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Anand Gandhi’s debut feature Ship of Theseus is a thought-provoking, emotionally and intellectually moving cinematic experience, one that Indian cinema can be proud of. For those who believe that they have the right to firmly hold on to their brains while experiencing movie-magic, Ship of Theseus won’t let you down. It talks about universal themes like the meaning of existence, and it does so without resorting to indulgence or pseudo-intellectualism. All I can really say about it is ask of it, and you shall receive.



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94 tweeters have given Ship of Theseus an average rating of 4.9/5.0(?)

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  • zenmotherhood: Ship of Theseus is so beautiful. Please see it.
  • Zainab_k22: Ship Of Theseus by @recyclewala is a must watch. What a beautiful film. So inspiring. @SOTfilm
  • Weirdly_Sane: Watch Ship of Theseus everyone. Its worth the money , worth your time . Just watch it.
  • vijaypandey: Enjoyed Ship of Theseus with @tarequelaskar and @jaiz30. Great film. It's a must watch
  • viewsreviews: Ship of Theseus takes bollywood to another level, thanks to Anand Gandhi, Kiran Rao and the crew. Will bollywood remain the same?
  • vamsee: Watched "Ship of Theseus". What a fantastic cinematic achievement. Absolute marvel of a movie. Anand Gandhi, take a bow.
  • uditkulshrestha: Ship of Theseus. Brilliance!
  • Trollacharya: Ship of theseus was pretty meh.
  • TheTweetThumb: Ship of Theseus is a movie you watch on a Saturday and then take immense joy in having endless discussions about it over breakfast on Sunday
  • thenksokbye: Ship of Theseus has been watched. What a fucking brilliant movie.
  • TheAdityaKumar: 'Ship of theseus' is such a gem of film...leaves u speechless!! Go n watch.
  • ThatITdude: Just saw Ship of Theseus. Feeling sophisticated now.
  • tetisheri: Oh my god ship of Theseus. I am glad I caught it. :) My favourite story is the monk's.
  • TedDas2: Sometimes i get confused thinking that @sotfilm ship of theseus is a documentary film! I mean it looks 200% freaking damn REAL! #OSCARentry
  • SwarupMondal: You Should Not Miss "Ship Of Theseus" If You Really Are A Movie Lover. This Film is Beyond Ratings.
  • sushantJha: Excellent Movie ( Ship of Theseus ) & that too after a long long time ..Kudos to Anand Gandhi.
  • SunnyParampil: 'Ship of Theseus' - probably one of those rare films where you don't mind giving a 5/5 rating
  • sumofzeroes: Absolutely loved ship of theseus.. It's a world class movie. Stunning performances
  • stonedchimera: 'Ship of Theseus' is one of those once in a lifetime films, hitting you raw, hitting you close. Find it somehow, & watch it.
  • Ssushhant: 'Ship of Theseus' is the Best work done by any Gandhi post Independence. #fb
  • sourcasm: Ship of Theseus is a brilliant movie about change of identity and perception.
  • Soniya__Singh: Ship Of Theseus ko saare awards de do pls :)))))
  • Solemn_Travesty: Have to say haven't seen an intellectually stimulating movie like Ship of theseus in my life. First time happy about a Gandhi since Mahatma.
  • silencedsinger: The success of any movie lies in its ability to stay with the audience even after it ends. Ship of Theseus does just that and much more.
  • ShridharR: LOVED Ship of Theseus. Haunting, thought-provoking, immensely moving. Wonderful to see a full house for a Monday afternoon show. Pls do see.
  • shaileshkapoor: Ship Of Theseus has been watched. Awe is the only comprehensible response at the moment. More when I recover from being awestruck.
  • saudaminid: I am at a loss for words. Ship of Theseus (@Sotfilm) is a masterpiece.
  • sashiwapang: I don't know if with this film the Indian indie scene has finally come of age as critics claim, but Ship of Theseus is a very well made film
  • Sappy007: Ship Of Theseus - can't tell whether the whole is greater than the sum of its parts or sum of its parts are greater than the whole! Fabulous
  • sandymridul: National award.Ship of Theseus.
