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Table No 21

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Table No 21 is the kind of thriller that makes you feel you are smelling a fish through out. The "Something ought to be wrong, I just don't know what." turns into a regular twist in the tale without throwing you off balance. The social message shoved down your throat in the end doesn't help the film's cause either.

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104 tweeters have given Table No 21 an average rating of 4.1/5.0(?)

79 yays
13 nays
12 so-so
  • _logik: Hahahaha, Table No.21 - such a ridiculous movie. The best acting came from two side-actors who were there for some 10 minutes.
  • zavkunu: Wateva v do bad in dis birth, V hd to suffer der consequences in dis birth only. Thnxx to TABLE NO. 21 movie 4showin such a gud movie.
  • zaverivishal: Table no. 21 good movie with nice message to society #movie
  • yourrdaddy: Table no 21 is a. Fantastic film no words. Rajeev khandelwal and paresh rawal kudos to u. Simply spell bounding.
  • womkerr: My review of 'Table No. 21' --- the longest and most irritating PSA ever. ---
  • WarsiZeba: Table No 21, interesting film, kinda quirky concept. And and and social message too!
  • vishaln_n_n: Thos who crib of not getting to see movies with good stories, this one is for u! Table No. 21 leaves u speechless. Do watch! #TableNo21
  • VinayakGagrani: table no 21 : a must watch for everyone ! awesome message by movie, totally unexpected, great work by the team
  • Tutejajoginder: My review of Table No. 21: ***1/2 Leaves you speechless and gasping for breath
  • thisisrmb: Table No 21- overall keeps you interested.
  • TheSarahStar: Okay so just saw this "Table 21" movie. First half was good, but by the end it completely loses control. Wouldn't be worth paying to watch!
  • TheGappuccino: Table No.21- A movie with a fabulous cause- high time someone picked up the cause!!! Superb show!
  • Tewatia20: Table No. 21 Is quite a fun to watch.! Go For it Friends. :)
  • surzeetgh: Table No. 21,Bhubaneswar Inox’s first day. A cool movie to continue the Multiplex legacy.
  • sudnigga: Table No 21 has been watched. Will try and do a short review tonight or maybe just a tweet review? Nevertheless, you should watch it
  • sudhanshutheone: Table No 21: A great movie with a strong message. Must watch for all college goers and parents. Kudos to the cast and crew of the film.
  • Snehal_explorer: #InOtherNews saw paresh rawal, rajeev khandelwal starrer Table No. 21. Pretty interesting concept, superb acting by both of them.
  • sjoshipura: Table No.21 - Really Good Film !
  • siddharthaalam: A sincere request : Don't waste ur time & $ on Table No. 21. After the first half go dine at Table No. 21~3 wise men in my theatre did too:)
  • shan_daar: Table no. 21 happened. One time watch. 2.8/5.
  • sanketdangi: Table No. 21 - Fantastic Movie :) Great Performances by Rajeev Khandelwal and Paresh Rawal !! Recommended !! :)
  • sandhyamendonca: #facepalm # table no 21 - don't see it, please don't see it.
  • Sam_Salil: Table no. 21.... Very meaningful and creepy thriller... A must watch for everyone...especially who think themselves of "Seniors"....
  • samarthprakash: What you did in the past will come back to haunt you... Table No 21 - an engrossing watch, with a good message.
  • rosaceous: Exiting the theatre with such a heavy heart. Table No 21 is a MUST WATCH. Don't let anyone tell u otherwise @tenadesae1
  • RobinThapa26: I had never watched this type of movie yet so interesting Table No.21
  • RKianz: +1 RT @rahul771988: RT @ManojG7: @rahul771988 See Table no 21 - good movie
  • rjanup: Mirchi Bioscope Table No.21 - 3/5 Mirchis -Rj Anup
  • RebeccaMalhotra: Table no.21 is a good watch, with a good message #impressed
  • ranjankant: You got to watch v good indie cinema like Table#21, well-made, solidly scripted and gracefully enacted! 4/5 stars !
  • RajparaJignesh: Table No.21 a must watch. Superb concept
  • rahulnivalkar: Table No 21 awesome movie
  • raghavspatel: table no. 21 . . . Awesome movie
  • raghav130990: Table No. 21 a good watch...!! It gives a very relevant social message...!! For me 4 star movie.
  • pvamk: Table no:21 reminds us that there are lots of burning issues bothering us which are not being discussed about and focussed on.
  • pungibaaz: Table No. 21 a good watch for sure
  • Priyatalkies: All the ppl who had a good word for Table no 21 .. Either u dnt know wats a good movie . TorTure
  • Prat33Kumar: Paresh Rawal turns a lot of tables in Table No. 21..if only d story was as heavy as him..`Nice` way to end the film..#MustWatch for his fans
  • prabinbanka: Table no 21.. watchable movie with a nice message..!!
  • PinkyPrash: 'Table No.21' - now that's my type of film
  • Ootkarsh: Table No. 21 was quite ok for one time. Interesting 2nd half as story unfolds. 1st was slow & could've helped by adding scenic Fiji.
  • nilomadhaba: Table No. 21 ... A perfect Tale ...
  • nikhilchawla: In other news, watched Table No 21 yesterday. (Survivor+Zinda) = One time watch if you are sleepy and have nothing else to do.
  • nigamanandasaho: Table no 21.. Suspense n Briliant story.
  • neweclipsz: TABLE NO.21 Movie Review : An extremely contrived concept film with a big message : Movie…
