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Tere Bin Laden is a subtle slapstick, if such an oxymoron exists. You'll miss out on loads of fun if you miss this one. When you are helpless and can do zilch, the least you can do is present a laughable solution to a hopeless situation.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just hoping it's a good dark comedy...

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      Tere Bin Laden has the terrorist's lookalike, who is a poultry farmer, who has a rooster, which is one of the main characters in the film. So much, oh so much scope for laughter. But, there is an equal amount of apprehension too.

One would think that a film character based on a reputed terrorist would use every bit of juice it can get out of controversy generated as publicity. But, director Abhishek Sharma, claims that Tere Bin Laden is not as much a take on the terrorism Bin Laden has brought about but more of a commentary on our media's hype-creation capacity and our gullibility and/or nonchalant attitude as their audience. Ironically, the reference to plausible controversy is also being anticipated by the same media. The netizens seem to be absolutely comfortable with it.

Bin Laden is a mass murderer, the very face of evil. There’s nothing funny about what he stands for or the crimes he’s committed. And yet…I’m totally rooting for this movie. Anything that turns Al-Qaeda into a laughingstock is okay in my book.

And the director doesn't seem to be concerned at all.

As it is a comedy, even if the movie is watched by the actual Laden, he too will enjoy it and will not have any issues on it

The other worry is also that the film might become a sermon to this face of evil. But looks like Abhishek intends to do it his way . His interviews make him out to be a level-headed guy who wouldn't put things in his film just for the sake of doing it.

As a filmmaker, I do not believe in driving home any message as much as in commenting, because in that case you will be biased, since when you are commenting, you do not tell what to do to the audience.

The moment you get into temptations beyond the story, like money, stars etc, you are corrupted as an artiste.

In the same article his confidence is clear. The only 'filmi' connection he's had is working with Adlabs. He claims -

You do not become an assistant to a writer to become a writer. You can create your own voice and signature of your own, if you take a camera and start shooting.

Another thought that struck me while watching the borderline-slapsticky trailer was that is the story going to be about making Don comical - criminal lookalike being used to get to some end or the other.

But turns out its just some wannabe journalist trying to pull a fast one on the rest of the world. What I found hilarious was that in this age of people getting offended at the drop of a hat, especially with movie content, one would think poking fun of the situation in a sensitive region would be cause of concern. But our censor board seems to be living in its own little cocoon.

The censor board had a problem with the word pencho and asked for the scene to be removed. But somehow Abhishek managed to convince them to include the scene making known that pencho is the name of an old artist and that no pun was intended

That's not all in the funny zone as far as pre-release buzz goes. Check out this video of the Pakistani singer-turned-actor doing the rounds to publicize Tere Bin Laden. After you have survived 1.16 minutes of his singing, he says something like, "important for an actor to have a singer in him and viceversa". Mr. Zafar, how about a singer having a singer in him. You definitely don't sound too good here -

No wonder not many people are too crazy about it, half of which has been inspired by Pacman-Tom& Jerry . Neither do the visuals look too engaging -

Ps. Yes, indeed. Here's more about Pencho, the poet.

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