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That Girl In Yellow Boots is a simple story with soul about a girl who has lost hers and is desperately looking for it. Even if what she is looking for is an image of a father she's never had and always wanted. Whether or not she finds the father is as important as what she goes through to find him. The gritty nature of the film and the subject is not something all of us can handle for it takes guts to accept the truth about the society that we are a part of. It's an important film but not one I'd want to watch again.



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  • y24mishra: That Girl In Yellow Boots is very unpredictable. Killer movie!
  • VarunVazir: just saw #that girl in yellow boots. master piece by @ankash1009 . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. plz watch the film. it leaves you unmoved!
  • vaarundhingra: Quite liked that girl in yellow boots.
  • thenilguy: Anurag Kashyap's 'That Girl In Yellow Boots': A Must-See Film You'll Wish You Could Forget.
  • TEKKEN_FORCE: "That girl in Yellow Boots"...another intense cerebral treat by one of the most daring cinemamaker of our time; Anurag Kashyap
  • SRKisKing: That girl in yellow boots is a Drag.. Not like Dev D
  • shrutirao83: That Girl in Yellow Boots at 8.30 in the morning with @Swetha6677 . Satisfyingly well-made.
  • shaazRiz: That Girl In Yellow Boots is no another movie..u need balls to mke smthin like ths 4 d audience.. n u need d same to appreciate it! RESPECT!
  • sahiljain22: that girl in yellow boots.cant w8 2 watch it! kalki n kashyap make for a gr8 it up with naseeruddin shah n makrand deshpande. wow!
  • RahulKatyayan: THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS Review: An Anurag Kashyap masterclass
  • PrernaGS: That Girl in Yellow Boots is @kalkikanmani 's best work by far. @ankash1009 take a bow
  • PravinSri: ‘That Girl In Yellow Boots’ hits the bull’s eye!
  • PratikPotdar: That Girl in Yellow Boots - A brilliant film by Anurag Kashyap & Kalki Koechlin. This husband-wife duo will do something big in future.
  • PornOkPlease: That Girl In Yellow Boots is an awesome movie!
  • phalinshah: That Girl in Yellow Boots and Bol #WatchIt and make the weekend at the cinemas Memorable! #Avoid #Bodyguard
  • nytnik: "That Girl in Yellow Boots".....Anurag Kashyap rocks !!!!!!
  • ninajasmine: Just saw "That Girl in Yellow Boots" - Superb cinema, superb acting - Kalki Koechlin. A lesson for all mega stars and mega film-makers.
  • Navin_kumarv: Anurag Kashyap does a fantastic job once again with That Girl In Yellow Boots! Way to go!!!
  • movierecos: Movie Review – That Girl In Yellow Boots: Humdrum story, great performances. Rating: 2.7 out of 5 ... @movietickets
  • mohitnanda: That Girl in yellow Boots:Nice direction n screenplay. Bad performances. Naseeruddin Shah has been highly underutilised n the new guy sucks
  • mohandoss: That girl in yellow boots, fantastic movie. Never thought it will possible for Indian cinema industry to come up with such a subject.Bravodo
  • MissMalini: That Girl In Yellow Boots (That So Beautifully Broke My Heart.) @kalkikanmani @ankash1009 #TGIYB @iKabirBedi @desijourno
  • mehtahansal: Saw That Girl In Yellow Boots. @ankash1009 is a fearless filmmaker. Uncompromising about his vision. This is his most honest film to date.
  • madhu_shala: That Girl In Yellow Boots is such a pointless movie that totally underwhelms. Anurag Kashyap losing his touch...
  • khosla09: That Girl In Yellow Boots is certainly not the movie Anurag Kashyap will be remembered for.
  • karts14: That Girl in Yellow Boots... Left the hall with shock and awe! BRILLIANT! Gowda was amazing! #TGIYB @ankash1009 @kalkikanmani
  • karthik82: That Girl in Yellow Boots - Not a movie you will enjoy, but well acted and shot. Respect to those involved for making what they wanted. 8/10
  • KanoonKaBaap: Hmmmagree RT @sanjuktasharma: Anurag Kashyap-Rajeev Ravi: a creative force. Why u shld watch 'That Girl in Yellow Boots'
  • IndiePixFilms: #ThatGirlinYellowBoots "The superbly crafted, wonderfully acted and consistently evocative That Girl in Yellow...
  • imagenshape: Sensible viwers can see 'that girl in yellow boots' otherwise tp is 'bodyguard'
  • GhantaGuy: My take on Anurag Kashyap's 'That Girl in Yellow Boots' -
  • garamkhoon: It's better to be pissed off than pissed on. Avoid #TGIYB @ankash1009
  • Fattiemama: WATCH "That Girl in Yellow Boots everyone. For more reasons than one!
  • EmOEchAiTee: First feel,then analyse. TGIYB has its share of flaws, but it had an impact on me. Not bcos of the'shocking' end,but the journey towards it
  • el_idioto: THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS (Hindi/English, Thriller, 2011) A poignant thriller about a girl in search of her...
  • eel_trebor: With #TIFF2011 approaching @kaymatthews revisits a standout film from TIFF2010 (now in theatres) over at Totally Filmi
  • editorbharathi: That Girl In Yellow Boots lives up 2 xpectatns leadng 2 a heart-wrenchng & stingng end.Review @ankash1009 @kalkikanmani
  • diaporesis: That Girl in Yellow Boots is the very brilliant @ankash1009's new film. It releases on Sep 2. If you're in India, please don't miss it!
  • Devs3: That Girl in Yellow Boots is yet another masterpiece by the masterclass maverick film maker @ankash1009, great acting by ALL the actors!
  • DevilDaVinci: That girl in yellow boots! Stunner! (@ Sathyam Cinemas)
  • bollybadmash: The Man who got too big for his Boots! @ankash1009 That Girl in Yellow Boots #TGIYB
  • BlessChet: Am I the only one who felt That Girl in Yellow Boots was self-indulgent?
  • biswatosh: If you can stomach a film that churns your insides, "That Girl in Yellow Boots" is for you.#india #bollywood #now #films
  • AuteurPravesh: Enfant Terrible of Hindi cinema Anurag Kashyap graduates to be Agent Provocateur with That Girl in Yellow Boots.. @ankash1009 *runs away*
  • AlishaSinha1: Really enjoyed That Girl In Yellow Boots!
  • aditya_gn: That Girl in Yellow Boots - Not for the faint hearted
  • Aakritty: That girl in yellow boots : What a waste it was! Such a piece of shit. :/
  • 1mkavita: That Girl in Yellow Boots. Heartbreaking film! Powerful Cinema! GO AND WATCH THIS ... #india #TGIYB #bollywood