Stanley Ka Dabba - Preview

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It's a very warm film and can make you nostalgic. It brings out irony that is part of everyday life. It comments on a blistering issue in society, but it doesn't let the issue take over the film. But it is also very slow and predictable.



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A trailer left me feeling warm towards the protagonist Stanley. He is endearing and he is real.

As soon as you watch it you somehow remember Taare Zameen Par. And but of course, it is the sole-proprietorship of Taare Zameen Par's creative director. Remember there was this huge controversy about who the real director of the film was? I loved the film, so much so that I didn't even realize its specific flaws till I saw it for the fourth and fifth times. Which is when I realized how wonderfully beautiful the first half of the film is and how blatantly the actor, Aamir Khan takes the film away from the character, Ishaan Awasthi. And that's when I realized that it almost looks like the first and second halves were directed by different people.

Somehow Stanley Ka Dabba gives the feel that it will be our chance to see how it'd be if Taare Zameen Par was directed by one person, and hopefully Amole Gupte directed the first half. Sure, the low budgets and the lack of marketing suave will be conspicuous by their absence. But a good film, with strong and relatable characters don't need anything else.

That brings me to my worry. Amole Gupte plays a teacher in the film which comes across as caricatured and rather slapsticky. I want fresh and real, not another round of slaps and food-dripping-out-of-mouth kind of humor. For that we have our Priyadarshans and David Dhawans and Bazmees.

Well, whatever the case, the one and only man to take blame or credit will be Amole Gupte because he's the producer, director, writer, actor and lyricist of the film. And hopefully the the trailer is exactly what it should be - a peek into how charming the characters are. Certainly looking forward to this one!

Ps. There weren't too many music reviews around at the time this article was written.