Review - Tere Bin Laden: Slapsticky satire at its best

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Tere Bin Laden is a subtle slapstick, if such an oxymoron exists. You'll miss out on loads of fun if you miss this one. When you are helpless and can do zilch, the least you can do is present a laughable solution to a hopeless situation.



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Wogma Review

3 issue-based films in a day - Two related to global political situations (Lamhaa and Tere Bin Laden ) and one addressing a social issue that needs immediate attention (Udaan). Lesson at the end of the day - there are two ways of looking at any matter of importance. Bear me for the colloquial usage - one is 'load leke' and the other 'chill maar ke' (seriously and the other lightly). Tere Bin Ladentakes the chilled-out route and how!! The snotty attitude that I have towards both slapstick and satire, I'd never have imagined I'd laugh even once at a combination of both. And when I wasn't laughing out loud, I was forced to wear a wide smile at the subtle references to current affairs.

The tongue-in-cheek remarks hardly ever stop. If not words, some prop, or something in the background is vying to reach out to your funny bone. The sequences and situations also are one fun one after the other. And all this is happening while constantly making a remark on the futility of the war and the unashamed mask of righteousness people wear to justify killing each other. If not that the remark is on some stereotype.

Every bit makes you realize how much thought has gone into making the point but without making it dramatic. While the first half is setting the situation, the second half becomes surreal or what we can easily call a Tom & Jerry affair. The transition is a bit disorienting. But the so-silly-and-farfetched-that-you-have-to-laugh situations use dark humor, spoof stereotypes, mock media, and ridicule reality shows. They tickle, make you think, and get you worried about the characters, all in one go.

I wish I could give out some of the brilliant understated statements made. I just wouldn't be able to take it on my conscience if I spoiled even one gag for you. All I can tell you is Ali Zaffar, a Pakistani reporter lands himself in a situation where he makes an Osama look-alike make a statement to the US. He puts together an entire crew - make-up artist, voice artist, editor, actor, and an executive-producer. You can only imagine how crazy it can get if it is done right. And done right it is.

May I thank you Mr. Abhishek Sharma for doing exactly what you believed in without heeding to supposed commercial requirements. No hero who has a heroine to woo, no over-the-top garishness just for the heck of it. I know it's a shame that we live in times that make us appreciate the things avoided in a film, rather than what it contains. But this once, we have a winner that has achieved both and more.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Language: Mostly clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Cleavage close-up once.
  • Concept: Potential of peace and harmony in the world with use of good but dark humor.
  • General Look and Feel: Grainy and peppy

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 3.5
  • Story: 4.5
  • Lead Actors: 4
  • Character Artists: 2.5
  • Dialogues: 4.5
  • Screenplay: 4
  • Music Director: 3
  • Lyrics: 4

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i wanna watch it...

Joydeep bhattacharya:

Why is it a funny movie,I don't understand.


@Harpreet sorry, I've stopped reviewing non-Hindi films. Unless I can cover every film released in Pune in that particular bracket, I see no point in covering just one-odd film.
I did watch Inception, unfortunately only once. Loved it.

@Joydeep the jokes are put in really well.

@Giftsomeone then, that would be a different film.

@Samir Oh how i agree! It's almost blasphemous to say anything again Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. I don't think I like that kind of satire. Now let's face the flak together.

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