That Girl In Yellow Boots - Preview

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That Girl In Yellow Boots is a simple story with soul about a girl who has lost hers and is desperately looking for it. Even if what she is looking for is an image of a father she's never had and always wanted. Whether or not she finds the father is as important as what she goes through to find him. The gritty nature of the film and the subject is not something all of us can handle for it takes guts to accept the truth about the society that we are a part of. It's an important film but not one I'd want to watch again.



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Another film I'm looking forward to! I had seen the first trailer ages ago when a fellow-Kashyap-enthusiast had plugged a link on facebook or twitter. And yep, you are right, I'd have been excited about the film even if I hadn't watched the trailer. Just Anurag Kashyap announcing his next film is usually good enough.

Only recently, did I realize that the film has been co-written by Kalki Koechlin. I've always found the actor-writer combination very interesting, be it Salman Khan or as in this case, Kalki Koechlin. It could be just because it is a rare combination. Also, I've just warmed up to Kalki as an actor.

A girl who happens to wear yellow boots journeys through the streets of mean India to look for her father and the search is actually about her identity and her self - The premise seems simple enough yet, there is a certain quirkiness, an edginess about the way the trailer is put together. I guess, the name Anurag Kashyap is synonymous with crazy stuff. Add to the mix the usual suspects Piyush Mishra, Ronit Roy and the surprise element Naseeruddin Shah and I'm wondering why has this film taken so long to release in India when it has been around in the festival circuit for ages.

Anyway, its time has come and in a big way. That Girl In Yellow Boots will get a worldwide release on September 2nd.