  • sampadacharya: A bloody Monday would even seem beautiful,if you are still reeling from the hangover of Ship of Theseus that you watched yday. Amen. :-)
  • RuchiraC: #Ship of Theseus is a movie that fills you up and empties you at the same time. Indian cinema takes a big leap with this. Go see it NOW!
  • Ronak_Kamat: I think films like Ship of Theseus come once in a lifetime. They are so intellectually superior that they make you look inferior.
  • richa_khurana: Ship Of Theseus..Whatttt a movieeee!!!..Some movies leave u speechless n its one of them.. Must watch!!..NOT meant for Masala lovers..
  • rhetonik: Ship of Theseus. Brilliant would probably be an understatement!
  • RanjonGhoshal: Ship of Theseus. This is it!! This is among the best 3 movies I have seen in my life. It isn't like anything you...
  • ramalekshman: Some movies will travel with us after coming out from the theatre. "Ship of Theseus" is one of my fellow traveller.
  • rakshitshetty: A small break from work just before the shoot begins and refueled with good inspiration. 'Ship of Theseus', a must watch :-)
  • priteshpathak: Just saw one of the finest movies ever made. Next few weeks my part-time job is to convince people to go and watch The Ship of Theseus. #Fb
  • Prantik_M: 'Ship of Theseus' - what a bedazzling film. Touched the intellect & perceptions at the core, very very stimulating for the mind. @RahulBose1
  • pranayvinod: Saw 'Ship of Theseus' Good cinematography, direction, acting. Slo and intellectually taxing.
  • PoojaChuriwala: Ship of Theseus is a beautiful film. A definite must watch!
  • PMakhijani: The ship of Theseus makes u re-think on life...
  • oyeNimsi: Ship of Theseus Cinematic Excellence. 90% f ppl i knw won lyk it, glad i belong 2 remaining 10%, Thx @ankash1009 4 1000+ retweets, @SOTfilm
  • OstrichhFeather: Watched "Ship of theseus" ... In cobweb of thoughts now.. hmmmmm...Thanks to Anand Gandhi , Kiran Rao n others...
  • ofmywakinglife: If there's one movie you watch this week, let it be Ship of Theseus.
  • nikhil_arora: Ship of Theseus is nothing special.
  • niharrajhans: Ship of Theseus... its not just a movie its a phenomenon... certainly the best 2.5 hours of my life...
  • nickalvares: Ship Of Theseus a movie definitely worth a second watch. In fact it requires a second screening. Really good movie.
  • nehmodi: Anand Gandhi's SHIP OF THESEUS is undoubtedly a cinematic masterpiece...emotionally intelligent and geniusely crafted.....a MUST watch...
  • nappadori: Just saw the ship of Theseus ! That a fabulous film ! Indian cinema has come a long way !! Hats off !
  • N4COOL: President of the British Federation of Film Societies Derek Malcolm chose Ship of Theseus as the film that changed his life @SOTfilm fact
  • MukeshKumaravel: One of the productive weekends in recent times. Every movie cant please you with its Bullet train speed. Don't miss Ship Of Theseus & Maryan
  • mudramehta: Ship of Theseus really, really, really makes you stop and think.
  • Mohanalmal: ‘Ship of Theseus’- The film is a must-watch, not just for its ‘intellectual’ content but the relevance of its subject
  • Mogambo_: Ship of theseus !! WoW (@sotfilm) one of finest movie of recent time, Bravo !! Good work.
  • mihirjayaraman: 'Ship of Theseus' - wonderful and moving independent cinema. #mustwatchflicks
  • mayurmantri: Go and watch Ship of Theseus. It is an amazing work !
  • madhusudan1908: This week's Friday release 'Ship of Theseus' is the best work by anyone named Gandhi since our independence.
  • Madaboutmoviez: Ship of Theseus -The Most Original Indian Indie Film
  • kunalmaithani: A #mustwatch film. Inspiring n leave u with a thought about the purpose n compassion! Amazing… ★ Ship Of Theseus —
  • KirtikaChandani: I loved The ship of theseus! What a beautiful story. Brilliant. Must watch b
  • karinasood: Ship Of Theseus is that rare film where Art meets Heart. Anand Gandhi puts the Art in Heart.
