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Talaash is more an emotional drama than a thriller. This mixing of genre works but only towards the climax. Through the first half though I found myself pushing myself to like the film. It stays at 'just a good film' when it could've been so much more.

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187 tweeters have given Talaash an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

119 yays
53 nays
15 so-so
  • _aasiyah: another disappointing bollywood movie.. #talaash #backtotheclassics #oldisgold
  • Zishaan: Talaash - gripping till the very end, but complete only if you are able to digest one weak premise in the plot.
  • yogi_2k9: #Talaash Nice, engaging movie but will not be called a 'suspense-thriller' under my classification! 7/10 #MyRating
  • yakuzazoomin: Same for TJHJ .. i couldn't sit through on repeat viewing. Both Talaash and JTHJ were strictly one time ..
  • Vivek788: but the execution and performance of the cast has been comendable. so definitely an entertainer.. #talaash
  • vinu_coolboy23: Talaash is good
  • vikrambhandari5: Talaash is master piece by Aamir.Heart touching performance by Rani,Kareena.All these factor make it must watch ***** stars from my side
  • vichun98: watched talaash! Such an emotional movie. Almost brought me to tears ;/ overall great movie guyys
  • VB_VinayBajaj: Anyone who respects their time and money should not go for Talaash !!!
  • varundlima: #Talaash is #destroyed!! Poor #Amir.
  • vandnasathpathy: #Talaash - Was hooked to the movie until the last 20mins, and then, Meh.
  • vams21: Talaash is good but not Amir khan-esque ..
  • udy_99: Talaash is an amazing movie ! Amir khan is the only actor who would have the guts to do such a movie , away from the masala flicks .
  • TheRogerRamit: It takes sheer grit 2 relegate urself from d level of superstardom 2 a actors bread n butter role Well done @aamir_khan Kudos 2 u & Talaash.
  • TheRealDinoo: Just back from viewing "Talaash" ... Loved it.... @praahas
  • TheAnkitPatel: TALASH is a wonderful as a sleeping pills..))))#jthj #srk @iamsk
  • thatdarkcoffee: Talaash is a good movie, just packaged wrongly.
  • TarannumThind: #Talaash is an incredible experience @aamir_khan @FarOutAkhtar @kagtireema @ritesh_sid @Rani_mukherji Zoya thank u for this cinematic treat
  • Tanumoyd: They Say- " #Talaash is not for the masses as it is a class film or multiplex film". Ghanta ka class film. It was a Horror-Comedy. LOL.
  • Talaash_TheAce: Watch #Talaash for the 2nd time to enjoy its magic to the fullest. #EuropeanMagic
  • swatiiyer: Talaash is real surprise. Loved the build up, aamir.... Hated d idiots who played spoilers n bebo' bad styling! cheap hooker?! Ya rite!
  • swathq: people said #talaash is not a bad movie, i'd like to add its not a good one either.....
  • Suyashyk: #Talaash is the greatest suspense movie ever. If you dont agree, go to hell........
  • suriiaxo: Talash wasss not tooo shabby.. Bravo bollywood, bravo.
  • SunnyV: Talaash - Solid A. Good performances all around. Lots of western film influences.
  • Sukhi_Sohal: Talash...A* class movie!!! Must watch**
  • Sudip14: I can't think any replacement of @aamir_khan, Rani Mukerji & Kareena Kapoor as Shekhawat,Roshni & Rosy! Superb Performances! #Talaash
  • spartanadi: Talaash minus end equals Amazing ! Somehow could nt digest the end but overall decent watch. #Aamir #Talaash
  • SONASIS: Thank u so much innovative Amir for your 'Talaash'.
  • smalik3593: Btw everybody go see talaash #indianmoviewithstory?
  • simren1228: Talaash best movie ever
  • ShufflesG: Just watched Talaash... Awesome movie! I don't care if you're not Indian.. Go watch it
  • shridutt: u Knw the suspense of talash before u watch it...u may have been cursed by yash Chopra if u hav criticised jab tak. Hain jaan
  • ShootinStarHeta: Talaash is the best flop movie I've watched this year
  • Shazzydiva94: Loved the movie Talaash, really had me thinking. #talaash #aamirkhan @aamir_khan
  • shaloo1: Saw Talaash! A well conceived, well narrated & well acted movie on a tough subject. Some people found ultimate suspense hard to digest.
  • shakwrites: Predictability killed Talaash. Befitting way to justify the plot was clear disbelief in coincidences. Something our makers are yet to master
  • ShaikhSalmaan: i saw Talaash last night nd its a gr8 movie...i liked it...Aamir bhai u rock.
