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When something is sold to me as a thriller, the least I expect is some style from the "action" heroes, a few smart one-liners, and an engaging plot. But, oh well, that's not to be. The songs are bad and the picturization worse. The only saving grace is a couple of action sequences.



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There are a few ingredients in thrillers that are pretty much indispensable. And "Speed" is missing those crucial elements. You need a main hero who oozes style. Sorry, two who don't ooze style won't do. Same goes for the villain. Then you need the one-liners - you might roll your eyes when they are said, but you have to agree a thriller is incomplete without them. And most importantly - an engaging plot! See, we know it’s an average thriller, so we know the earth won't shatter into a zillion pieces. But, at least make a teeny-weeny attempt to engross us in your narrative.

Again, out-of-this-world performances are not expected. Just enough to move the story along. And that, the not-so-stellar cast accomplishes. We could have done with a little less excited Zayed Khan, though. And why on earth was Aftab Shivdasani sporting the Mahendra Dhoni look? It is amazing how Aftab can wear the same expression, no matter who he is made to look like. I am not sure whether I can completely blame the actors for the lack of style. The lamest dialogues ever were fit into those two hours. How stylistically can you deliver lousy lines after all?

The plot tries to strike a balance between two main threads, at least two mini-threads, 4 actors, and their ladies. That's a whole lot, and thus the loss of focus and mismanagement of pace is not really a surprise. I really didn't like the way the motivation of the villains unfolds for us. Too little, too late.

What I did like though, are the action sequences saved for Zayed Khan. They are very-well choreographed and executed.

The songs are dull too - lyrics, music, picturization, choreography, etc. Particularly bad is the one which is supposedly a love scene. People, decide - either be bold enough to show a couple actually making love, or skip it! You are fooling no one by using silly editing techniques to imply that the twosome is actually doing anything.

Another director going from bad to worse. Another movie with actors continuing to do what they do in every other movie. Another story that needed at least another year's worth of work. Another few songs that the cine-goer could have survived without. Another wannabe entertainer released this Friday.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Review - Speed...

When something is sold to me as a thriller, the least I expect is some style from the "action" heroes, a few smart one-liners, and an engaging plot. But, oh well, that's not to be. The songs are bad and the picturization worse. The only saving grace...


Thank you, nadeem!


OMG, Meetu! My younger brother brought this as a Netflix DVD, assuring us it was 100% Keanu Reeves-Free! I was the only one who thought that maybe it didn't sound very good and maybe we should see what was on Eros Online instead - and boy, was I right to object! Every main character in the movie, hero and villain alike, Carries The Idiot Ball, usually more than once; all the bad guys appear to be honor grads of The Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.

When the sometimes-resourceful, usually-useless heroine stopped her car in the face of the villain pointing a gun at her, we all erupted in laughter, given we hadn't seen a single bad guy who could hit the broad side of a barn up until that point! What I would have liked to see was her seeing him standing there with his gun drawn, bellowing "GET DOWN!", then ducking and running him over - which, given the kind of stupid filmi move he was making, would have been No Less Than He Deserved.

So - about Zayed Khan, Goofy Computer Manchild Turned Kung-Fu Master.... Was there anything in the story earlier on that explained where the Hell he suddenly got the Mad Skillz to go all Jet Li on the bad guys' asses? Is he a known Martial Arts/Action Star in India, so it's no surprise when he suddenly mops the floor with an army of goons? My brother kept going, "But - but, nobody said if he was actually CBI, or Interpol, or an ex-Shaolin Monk...."

On balance? I wish we'd watched Don instead....


@TimELiebe so, we actually agree for once? :D


@Meetu - pfft!

Actually, when it comes to movies that aren't straight entertainers we tend to agree rather often. It's just I and my friends (some of whom you know from Facebook) have more affection for trashy action and romance than you do - especially when accompanied by elaborate dance numbers.

We all finally watched DON last weekend (the SRK version), and enjoyed it thoroughly for what it was - a big dumb glitzy twisty action movie with some great songs in it. We'll probably watch DON 2 this weekend since we have the DVD from Netflix - then the weekend after that, once we're all back together (there's been a lot of traveling lately), we'll sit down to HAIDER since we've enjoyed Vishal Bhardwaj's other Shakespeare adaptations.

Rejoice! We're finally balancing our Indian Movie diet a bit with better movies! :)


@TimELiebe Thank you very much :P

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