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I can care for a character if there's both good and evil within him/her. If I don't see the evil side, it scares me. If don't see the good side, what's my motivation to care? Shaitan doesn't explore any fights within, it's just one devil versus the other. If it weren't for the brilliant performances, Shaitan would look like it's Director, Bejoy nambiar and producer, Anurag Kashyap's urge to sew plainly written scenes with quirky treatments.



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"There's a dark side in all of us", sounds so Dexter-y. But, that's what Shaitan's arresting posters are trying to say too. Considering how interesting the poster is, the trailer is a bummer.

Shaitan Poster

Fortunately the synopsis on the official site makes all the right noises. Director, Bejoy Nambiar claims that the film will talk about pertinent issues without sermonizing but instead promises entertainment. I'm alright if it doesn't entertain and just tells a simple, engaging story. But I sure hope he sticks to the "without sermonizing" part.

He also mentions a "real and raw" film. Raw is really exciting - be it emotion or texture of the film. The website and the promos are all about "face your inner shaitan". It'll be really cool if we some characters recognize, ackowledge and deal with the devil inside them, their raw self, so to speak.

Besides all of that, any film that has the Anurag Kashyap name attached to it goes high up on my "look forward to" list. Meanwhile, the music already seems to have pleased enough people, even if they don't think it's the best.

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music aloud - "7.25/10"

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