  • jamonista: Ship Of Theseus (@SOTfilm) is like kuber ka khazana for indian cinema, every human being should go and grab it.@ankash1009 @recyclewala
  • Hmmm_er: Ship of Theseus is possibly the best hindi film made in recent times. GO SEE IT. ALL OF YOU.
  • harish_chilkoti: Ship of Theseus is one of the finest Indian movie made in recent times.
  • guptasud: Ship of Theseus is a brilliant piece of cinema. Kudos to Anand Gandhi for coming up with such a gem.
  • golu290791: the metaphor and the message is one, the ambivalence of the ship of theseus stood still...unmoved..a perfect stable disequilibrium!
  • GayathriJeyaram: Ship Of Theseus, have to watch ASAP
  • FilmyNerd: Ship Of Theseus was a packed house at Inox, what an incredible piece of cinema. Emotionally Intelligent @SOTfilm
  • FalguniPadode: Ship of Theseus’ formidable reviews didn’t work for me. Shd’ve been a short docu-drama at best. Audience clapped, as the suffering ended?
  • DisisHarsh: #Ship Of Theseus Is Not Only An Excellent Film But It Is The Achievement In Filmmaking India Never Had
  • damyantig: The Unsinkable Ship of Theseus | Newslaundry An unusual #review for an unusual #movie.
  • chronicskeptic: You guys, Ship of Theseus is a fucking beautiful film.
  • chetancwarrier: I didn’t want Ship of Theseus to end. The philosophical depth and visual beauty put me in a mind space that...
  • capri8ight: Spend your weekend outside #twitter, go watch "ship of Theseus " :) movie with a soul! Sheer brilliant script on screen!
  • BurgerrB: Hmm RT @moonsez: Go watch Ship of Theseus. Now.
  • bigbala: Hmm. I liked Ship Of Theseus but to call it a masterpiece or a classic is doing it a disservice.
  • Bhooshan: Not enough words to describe 'Ship of Theseus'. Most beautiful movie ever made. Bollywood, you have finally arrived.
  • bhavyakhanna: Ship of Theseus is an absolutely spectacular film, and the best I've seen in a very very long time.
  • bhartiyeh: Ship of Theseus-Engrossing, enthralling, deep and engaging movie. Good art movie, slow pace but loads of meets heart @SOTfilm
  • bhak_sala: This week's Friday release 'Ship of Theseus' is the best work by anyone named Gandhi since our independence. - Vivek commented on fb
  • BarelyTrue: It comes together beautifully, like the most perfect union of fragments. Ship of Theseus, highly recommended.
  • balajiworld: watched Ship of Theseus. liked it.
  • bachikarkaria: Ship of Theseus exceeded expectations in such a quiet, real way. Was thwarted by traffic jam yday. That too is life.
  • aviraj: Don't have enough superlatives for Pankaj Kumar's cinematography and Gabor Erdelyi's sound design for Ship of Theseus. Fascinating.
  • aswinsam: The #ShipOfTheseus rant. Liked parts of it. Did not love it. Perhaps I expected too much.
  • arsharmaa: Js Watchd 'ship of theseus'..totally blown away by the this with ur brain..unlike others
  • ankitwww: Ship Of Theseus shows us how a movie can be visually stunning and intelligent at the same time.
  • AkshathJ: There are experiences which are so beautiful that if you tweet about it, the experience becomes banal.Ship of Theseus is one such experience
  • adityavnathan: Ship of Theseus thought could have been a lot shorter. Run time of 163 minutes is a bit too much for the story being narrated.
  • abstractfears: Something about the movie Ship of Theseus is still lingering inside me
  • abeautifulmind7: Ship of theseus sounds like a thesis on Jesus to me
  • 360one: Ship of Theseus - wow wow! Finest movie of the year... Made my Saturday! Check it out - really - real cinema!