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No ishtyle, No chaaram, no kewl action, no ROFL jhokes (1.5 LOLs, tho). Fitting it into a stereotype - a very 90-ish film!



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I thought a film marketed with a rugged look would be an action flick. But, surprise-surprise Tashan is an out-and-out comedy. The action makes you laugh, the romance makes you laugh louder, and it is so funny that the characters make you laugh even when they are seething with anger. And the beauty is I haven't been able to figure out whether any of this was intentional!

Speaking of beauty, after a long time have I seen India shot so beautifully. Kerala, Rajasthan, (Ladakh?) were all saturated with color, alright. Nevertheless the way the intrinsic beauty of these places was shot made me want to find out exactly where those places were and when I could go there.

But alas! Come action sequences, and the camera blows its horn too hard. It doesn't allow the audience to register the seemingly interesting stunts. Similarly, there were glimpses of interesting editing decisions. Like when a character says 'BITCH' with a long 'i' and the scene cuts to a long shot of a beach or when "kabhi kabhi" is playing and a car falls down a cliff when the song reaches "tujhe zameen par bulaya gaya" (you have been called to the earth) part. That the car flying in the air was very shoddily animated is a different story altogether.

However, what really surprised me is that the four main characters in the film had actually different traits which were more-or-less consistently adhered to. What's more, each one had a story arc too!? - Very atypical of a Hindi movie in this genre. An underworld don, a wannabe don with super-powers, a supposed simpleton, and a lady with a mission - all with brain and brawn. (yes the girl too! YAY!!) Sounds like a decent enough premise. But something grossly went wrong in the execution. And I could complain about artistic liberties taken, if only there was any art in sight.

A big fat finger can be pointed at the dialogues. My fears came true, as in the word "the" was overused. I think the writer was pretty sure people are going to go off to sleep. Which is why the name of the movie is repeated every half hour - to orient the people who have just woken up! Also, Hindi-fying of English was done in such abundance that I was soon immune to it. So, while it didn't bother me, it didn't make me laugh either. Sure, there were obvious tributes to Deewar, Sholay, and Jaane Bhi do Yaaro. Would have been good if they were done well, though.

What is amazing is that despite really lousy dialogues, each one of the four actors has given a good performance. Having the right expressions (exaggerated as they might be) to rise above the bad lines must be applauded in any case. Certainly, the roles must have looked interesting at script stage for established actors like them to give Tashan space in their portfolio. Of course, Kareena overshadowed the male trio put together in the "looks" department. By the way, am I the only one here to sense that Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan are too old and too mature in this industry to flout their 'sexiness' in such an inelegant, uncouth way?

The songs functioned like the snooze button for me. I felt like muting it off when a song started and suffered the familiar rude shock five minutes later when it ended giving charge to the louder background music. So loud that it overshadowed dialogue at many points. The lyrics, the choreography and of course the music, all seemed too generic and random. Actually a level below generic. We can see Kareena not only sporting the golden "Aishwarya look" from Dhoom 2 but she also has a few of Aishwarya's dance moves! And why was Saif Ali Khan made to look like he couldn't dance to save his life?

Despite the things done right, while leaving the theater I was praying that Vijay Acharya hadn't over-dosed me with whatever anesthetic it was he was using. The numbness I felt in the brain region was really scary. Anyway, all's good, I'm out of it and hoping to keep you away from it

- meeta, a part of the audience

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I jus hope with the presence of akshay and saif together, it doesnt turn out to be another "Race" experience.


Akshay and Saif were actually pretty good as a team in Main Khiladi... That was of course before Saif's transformation but if they do manage to create the same laughs, I am not complaining.

I was ready to throw up all over while watching Ash pull her pseudo 'girl from the ghetto' act in Dhoom 2. 'Like' how fake and out of place was that?

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like most of the over publicised movies, i think this will also let down its hype and hoopla


I think that's a bit of an over-speculation based solely on the promos :-)
But yeah, looks like its gonna go the way you have stated.


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Local the brain! No ishtyle, No chaaram, no kewl action, no ROFL jhokes (1.5 LOLs, tho)....

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Sudhir Nair:

You know I am tempted to watch the movie so that I can have fun running it down !!

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I am glad to find a viewer who can see the quirkiness of the movie.It has its weaknesses but is still enjoyable in bits and pieces.


@Ashish K. - glad i could make you laugh :D

@Suraj Jain - oops! anyway, now you know where to come next time ;)

@ranjith - oh yes! how did i miss that!!? Thanks for including it in your comment. I just couldn't stop my eyes from growing wider when the jet ski appeared.

@Sudhir Nair - you just love doing that, don't you? ;) join the gang!

@sudarshan, akash kaul, sunny - :D

@AF, Pintu - alright then, it is 'to each his own' like always.


I was almost going to go, but canceled. Yeah yeah!

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@arpit, Amit, ROCKY - what can we do!? :-|
@mickey - good luck!
@Avnish - good for you! and thanks for the compliment on your blog!!


I have seen the movie Tashan 2 days ago.I really enjoyed it. Action is much better. It is Saif who steals the show with elegant fighting and the speed boat stunt which was spectacular . On the whole, Tashan is an OK watch movie.

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Ashi Kacheria:

Well,I saw Tashan..but was really bored half way through…
The movie didn’t live up to the expectations of a typical Bollywood fan…
Even, Jannat was not that great…

So, not many good movies coming out of Bollywood lately..

But, I’m really looking forward to Love Story 2050, the sci-fi flick of Priyanka Chopra & Harman Baweja..The promos seem really promising & personally I’m very fond of science fiction movies which are very rare in Bollywood..


Kareena Kapoor Video Bikini Scene In Tashan

This is the bikini scene video in Tashan that all are raving about !!

...a must see!


I'm as big a fan of a tongue-in-cheek action movie with lots of movie references as anybody - so I should have loved this film, right? Sadly, nope - the constant winking to the audience, the quotes to films and genres whether they fit the scene or not, was like all four of the leads were digging their elbows into my side and going, "It's funny, isn't it? Get how funny we're being?" Even Anil Kapoor's frequent, and Deliberately Stupid, references to wanting to learn "to speak perfect English - just like George W. Bush!" (it's funny because, even in India, everybody knows George W. Bush is a barely articulate moron!) failed to land as well as the people in the scene thought they should.

I really like all four of these actors - just not in this movie.


@TimEliebe Will you watch Go Goa Gone then? ha ha ha, maybe it's not that great and maybe you won't find it half as funny as I did. Just that it is still better than this one and Agent Vinod. Of course, only after you excuse the climax. :D


That's the one you actually liked, isn't it, Meetu?

Maybe.... You know my taste for trash is nearly limitless! And if it's trash you enjoyed...? :)

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