  • nauras: Table No. 21 ... Great movie! Rajeev Khandelwal and Paresh Rawal .. Truly amazing acting!
  • MT_TNAAZ: just watched Table No. 21 yesterday its a good movie but sad @ da end
  • MOHIT_P_SACHDEV: table no.21 a gud movie to watch!!!
  • Moh13: table no.21...boring movie
  • mirzasuhail45: Table no. 21 --> Awesome!!
  • mihirshah29: Table no.21...must watch..esp all the youths
  • mignione_nick: Table no. 21 was actually pretty good!
  • meghu27: Watched Table No: 21 .. A good film .. As usual.. If its a Rajiv Khandelwal film, it has to be different .. So not everyone will like it
  • mechineer: Despite all the usual shortcoming in a typical bollywood thriller, Table No. 21 is good enough to be watched in a...
  • Manyukan: Table No. 21 is a hard hitting film! I liked it! It talks of a very serious issue! Well done Aditya Datt. #TableNo21
  • Manojmumbai: Good Morning :) Table 21 is a one time watch surely, you will not get bored andd would rate it 3/5
  • MadhuraCulkarni: Table No. 21 .. Average movie ! If you liked LUCK *ing imraan khan and sanjay dutta.. U'll like this one too!
  • LifesGlitter: Table No. 21 is a surprisingly good movie.
  • lifeofrishkish: Go watch table no 21 ok! It's awesome..
  • Large_Whisky: Table No. 21 is a great movie to watch. Good message against ragging. MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!
  • keyurkey: A must watch movie Table no.21 @rt_Kalle @vishrut14 @ruchades @parikh_khushboo @axaympithava @hrshkk82
  • keerthan_g: Table no. 21 is a decent watch.
  • kavipandit: Bollywood need scripts like table no 21. Where film engages u and keeps u on the edge always.
  • kashyap1123: Table no. 21 is a pretty awesome movie. All of you go watch it.
  • journokaran: Film review: Table No. 21: Recommended!
  • JohriGunjan: Table # 21 - what a wonderful piece of work
  • jithinkumar_in: Table No. 21 (\m/)
  • JatinKiDuniya: Table No 21 is a game well played ! Awesome Thriller !!!
  • Jatanking07: Table no. 21 : A worth and a must watch movie. Too good movie. An emotional true story. Superb script!
  • jasvirsingh17: f##KING AWESOME MOVIE MUST SEE Table No.21
  • i_am_animesh: Just saw Table No. 21 movie..! Awesome movie, must say..A must watch for all..A nice message at the end for...
  • iparthpatel: Paresh Rawal Rocks on Table No. 21....Its good movie.. 4/5...
  • inikhildoshi: Table No. 21 Reallly An Awesome Moovie !! :) A Great lesson For Students¡¡ Must Watch... !!
  • india_garg: #table no 21 very recommendable movie-everyone must watch this movie‼‼
  • illusions013: After so many days watched a meaningful movie Table no. 21 rocks :D
  • ILahiri: Table no. 21. What a movie man. Fuck. Absolute brilliance…
  • Him_87: What a terrible film this. Table no 21.
  • FSKamal: Table 21 super awesome. Must watch people..
  • Elder_Dovahkiin: By the way saw Table No 21. It was utter bullcrap.
  • drgchawla: Table No. 21 well-paced thriller with some highs and quite a few lows, and it’s never boring. Must needed change from regular stuff...
  • dpk_ag: Table No 21 Amazing movie.. Movie with a genre of its own. 4/5 My review
  • dinkydhanova: Table 21- A very strong ending to a senseless game!
  • DeepXP: Watched Table No. 21. Not bad.
  • DeeptiMns: Movie 'Table no 21' - good attempt at delivering an imp. msg. Educated students: A joke for u, can be disaster for another. Be sensitive.
  • Cric_KS339: Table No. 21 - a good movie overall, good story, one time watch.
  • blahssome: Table no 21 was interesting. Some chinks in the story line. But it's at least got an unusual plot.
  • BeingShubhamA: I think the only bad thing about Table No. 21 is the lead actress !
  • beingpuneetj: watched table no 21 a good one time watch!!
  • atulshendge1: hey guys pls watch table no 21 so thrilling film & after ths film rajiv k iz earn more respect as actor , paresh r wil rated as leval of AB
  • ashunist: Table no 21::a well played game.#awesome watched@home
  • appuchin: Table no 21 is a surprisingly brilliant film. A bit over the top , but awesome indeed..
  • anuragcooldarla: Table No 21 an awesome movie !! Superb . And Paresh Rawel amazing acting .
  • anuj_4u: Good movie table no. 21!! Must watch! #table21
  • anubhavv75: table no 21 is spot on with message. Excellent.
  • ankur_gupta91: Table no 21 must must watch
  • ani6991: Table No. 21 , was a really good movie with good twists and good acting. Starts a bit slow but picks up with great...
  • amjiddader: Table No. 21 is the sort of determinedly silly movie that can make fine actors like Paresh Rawal and Rajeev Khandelwal look foolish. ...
  • amankhurana91: Table No.21 is all about Paresh Rawal. Everything else looks too plain in his presence. Not more than a one-time watch! Full review soon!
  • AkshatChango: last nyt watched Table no 21.and had to say its a vry good movie . and each n evry one shuld hv a watch at it .a good story line #tableno21
  • AkashUpadhye: Table No 21 may not be the perfect start to 2013 we were looking for, but it’s a well-paced thriller with some highs and quite a few lows
  • Ahmadbilal111: Table no 21....good moviee. 3/5
  • acebhavik: Table no.21 worth the time and buck #nice
  • AbJaanLogeKya: Table No.21 total CRAP.
  • 311mg: Though not spectacular, " Table No. 21" is decent enough.

