Tashan - Preview

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quick review:

No ishtyle, No chaaram, no kewl action, no ROFL jhokes (1.5 LOLs, tho). Fitting it into a stereotype - a very 90-ish film!



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NOT A REVIEW - Getting the pre-conceived notions out of the system to give Tashan a fair view -

You know Tashan is clearly targeting that part of the audience that likes style-laden movies and have that rough-and-tough western-ish charm about them. The cool guys who are cool enough to pronounce style as "ishtyle" and Formula as "pharmoola" (We should thank their limited vocabulary since they couldn’t find words that could be misspelt to replace "Goodluck", "Gang", and "Fans"). None of this can take away from the fact that the dudes and dude-ette look super-suave in the promos. Until they open their mouths, that is. Saif Ali Khan's lines are lame and Anil Kapoor's style of delivering his is extremely annoying.

And as if to confirm that the target is the 18-25 age group, the landing page of the official site has three out of the six links taking you to facebook, orkut, and youtube communities of the movie. Or at least we know what faction of web users they are targeting. So, I guess, it only falls in line to have skimpily-clad Kareena Kapoor middle of frame dancing her oomph out in "challiya". I surely hope Ms. Kapoor has more to do than just that in Tashan. Especially after having a movie that completely revolved around her character in Jab We Met. Both the quantity and quality of her character description on the site don’t look too promising.

The character descriptions too sound like they are trying too hard to address a specific target audience. As in, I cannot imagine my parents wanting to watch the movie after having seen the site. Not to mention that they are making an extra effort to make you laugh, but right now I have a smirk on face when I read,

"QUALIFICATIONS: MMS from KingKong University, JKL in Botany from BingBong University, BBMS from Kaun Sa Desh, Currently getting made English Honours marksheet, also Three more degrees made in progress"

in the resume style character description of Anil Kapoor's character. Though I must say that Akshay Kumar's character name 'Bachchan Pande' made me laugh out loud.

The name Vijay Krishna Acharya brings back memories - shudders, et al - of Aishwarya Rai having the word "like" form 25% of her dialogue in Dhoom 2. On the other hand the same man is credited for dialogues in Guru and Pyaar Ke Side Effects, which I remember enjoying. Yet, none of this has anything to do with the kind of director he is.

There, so I have it out of my system. Now, let's go in there with a clean slate.