Singh is Kinng - Preview

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quick review:

Punjabi is queenn. Wit is Jack. Plot & logic are thrown out of the deck. So, the viewers are ace jokers! But, who am I to stop Akshay-Katrina fans from rushing to the theaters?



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering how many 'n's maketh a king?

I don't remember the last time I've been so bothered by the title of a movie. I think it must have been Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.. Singh is Kinng got the wrong side of my nerve endings from the word go -

  • Having Singh in the title implies it's going to be about Punjab's saundhi mitti, sarso da saag, and makai di roti (aromatic soil, mustard curry, and corn flour flat bread - this sounds so non-poetic in English!). Anyways, I love all of these, but to have them being repeated by yet another loud, dressed-in-bright-pink aunt-like-figure is not something I'm looking forward to. I'm weary of stereotypes, what can I do?
  • King is spelt Kinng. Changing a language for the selfish reason of bringing good luck to yourself is not nice. Okay, the extra 'n' could just be to emphasize the Punjabi accent, but wouldn’t the stress have to be more on the 'g'? Never mind!
  • Singh obviously is the protagonist here. And guess what? He is pompous and calls himself King. Liking pompous characters doesn't come easily to me.

So, turns out the only problem I don't have with the title is the word 'is'. Oh well...

To top it off, I didn't like the title song that radio jockeys seem to be in love with. And all these fears are confirmed by a glance through the 'crew' section of the official site.

About the writer/director -

Some say Anees Bazmee is learning English through the titles of his films. After his last two hits, No Entry and Welcome, he's finally completed a sentence with Singh is Kinng!

And how?!

About the producer. Vipul Amrutlal Shah -

...he discovered through box office collections that Punjab exists in India but as well as other parts of the world! Singh is Kinng is ... his tribute to a community that lives life king-size.

Oh! It's this understanding of the community that makes all Punjabi loud and garish. See kings have to be over-the-top to rule. Come on, I know a few Punjabis who are subtle and sober. Would it be so wrong to see their stories on screen? Hmmm...

Turns out that fellow blogger, Honhar Goonda shares my skepticism -

...So he (Anees Bazmi) has a knack of producing hilarious scenes but can he make a film with 90% of quality scenes?...

...And he (Akshay Kumar) is playing a Sardar in this film. So the film is already a hit in UK...

...But Katrina Kaif will be looking gorgeous in that Black Sari and Pink skirt. She won’t have much to say in the film. She is just there to look gorgeous and dance. The film should have been titled as ‘Kaur Is Prinncess!'...

Oh well...what's in a name? Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with a fairly obnoxious looking forward to be surprised...