  • shaan65: Talaash a totally crap one...bakwaas one can talaash entertainment in it...
  • sethankur79: Talaash....good movie....though predictable but nicely presented..............
  • SenapatiAnita: Hi, Talash is ash-um , nice move , very nice................
  • seemi_pasha: Oh and btw...I saw #Talaash...fabulous acting! Worth a watch
  • satya_hv: Good to see @aamir_khan's Talaash in times when ppl release mindless, story-less movies. A movie that respects the audience, tells a story
  • satyajitlimaye: #Talaash overall a good movie.Nothing great about d star cast as it has strong base of d story. Reminded me of 6th sense. Reema Katgi rocked
  • sarmistha_basu: "@archannair: @sarmistha_basu #Talaash absolutely.. Brilliant film." Yess ..
  • SanjayRGagnani: Watched Talaash.. I liked the film.. Really good Cinema.. Hats off to the team :-)
  • sanjaymanjrekar: Talash - amongst other things we must learn to tell our story in a shorter time.
  • sanidhya: #Talaash Felt like i was talaashing something else. Expected better from Aamir. Serious let down #flop #bad
  • sanghaspeaking: #Talaash is good not the best film ever. Please be a wee bit more judicious #film critics, film buffs and other idiots who know everything.
  • SameerNoorani21: Talash=scaryassmovie #pissinmapants #goosebumps
  • saff62: I totally agree RT @IMmaheshg: after seeing respect for ACP Praduman has increased ...manifolds....
  • r_ganesh: Talaash is good. Would have wow for me with a more ambiguous ending and if a bit faster
  • rupat83: Weekend also got boring wid Talaash,slow movie,it's only bcoz of big star cast,otherwise it's total flop #pakao
  • rohinisamyal: Talaash another feather in Amir's hat .i liked that movie. Must watch
  • RohanDave4: #Talaash - 4th time today! loving it more n more after every watch!
  • rishimane: Talaash- two thumbs up.. Great performances.. Fantastic thriller... So happy for my actor aamir....
  • RiealyBeautiful: Saw #TALAASH yest night.. What Movie! ..Exceptional Filmmakin by a Phenomenal Actor~ @Aamir_Khan & an outstanding Director~ Reema Kagti!!!!!
  • rhirwani85: talash is very beautieul suspence movie
  • reemsaied: #Talaash searching for entertainment. Poor multiplex users who coughed up 500+ per couple. Movie is like a tv production
  • RedLal: #Talaash is a masterpiece...caution: it's a brooding, serious yet gripping film,not a masala review
  • raj_narpat: Talaash muve flop
  • Rajsoldier: Talaash is a mixture of three hollywood movies...well done aamir. once again u proved dat u r the biggest copy cat of B Town !
  • RajNarwal: Film Talaash ... A job well Done! Acting , Direction, Editing & most important Best Script . Congrats Team Talaash.
  • rafomac: Yesterday I Watched Talaash, Fantastic Movie...It Gives a Very Good Message to All...Kareena Done at her...
  • priorityjobsco: Talash, awesome movie..............must watch with out knowing suspense............
  • preshi10: #TheSearchEnds !! Super duper hit!! Loved #talaash #ILoveTheSuspense :*
  • pratichops_patu: Awsm talash.... serious,sunspensfull yet moree enjoyable and excitable...
  • prathameshpmore: Aamir Khan ki Talash Dekhne se achha hota main Akshay Kumar ki Talash dekh leta :|
  • prasannak158: #talaash welcome the arrival of film-noir to bollywood in true sence(30 yrs late?).Brilliant movie ,no complaints.
  • Pranav13sharma: go to theature and watch the movie will be amazed by it.
  • OyeMaria: Watched Talaash. WHY Aamir Khan, WHY WHY WHAAAIIIII! did you do this to us :-|
  • omindsin: #Talaash story was brilliant !! All credit goes to the writer .. !! I think one of the best thriller of bollywood till date .. !!
  • OctaneAddict: Talaash is an ok-movie. Once watch. IMHO
  • nitinma: Talash = very very average! 2.5/5..
  • nishabagul: I liked #Talaash. It was not typical "Aamir Khan Movie" bt it was nice. Aamir is best. Kareena looks very beautiful. Rani was like showpiece
  • NinadKarpe: Saw TALAASH. Disappointed.
