film :O Rating 6/10 :( :( :( — at Cine Star...
  • MehndirattaV: Total Siyapa <3 ;)
  • MathuresPaul: Total siyapaa, total fly-in-the soup flick.
  • KlooklReview: Total Siyapaa movie review: Not funny, not romantic, not worth a watch -
  • jun6lee: Total Siyapaa - likeable main star-cast, but otherwise utter non-sense, made tolerable by it's short duration, bit still needed cuts 1/5 #fb
  • Jeff_Malik14: "@iFaridoon What was Neeraj Pthinking while writing Total Siyapaa after two gems as a director...Also,did E Nivas really direct Shool?
  • jannatkhan_: Whaattt were the makers of total siyapa even thinking. #ouch #dafuq #shit
  • JaiserAbbas: “’Total Siyapaa’ Review Roundup: Avoid it!”
  • j2381983: Total Siyapaa should be called as total chutiyapaa
  • isha0708arora: 'Total Siyapaa' was literally a 'SiYaPaA'.....!!!! Gave me a headache...
  • harneev: Total siyapa .... Not that good though (@ Orbit Multiplex)
  • gauravvasdev1: Total Siyapaa is not worth your money and time. You can make a Indo-Pak comedy without direct jokes on Pakistan.
  • GaurangAf7: Total siyapaa was just total #chutiyapa !! Utter bullshit is da word !! Am sorry @LiveForTheBass for forcing you to come along ! Haha
  • FlippedGarfield: Total Siyapaa happened. What a let down.
  • fenilpandya: Till now I though that "siyapaa" in the movie total siyapaa was used in place of "chutiyapa" to make it not sound vulgar . Lol
  • fayazshaikh: total siyapaa. Boring.
  • dhunji: The makers of Total Siyapaa must be laughing at people who go to see the film.*We titled the film Total Siyapaa and yet they went to see it*
  • devangoza87: Total Siyapaa - Nice Indo-pak love story with full of comedy. Ali with best comedy and yami the beautiful :-);-)
  • denley86: Watched Total Siyapaa only for @AliZafarsays! Agreed, the film was boring but just loved the leads and of course Kirron Kher.
  • DeeKayBoss: Just saw Total Siyapa was really a crap but @YamiGautam_YG cute yo
  • Casual_stranger: just watched Total siyapaa waste ov tYm *_*
  • BwoodUncensored: Total Siyapa is another Disaster of 2014...
  • BeingBihari: Gulaab Gang - 3 Star Queen -- 4 Star Total Siyapaa -- 1.5 Star
  • baccha_jilepi: Total Siyapaa is a really crap movie!
  • ayeshaw: Bhai wah! I loved the movie! Itne arsay baud itna hassi hoon. Total Siyapaa hogaya yeh tow @alizafarsays
  • AwaisAkramChema: Watched Ali zafar's movie Total Siyapa at Sozo World around girl's :p....Movie was good Ammar Hussain
  • Anusha__k: Total siyapaa was such a stupid movie omg
  • AneeshChandoke: Ali Zafar is such an underrated actor. Why he is doing average movies goes over my head.Total Siyapaa is avg just coz of him otherwise poor.
  • alizaidi2002: Ali Zafar's London, Paris, New York was ok.. Chashme Baddoor, I stopped the film within 15 minutes. and Total Siyapaa I walked out of.
  • aey: Total Siyapaa is total mind ka siyapaa. Don't waste money. Sasti tareen film.
  • adiratan: What was Neeraj Pandey thinking while making Total Siyapa? It is a disaster. Not what you expect from a person like him after 2 good movies.