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Comments (13)


Meetu it seems you were quite delighted by the film's premise irrespective of the treatment and the acting , well your review has now lured me to watch this movie now, let's see how bad it is !! :)


@guddu At your own risk :P

Table No 21 Review:

Its a nice review.But u don't share Movie Rating.BTW awsome review


Thanks! Well, the rating is "Even the keen, wait for DVD". I don't do star ratings, if that is what you mean. :)


realy i found a new type learing movie in bollywood after huge day ,i thanks to all the team of table21 making this wanderful movie ,dear friends never miss it.....

Suuny kumar:

very interesting movie with great message & dramatic climax ..must watch for all youngsters


realy i found a new type learing movie in bollywood after huge day ,i thanks to all the team of table21 making this wanderful movie ,dear friends never miss it.....

Suuny kumar:

very interesting movie with great message & dramatic climax ..must watch for all youngsters


I quite liked it except for the climax..raging?i mean they could have thought of a thousand more interesting "twists" than this!!As for the social message,this is no Salman Khan film which is gonna be watched by 5 cr people and influence another few crores!This is small scale low budget thriller with a limited audience and as u said correctly,"we don't need any convincing,the one's who do aren't gonna be watching this film anyways"..Paresh Rawal was excellent though.His act starting from a charming resort manager to an evil,sly,suave and venomous host and ultimately the scene of him being a father in agony and grief is definitely worth a watch!Rajeev Khandelwal is a huge disappointment especially after his class act in Aamir.Tena Desae is just there to strip down and show off her well toned body which she manages with ease!A decent one time watch overall.


@Anuj :) Yep!


Direction: 3
Story: 2.5
Lead Actors: 2.5
Character Artists: 2

Dialogues: 2
Screenplay: 2.5
Music Director: 1
Lyrics: 1


Watched the movie on TV, found it timepass if nothing better to do.


i thanks to all the team of table21 making this wanderful movie

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