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Talaash - Preview


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Talaash is more an emotional drama than a thriller. This mixing of genre works but only towards the climax. Through the first half though I found myself pushing myself to like the film. It stays at 'just a good film' when it could've been so much more.

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Talaash is easily the most looked forward to film this year. While I'd have put Gangs of Wasseypur up there, but this one has a combination of names that makes you sit up and notice. I loved director, Reema Kagti's narration style and wit in Honemoon Travels Pvt Ltd and her story/screenplay in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I'm already looking forward to Zoya Akhtar's next film after Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, who has penned Talaash's story with Reema Kagti. And they've brought in Farhan Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap for the dialogue! How could you not get excited, even if momentarily?

And then you top it off with the cast. Call me 'psuedo-cool' if you wish, but seeing Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Raj Kumar Yadav in the trailers got me more excited than Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. I really do want my characters to make to me forget who is playing them. And that isn't happening at least in the trailers where these two are concerned. Especially, at the points where Aamir Khan gets all intense and on the verge of being angry, which seems to be throughout.

Rani Mukerji, however has blended in wonderfully. You don't even notice her at 1:20 in this video.

And that is what I have always liked her for. In any case, I desperately need to rid myself of the aftertaste that Aiyyaa left.

In addition, you have a thriller which looks like it has a decent dose of relationships and personal dilemmas thrown in. I sure hope the intrigue the trailers have built in the story is maintained in the film in the proportion that a story of this genre demands. For once, the genres seem to be mixing well with each other.

And I come back to the awesome combinations that Talaash carries. To round it up nicely we have lyrics by Javed Akhtar set to music by Ram Sampath.

Music Reviews:
Milliblog - "The Aamir KhanRam Sampath combination continues to rock after Delhi Belly; Talaash’s soundtrack is short, but enchantingly deft!"
Music Aloud - "8/10"
dunkdaft - "Talaash has a pretty good mix of tunes for the thriller. It surely will be perfect on the screen. (But somewhere, it left me wanting for more. Or maybe, its just me, over-wanting, cause Aamir is there.)"
Hindustan Times - "there’s too much electronica in it — but it’s worth a listen"
Bollyspice - "3/5"
Apun Ka Choice - "3/5"

Talaash - Movie Details

Talaash - Trailer

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@Lil well yeah, that was unfortunate, it'd have been fun to have a discussion here. My inbox was getting flooded with spam comments to the tune of 20000 a day. Anyway, they are back again and hope it'll stay that way.

kuldeep sharma:

I totally disagree with you Meetu. Aamir Khan looked exactly same as he looks in Satymev Jayte. Direction is horribly poor. Story is half-baked, I suspect it's lifted from some Spanish or Mexican movie. The kids' accident scene, for an honest police inspector, it would be a sky in the pie to find such a no-person-around place in India or anywhere. The only person who impressed me was Rani Mukherji. She was wonderful. I don't think that any money was spent on the production, probably producer didnt have much after paying Aamir and Kareena. I am posting my comments after many months, because I don't want to spend my money on Indian movies, I dont think they are worth. I got this DVD at my town's library, so thought to give it a try. I was disappointed.


@Kuldeep oh that's sad. I wonder if the hype created contributes to a person disliking a film. Just wondering generally.

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