  • nileshprasad9: #talaash ... really gud...Watch it for the story. That is the actual hero of the film. The brilliant actors are just an icing on the cake.
  • Nikxatrix: Somehow felt tht d CID episode Aamir starrd in had a much better suspense n more brain tickling stuff. One time watch strictly this #Talaash
  • nikkhils: Talaash - what a letdown! Looks like Aamir himself was not convinced with the mumbo-jumbo and that reflects in his below-par acting as well
  • Nickoholic: There R sadists in this world who like to give out a movie's suspense jus cuz they have diarrhoea &cant keep it in.Still,Talaash was alright
  • Nerdacholic: #Talaash A movie that can give you sleepless nights, thinking about the mistakes they have done in the film.
  • nehagupta5: Brilliant movie #Talaash
  • Neeli_Peeli: #Talaash was horrible and it would have been worse if Kareena wasn't there! so its a #ThumbsDown
  • Naveensnambiar: Talaash, excellent first half. All in all a good movie. Haunts you for more questions than answers.
  • namral: #Talaash was gripping till the end. I wish the twist was not so lame !
  • naitikrocks12: Talaash a very bad film....didnt expect such movie from aamir khan..a complete waste of
  • NafSeth: #Talaash - kept me riveted at all Times! The end was shocking.. A very Different n clever close. Kudos to the team
  • Mystique_16: I loved the movie Talaash. It was something different. I will write about it. Wait till then. No not really a review
  • MyShortOpinions: If you didnt piece the clues beforehand you would enjoy the movie but for me it was trying too hard to be like a hollywood movie. #Talaash
  • MyselfSuz: The #Talaash plot is not what I expect from stalwarts like Reema Kagti or Zoya Akhtar though Farhan Akhtar producing it can be understood.
  • Mr_IckySticky: Talaash was badddassss
  • movie_geeeeek: #Talaash is a must watch n scary :D #LoveIt 
  • MissPeepToes: Talaash is a silly movie. Very silly #ThereISaidIt
  • metalsaint: Talaash is a perfect one time watch movie. Simple and well directed movie. Awesome acting by the cast...
  • melittlepixie: I liked Talaash. A lot. Although it had a hackneyed end, the search was definitely worth my time. Also, Jee Le Zara is hauntingly beautiful.
  • Marshall3663: #Talaash one of the best movies #loved it #love hatsoff!
  • manish_vij: I could see Talaash getting international pickup like a Korean drama: Bombay is a character here, and people may give histrionics a pass.
  • mandy_dhanoa: Amir you dissapointed me in Talash plus I learnt being civil to others is creepy apparently LOL
  • Manali_NZ: It's extremely funny to see ppl being disappointed in #Talaash. Guess some ppl have forgotten what an actual drama film is all about #shame
  • libraspace: 'Talaash' one time watch, kareena in movie one more time watch
  • lalitkgarg: talash...not to miss... #combination of fab trio... #anurag kashyap, #farhan akhtar & #aamir khan
  • KunalOxBhatia: Did I mention that I found Talaash below average? Disappointing from Aamir.
  • Kulbhushanmehta: I have watched film ''Talaash'' before 1 days and this is why I have given 1 star to film. It's another version of film ''kahaani''
  • KiranPurewal: Wow! What a #movie! #Talaash Fast paced,thrilling,filled with suspense! Hats off to the team, and showing what #bollywood can be!
  • KeH_kE_LuNgA: #Talaash is nt a thriller..dekhte time seat pakad ke baithne ki zarurat nahi hain aur na nakhun chabaane ki..its a suspense drama well made.
  • KeerthiGoutham: #Talaash was really worth it - something new, different and engaging. A good one time watch for sure. 1/2
  • Keeda_: Life of pi was a visual treat... Bt talaash turned to be a visual cheat...:-/
  • KavitaAChhibber: exhausted with non stop healings today decided to catch a late night show of Talaash. Loved the movie including the unconventional ending
  • Kartik41785547: Talash is a awesome movie
  • karthikacr: at the end of the day.. i wz doin one thng nly.. talaash nd talaash... wer i lost ma bloody common sense that i sat nd saw the film??????
  • Kareena_No1: Yes I have awesome film its #Kareena best I think!"@ShristiRanbir: @kareena_no1 u watchd Talaash??"
  • karan20031: #talaash ws a brilliant movie.. Jus coz every1 knew the suspense thy did nt lik it..Gud thng i ws tld to sty off twitter til i saw the movie
  • KapurRia: #Talaash is a waste of time, Seriously!!
  • kamaalrkhan: The best thing is tat public is in mood to watch films so even ghatiya films r doing gud business otherwis #Talaash would hav been disaster.
  • KabKyunKaise: AGREE........ #Talaash - I am loving it more n more after every watch!
  • JustJuning: Trying to understand the logic behind making a film like #Talaash
  • jonzworld: watched #Talaash :) its fanrastic direction #Screenplay #ReemaKagti is admirable
  • jimmy_karumalil: #ProudToBeAFanOf Aamir Khan - Talaash is simply amazing!
  • JashanSGrewal: Still can't get over how good #Talaash was! Especially @aamir_khan , #RaniMukherji & #KareenaKapoor was the scene stealer!
  • jarshadnk: There are two kinds of truth: the truth that lights the way and the truth that warms the heart—R Chandler. Talaash is the 2nd kind #Talaash
  • jagrutimhatre88: Talaash ..nice movie..
  • itzBilla: Watched #Talaash, don't have words 2 express how much this film touch my heart, kudos to @TalaashExcel Team for making such different film.
  • itsshwetaa: saw talaash and quite liked it.. after ages a decent suspense thriller hindi movie.. a nice change from all the crap made these days.. :)
  • iRohitraushan: wtchd #Talaash! m nt saying its grt muvi f AK , bt its Fab! Amir,Rani brilliant..n #Bebo z #0utstanding ,loved her act aftr long time (JWM)!
  • IMmaheshg: after seeing respect for ACP Praduman has increased ...manifolds....
  • iamsweetysrk: watched talaash yesterday... was disappointed...
  • iamsleepysid: #Talaash..a well made suspense thriller after a long time:) @aamir_khan sir..power to you for tryin different genres.
  • iammallick: Talaash is really, really dissapointing!!!!
  • iamarsal11: if #talaash is good then iam BATMAN
  • HiteshMamtora: Some how had more expectation out of Talaash!
  • himeshmankad: Talaash Earns good numbers despite veing a Mixd WOM.. Me myslf didn't like it bt happy dat it earned :)
  • hijabsta: If you haven't already watched Aamir Khan's #Talaash you're missing out. He's done it yet again- speechless.
  • hemendrasolank2: Talash is dashu movie gayzzzz
  • Harmanjit_Khakh: Aamir khan is just amazing, what a great movie #talaash #greatnight
  • harleenkaur3: #Talaash awesome movie..wasn't expected it to be sooo great! Hats off to Reema Katgi and @aamir_khan
  • hardiksheth1992: Talaash is a boring movie... very superficial... not at all The Aamir Khan movie... was a letdown....
  • HansPiyush: Talaash ? 1 time watch.
  • gynec: saw talaash yesterday , unrealistic topic
  • guggul2010: What do u do wen u dont lyk d protagonist?? I liked Talaash but nt its hero.. Yes the editing cud hv been better bt gud neverthles 3.5/5
  • Greyindecision: Really liked Talaash
  • GhanSaurabh: Aamir sir ur movie Talaash Rockzzzz i just love ur movie and may this movie be liked and watched by all people. lots of love to u....
  • ghai_rajat: TALAASH !!!man for the 1'st time luved amir khan movie bt not bcoz him bcoz of story and bebo ♥
  • GargavShivam: Hello sir I m a big fan congratulations. On your success for your movie talaash
  • FilmiBoy: If u observe the message that #Talaash movie wants to convey it means alot. Meaningful cinema I say. #Aamir Khan #Kareena #Rani #bollywood
  • fialokdinesh: #Talaash Best indian flick watched ever... Awesome work #Talaash and team. Great work @aamir_khan @FarOutAkhtar and Team
  • Fauziap101: At least I'm not the only one who didn't like Talaash! RT@ithinksound: @Fauziap101 Yes, just done with it, and it was disappointing!
  • EsmanDevil: #Talaash Stupid ending .. we didnt expect this from reema n zoya .. after ZNMD , i think they will do a phenomenal movie ... hrrmm
  • Dr_Deepa_N: just watched talaash movie now.waste of time...
  • drpinkykathe: # Talaash - bakwas movie
  • Dolce_and_Namak: Only thing that #Talaash could have done better is leaving some of the explanations for a second viewing, rather than playing voiceovers.
  • Divya_Chug: Looking back at #Talaash - aside some bits, overall, thought the movie was quite nice and engaging. A good one time watch for sure...
  • devdixit: Movie Review: Talaash, a gripping murder mystery that makes you thrilled via @sharethis
  • daredevilakshay: Talaash could have been faster in pace. If only it was released as a book. Could have been more engaging.
  • danish_luminite: #Talaash what a wonderful movie to watch....but I was successful in predicting the end of the movie, gud effort, different movie at least
  • Coolshweta: TALAASH movie review: An intriguing story intelligently told! via @bollywood_life
  • coolsauvik: Watched talaash. A nice suspense movie to watch .
  • chandrakant8187: watched talaash last night...the movie is playing continuously in my mind from then on..2nd time watch..worth a 3rd too
  • Chaitali_Karnik: So tempted to blurt out the #talaash plot just so that I can atleast save some souls from this ghastly movie. Pun intended.
  • CatchRanto: Talaash was nice.
  • Broadchrome: Aamir Khan caught in the wrong movie. #Talaash
  • boshoti: Went in search for Talaash last night. What a well made film...and what an ending!!!
  • binaykol: #Talaash biggest disaster of 2012..
  • BhawanaSomaaya: It is a few days I have watched Talaash but Kareena Kapoor haunts me. Thank You Reema Kagti.
  • bharatsatya: I felt #talaash is a worth watch once, tight screenplay !
  • bhandaripj: I rated Talaash 9/10 #IMDb
  • being_nrb: The flashed suspense rumors about #Talaash were absolutely wrong. Thanks @aamir_khan @FarOutAkhtar for the awesome movie. Superlikes!
  • BeingAbhi06: #Talaash best indian suspense thriller i've ever watched..
  • ArizRajpoot: Talaash was amazing. Aamir Khan never ceases to Impress.
  • AratiRaval: Expectations are funny. Talaash mainly disappointed becoz of Aamir. Had Akshay Kumar done it, I would've celebrated his 'waking up' moment
  • appysharma87: Talaash a very nice movie but guys cant say the suspense bcoz then u wont have interest
  • anusreek: Talaash- Just a Fine Movie.
  • AnkuChaurasia: Talaash is an absolutely amazing movie...its suspense, thriller and drama rolled into one package
  • AnjaliMalik22: I Agree!!! Rt @RohanDave4 #Talaash - 4th time today! loving it more n more after every watch!
  • AnilKumar_MK: TALAASH was a good movie!! @URVASHI
  • Angira007: well...Talaash wasnt as happening as expected.. :-/
  • AnErraticSharma: #Talaash is a great suspense drama,every actor gives a powerful performance..great work by Reema Kagti and the team..@aamir_khan is awesme!
  • amithel: Talaash-the performances stay on in the viewer's mind-great feat in the midst of the claustrophobic I, Me, Myself clutter of today's stars.
  • AliSaif777: Talaash is only good till there's suspense once it opens up the story is Jusstttt #Pathetic
  • alak_j: talaash was disappointing! why is there a success party? :O
  • aiyeshabahadur: You never cease to amaze me Aamir, brilliant acting #Talaash
  • adilkappu: Finally i watched TALAASH its a good suspense thriller ameer your a great actor..
  • AceAamirkhan: Brilliant Movie #Talaash
  • abnishch: yestarday i saw talaash d movie was superb again aamir khan rocks
  • aashna_114: Simply hate those ppl who tld me d end of #talaash ! Spoiled the essence of the mvie yet I somehow enjoyed it
  • aankinandu: Talaash..nice flick...Really njoid alot..unpredictable even though u know d suspense...
  • 9nehak: I am surprised at the reviewers giving a rating of 4 to #Talaash. The end totally spoilt it for me. I am surprised @aamir_khan did this!

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@Lil well yeah, that was unfortunate, it'd have been fun to have a discussion here. My inbox was getting flooded with spam comments to the tune of 20000 a day. Anyway, they are back again and hope it'll stay that way.

kuldeep sharma:

I totally disagree with you Meetu. Aamir Khan looked exactly same as he looks in Satymev Jayte. Direction is horribly poor. Story is half-baked, I suspect it's lifted from some Spanish or Mexican movie. The kids' accident scene, for an honest police inspector, it would be a sky in the pie to find such a no-person-around place in India or anywhere. The only person who impressed me was Rani Mukherji. She was wonderful. I don't think that any money was spent on the production, probably producer didnt have much after paying Aamir and Kareena. I am posting my comments after many months, because I don't want to spend my money on Indian movies, I dont think they are worth. I got this DVD at my town's library, so thought to give it a try. I was disappointed.


@Kuldeep oh that's sad. I wonder if the hype created contributes to a person disliking a film. Just wondering generally.

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