Sona Spa - Preview

wogma rating: Switch channels if it's on cable (?)
quick review:

Sona Spa is a metaphorical treat for reviewers. A film about a spa that cures insomnia is itself bland enough to put you to bed.



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Sona Spa eerily sounds and looks similar to Table No. 21 - out of ordinary concept like sleep and dreams transfer with an underlying catch that gets you curious; a veteran actor who seems to play a character who is in complete control of all the weirdness around; a spa environment to start the scene out with. Even if this guess is right, I sure hope the climax and great reveal isn't as lame.

The poster of Sona Spa intrigued me immediately. Naseeruddin Shah as the main lead is exciting by itself. The name and other elements of the poster only added to that excitement. But, the trailer is rather disappointing. Especially, Naseeruddin Shah's reather superficial pronouncement of the film's name.

Also, the title song sounds ridiculously cheesy. I assume there aren't too many songs in the film because there weren't too many music reviews out there.

All put together, the heart is excited but the head warns against it.