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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
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No steam whatsoever. A decent idea squandered by execution that just bores you.



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44 tweeters have given Satya 2 an average rating of 2.1/5.0(?)

16 yays
23 nays
5 so-so
  • yuganshu4042: Satya 2 is the Great movie --
  • SudheerKrishnaR: #Satya-2 First half interesting, second half good. RGV form lo vundi vunte hit ayyedi
  • pronoydutt: Satya 2 is a Must Watch for Friends who love Intelligent Police Vs Gangster Movies & is a cut above Satya, Aan-...
  • moiedelhaam: Last night I show film SATYA 2 , I like it, very good concept , mouth publicity will work, and I m sure a hit movie!
  • MePrash007: Must watch!!Must watch!!Must watch!! Satya 2 Awesum movie...
  • marruvinod: Watched satya 2 today and the movie is ultimate.
  • madhurasreedhar: Watched 'Satya-2' premier show. New dimension!!! Loved it!!!
  • imprajjwal12: Satya 2 is one of sensational movie Of RGV (Ram Gopal Varma), Must watch atleast once!
  • Gugulot: Satya 2 --fabulous movie of the year 2013
  • concisetrade: Satya 1(1998) --- Flop. Satya 2 (2013) --- Washout. #ADMIN_KING
  • charithmittu007: I just saw da #satya 2 really good movie. One and only one director @RGVzoomin can make movies frm Real life(based on crime).Hands off sir..
  • chaitannyakumar: satya-2 good movie ,,great work by mr ramgopal verma..
  • BollywoodROUTE: Like RGV's previous endeavors, SATYA-2 is loaded with style and attitude.Solid Perfomances by all. Good direction by @RGVzoomin . - 3.5*/5*
  • bollywoodaaina: #Satya 2 Fantastic Movie. I am giving 4 Star.
  • ashishojha04: #Satya 2 Wow what a Movie, Very Well Executed & Portrait, Outstanding, the actor is acting via his Eyes, Hats Off to @RGVzoomin Direction..!
  • 02mayHERO_Ravi: Watched Satya 2, Awesome Story,Superb Direction by RGV, But my ? is why the movies which we like has get less critics ratings & viceversa..
  • smkoneru: Satya 2 has its flaws..nothing brilliant.. But it is definitely better than most of RGV's recent khalakandams
  • rakesh_rebel: "Satya-2" (Crime never dies. It only changes its shape.) 2.9/5
  • PMakhijani: Satya 2 is not that bad...only issue is there is no star cast
  • NIKUNJBVYAS: Just watched satya 2 good movie but movies end was nt as accepted.. Let down on end better luck next time @ramgopalvarmaji #satya2
  • karthik82: Satya 2 - Mediocre and rather dull movie, but I didn't think it was as bad as some reviews made it out to be. 6/10
  • Yunus_Irshad: Satya 2 (A) HINDI ----------- my Rating : ★★ AVOID IT Director: Ram Gopal Varma What’s Good: Nothing What’s...
  • yooday: The crappiness of Satya 2 and the brilliance of Satya and
  • urratan1: एंटरटेनमेंट की चाह में अगर थिएटर जाएंगे तो खुद को ठगा पाएंगे।
  • ummanamoonji: Suttathu - Satya 2 is the Hatya of Film making.
  • twittingtalha: Somewhere between Satya and Satya-2 we all grew.......except RGV
  • TC_Website: RGV's Satya 2 gone wrong
  • Sangeetha_Devi: Satya 2: One of the better RGV movies in recent times but that isn't saying much. Some episodes are howlarious.
  • samachaar: Movie review: Ram Gopal Varma's Satya 2 is a disaster
  • RjDhrumil: Kaale 'bajaate Raho Award' malse Ram Gopal Varma ni worst film ne. Which film according to you was a disaster??? #Satya-2 #Releases #MN1
  • Nipat_Moorkh: Satya Nash was more appropriate title for Satya 2.
  • mehulgandhi: "@SritikaDhar: Watched Satya 2. Please do not watch!!!!"
  • manasisalvi: #Satya 2.need courage to watch it.i didn't hv so quit in interval :-/
  • kalok9: 'Satya 2' another gem in RGV's 'Hall of Shame'
  • hotnewsofindia: Satya 2 will flop due to a bad story and not a dynamic hero.
  • hammadbb: Satya 2 becomes a Big Flop! :@
  • GoldyNaik: " #Satya 2 " was a damp squib!!!
  • Farooqengg: Satye hai dissaster hai satya [email protected] @rgvzoomin
  • