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Visually appealing because of raw, rugged ambience and characters, Shanghai ultimately ends up being yet another political drama that chooses the quick-fix, short-cut. In a film that has shades in characters that are unique to Hindi cinema, the patch-up job in the writing of the climax is a serious let down.



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52 tweeters have given Shanghai an average rating of 3.5/5.0(?)

33 yays
13 nays
6 so-so
  • znmdthemovie: And those in the mood for a fantastic film please catch SHANGHAI soon - It blew my mind and I would love your feedback on it - zoya akhtar
  • vams21: #hindimovies Shanghai is a good movie , but not a great movie.. Its total direction credit . #honestopinion
  • URM1: Watched Shanghai over the weekend, and from where I was sitting, it seemed to me Abhay Deol's movie than anyone else's. What a performance!
  • TheKPsays: There r Masala filmmakers. Then there r d Intellectual filmmakers. Then there is 100ft of Epic_Kashyap_ism. & on top is DBanerjee! #Shanghai
  • TarunMadnani02: Bakwass movie Shanghai !!!
  • tanqeed: #Shanghai is not without its flaws but is still very good and is recommended for those who like hard hitting movies.
  • ssdatar: Deshdrohi. RT @kamaalrkhan If a film can't do justice with title only then forget about justice to audience. #Shanghai
  • smriti_kulkarni: Saw Shanghai yesterday. Was slightly dissapointed.
  • shyamalsinha1: shanghai- one time watch. C it, to feel it.
  • shailesh_1625: #Shanghai......fantastic. Kudos to the team!
  • scndthoughts: the most hyped movie of the decade...#shanghai....waste of time & money.
  • sanyogita191: Shanghai: Good movie. Very well made.
  • ravishdoctor: Amazing performance @AbhayDeol in shanghai. His best ever for me, take a bow. Too Kolkata feel to the sound in the movie though.
  • RavisankarN: Shanghai . Just a one time watch . Expected more from Dibakar Banerjee
  • RaghibKKC: #Shanghai is the amalgam of Reality and Cinema.Its nt only a movie,its a Revoultion.Emraan Hashmi Deserves National Award @shanghaithefilm
  • PratikAgrwal: I was extremely happy when I saw Farooq Sheikh in #Shanghai. It's been a long time I had seen him acting. Brilliant Performer always.
  • pipuxixu: What a film! Dibakar Bannerjee, take a bow. #Shanghai
  • nishabagul: Watched "Shanghai" this weekend. A sarcastic & perceptive political thriller. My rating 3 out of 5 :)
  • nehapari: Saw #Shanghai today and I have to say that I was most impressed with Emraan Hashmi. Also, deeply disturbed by Kalki's haircut in the flick.
  • MTunesHD: What about Abhay [email protected]_milan: @mtuneshd yeh sahar nahi,#shanghai i hai...awesome performances...kalki & emraan..m speechless"
  • MrSamratX: Shanghai: Taut, realistic film done in by a weak ending, and one unreal character.
  • mehtahansal: Saw #Shanghai. Unfortunate that audiences did not see what the critics saw in the film. Positioning it as a 'mainstream' film is its undoing
  • mchennas: Shanghai is a dry political story. Predictable story line
  • Mathur_Sakshi: #Shanghai ... Good could have been better! #EmraanHashmi stands out!
  • manasprakash: Watched is one of the most well made political thriller.sequence between farroq shaikh & Abhay deol r outstanding.hashmi rocks.
  • kartiknathan2: Shanghai rocks.... Abhay Deol's performance is just awesome...
  • kamalkamaraju: A must watch film shanghai...kudos to the team @abhaydeol @eemranhaasmi
  • Jaqsparow: first time Emraan Hasmi did a good job in #shanghai most engaging movie of this year. loved Dibakar's direction:)
  • iSreeni: #Shanghai cud've been a lot better. Too many cliches, vry horrible Kalki, snail pace r not something you'd want in a film #SreeniReactions
  • iManishAgarwal: Seen #Shanghai movie. Absolutely unreal characters/performance with boring Direction. “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” wasn’t needed @tajinderbagga
  • IbuHatela: Saw Shanghai with a chutiya crowd, was lost at many places. Knee jerk reaction: good, not great. But I think it'll grow on me.
  • harshsarvepalli: #Shanghai is around the same story we all know but the taking of the movie & screenplay makes this film worthy
  • harshrocsu: #Shanghai ...nice movie ..
  • harshalved: Shanghai. Good story with predictable twists. #thumbsdown. But Abhay Deol. One of the most under-rated actor. Marvelous performance.
  • harshalacharya: Shanghai......A movie which so subtly puts across the "gober" of India. Imran Hashmi you deserve much more credit than what you normally get
  • Greyllusionist: #Shanghai - Not recommended to spend money on. Watch only if its free for you! ;-) Okay but terribly slow.
  • FootySamachar: Liked #Shanghai. A lot. But with most movies and my cynical outlook, thought it could have been a bit better. Great movie making
  • Dr_HOwZ: Y ohh Y..?.RT @Gulaaabi: Ohhh RT @Dr_HOwZ: In other news...watched shanghai.liked it...may be offbeat n predictable story.but liked .
  • divyatman: Watched Shanghai yesterday and was not as good as expected.. but Cocktail traileer was worth it #DianaPenty
  • digibberish: #shanghai is like a FTII graduate film. Critics love it. But as an audience, it feels like a self-indulgent film by a director that bores u
  • ChaturSri: #Shanghai Good Movie & Good acting of Imran
  • Charvi20: Thank you for the tickets @_PVRCinemas #Shanghai is an awesome movie! Definitely recommended. #PVRFridays #PVRMovieCritic
  • Bhavnark: Thumbs up 4 shanghai.. After long a good film with an intense screenplay
  • bhau_000: Shanghai super duper hit.....@
  • bharathkiriti: This movie is slow n boring #shanghai ,watch it at ur own risk
  • BeingHindu: Watched Shanghai - The Movie, which is against current ruling UPA Govt @PMOIndia promises on Making Mumbai as Shanghai. Brilliant theme.
  • baddychat: Shanghai is brilliant. Period.
  • AshitaD: Shanghai... Fantastic movie.... close up... Mid shots... and pan.... Makes movie more interesting.. From Incredible India to Horrible India
  • Arjunpunnam: Fuck.Shangai is fucking awesome.Dibakar,Detailing come as a package #TheGreatestIndian #Shangai
  • archanakachru: #Shanghai .... a recommended watch.
  • AninditaC: Shanghai, MIB3, and Madagascar - 3 awesome and very different movies with different people, all in 1 weekend
  • 09mitali: Shangai was seen .. understated and scintillating ..compelling cinema ..go watch