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Punjabi is queenn. Wit is Jack. Plot & logic are thrown out of the deck. So, the viewers are ace jokers! But, who am I to stop Akshay-Katrina fans from rushing to the theaters?



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Wogma Review

  • Pre-emptive Note 1: Akshay Kumar fans - this review is not for you, so bugger off and come back with the brickbats after you've seen the movie! We're warm to one and all around here.
  • Pre-emptive Note 2: This reviewer has a brain which she refuses to leave behind any more. I am a part of the masses that take pride in using their intellect - pseudo or not!
  • * * * Phewww! That felt good!!* * *
    So, you pretty much know where I'm headed with this one, right? But, let's be fair and talk about the nice things first. The wit induced in the charming-yet-rugged Punjabi-inflicted-Hindi dialect brings smiles. Akshay Kumar does dutiful justice to his Mr. goody-two-shoes, flat character, like he's been doing for ages - be nice, dance, preach, dance, and dance some more. At least the character is consistent! Puneet's character played by Ranveer Shorey is a refreshing change from the regular loser, third person in a love triangle. After a long time in Hindi cinema, this third person has a spine. He actually seems worthy of our darling heroine. I also enjoyed Sonu Sood's dead look. And yes of course, Katrina Kaif looks her charming self. Period. Period to good things that can be said. Dubbing must be one of the most difficult things an actor has to do and that's why I admire it when most of our actors manage it so well. But, Katrina is just so off! We all know the lady can't speak Hindi. But, she doesn't even attempt to lip-sync in the songs!! Not to mention, the songs themselves are off. The lyrics sound like random Panjabi lines strung together. I didn't enjoy the music or the choreography. The picturization of a couple of songs are like bad tourism ads for Egypt. The raw beauty of those places has not been captured, only an attempt has been made to glamorize them. I always thought the camera, the sound, the background score are supposed to add to the charm, the ambience of the scene. They are supposed to produce a rhythm, work in tune with each other. But, here they are merely performing a function as if their usage wasn't given more than a single thought. So all they end up adding is chaos to the mayhem. I digest that a woman travels all the way from Australia to Cairo to study criminal law. I try my best not to question the umpteen inconsistent side-characters who change their view according to the need of that particular scene. And I give the same treatment to police bringing an underworld Don's friend to him in Australia. I don't question the gravity defying parachute. I accept Superman flying, so I welcome a super-villain who can make the parachute take a u-turn. I even smile at a person holding electrical wire in his bare hands while he's electrocuting others. I satisfy myself with just raising my brow when people are consuming alcohol openly *while riding* in a convertible in a pre-dominantly Muslim country. Egypt is relatively liberal, I say, because I'm supposed to sit back and enjoy. Enjoy what? One person pissing on another's face? A table fan threatening a crotch? A random scene with people playing cricket patchily edited and forced in between two other random scenes - just so that the third person in the love triangle can get all jealous when a couple end up lying on each other while trying to grab a catch? The opening disclaimers included lines to the effect that, "The hen in the hen chase scene is digitally crafted, no cruelty has been imposed on animals for the shoot of that scene." Uhh...what about the cruelty inflicted upon us the humans who watched this tripe in the name of 'mass entertainment'?

    - meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Gang war type gun-fights sprinkled through the movie.
  • Sexual content: Nothing more than skimpily clad women making random appearances in songs, etc.
  • Concept: The basic idea is to make criminals change their ways and win hearts by being good. So, though it's silly, the motivations are right.
  • General Look and Feel: It's a bright, lively environment.

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Thank you ji!


Singh is kinng - Review...

Punjabi is queenn. Wit is Jack. Plot & logic are thrown out of the deck. So, the viewers are ace jokers! But, who am I to stop Akshay-Katrina fans from rushing to the theaters?...

Sudhir Nair: expected review from u..what surprised me is that reviewers like Mayank Shekar and Raja Sen loved it..Will be watching it tomm myself..will be one of those movies that my wife will love and ill hate :-)

PS: Why is that u never write Angrezi flicks reviews? It's always done by Anand. Is it because u don't watch those flicks?


well.u are correct in pointing out....
Akshay Kumar does dutiful justice to his Mr. goody-two-shoes, flat character, like he’s been doing for ages - be nice, dance, preach, dance, and dance some more. At least the character is consistent!
read ajay brahmatmaj review...


Thanks Nareshallu!

Good luck, Sudhir and let us know what you think :) Of course, I watch the English movies just don't review them. I'm a little weary of reviewing too many movies :)

Rashid and Marc :)

Animesh Raj:

Your review comes as a fresh whiff...u won't believe but i have read reviews on singh is kinng where the critic has called the movie Welcome a masterpiece!! Movies like Singh is Kinng are made for one purpose only- to make money, and it will do that pretty well. But I don't understand why the critics are going gaga over such mediocre comedy. How can a critic give both Chak De India and Singh is Kinng the same 4 out of 5 rating?


100% correct and very logical review!!!

my God.....what a tight slap on the face of this dabba movie!!


Do you remember the last time I commented that I took my friends for Race, and then for LS-2050, just to show them a good Hindi movie?

Well, I did the mistake the third time with this one. They have vowed never to see a Hindi movie recommended by me again. Do I need to say more???


@ all who loved the movie - great!

@ all who hated the movie - condolences...

@ vimal, of course, I remember! I must say your friends have a good taste in movies :P

@Anurag, welcome back! Well, I just didn't like the music, it annoyed me the first time I heard the title song. Usually many songs grow on me over time, but this one grew in annoyance-value. Om Puri and Kirron Kher were loud and their characters redundant/inconsistent...
"what else can one expect from singh is kinng" its okay...if we expect a good film, its trash! do we sort the inconsistency?


Oh Sneha, how I agree with you...


There was an article in Bollywood Hungama( yesterday which claims that Vipul is planning for a sequel to SiK. It seems he is waiting for a story and once thats done, it would be finalised.
Story, huh? as if this had one!!!


ROFL, vimal! Another SiK...just can't stop laughing...see i was wrong, the movie was funny after all...

shaifali agrawal:

rating:thumbs down
movie is totally unexpectable..its not about comedy rather is about a comdey on which one cant laugh...


i like movie so much tat i had watched 10 times, it is one of my favourite films!!!!


Yeah Saurabh,I think I almost always pick on spelling changes in hindi movies. Check out Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa for your entertainment. Sometimes, I leave some out because I don't want to drag the same joke too long. And actually Saurabh, why does he call himself King in the movie, because...he's one of his kind in a pack of cards? We really don't know, do we? Even after we watch the movie


Isn't that sad about lyrics, Saurabh? I refuse to believe all Punjabi's are loud as a rule!
Yeah Saurabh, I'm sure I wouldn't have liked Jim Carrey do it either. Anyway, just because it's done 10000 miles away, it doesn't make it right. The thing is there are more and more director's out there who are respecting our intellect, I think we need to ask for more.
Thanks for stopping by again!!


shaifali - :)

Good for you, subhashvans!!


@lost in confusion may we retain our sanity!

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