Special Chabbis - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

Special Chabbis is an unfair joke on the audience. If it were not for some witty dialogue delivered with great timing, Special Chabbis would've been a very frustrating experience.



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I doubt there's anyone who has seen director, Neeraj Pandey's A Wednesday who won't want give Special Chabbis a chance. Despite Akshay Kumar. And of course, Akshay Kumar fans who haven't seen A Wednesday don't need any more credentials to watch Special Chabbis. Well played, I say.

Even if it is a pity that star power is considered essential even by indie filmmakers. The hope now is that Akshay Kumar gets to show that he can actually act when given the opportunity. Unless the Akshay Kumar drama overshadows a fine story that Neeraj Pandey might have at hand.

Also, somehow I can't shake out the Ocean's Eleven feel I get from the title to the trailer, which can take Special Chabbis either way. If it can carry of the glamour and oomph of Ocean's Eleven without letting go of the basic strong story telling and narrative that A Wednesday had, it would be perfect. An extremely difficult balance to strike.

But, like a reader points out in the comments section, if Special Chabbis is even a fraction as engaging as A Wednesday we have a good movie to look forward to. Personally, the Akshay Kumar factor makes it very easy for me to walk in without too many high expectations.

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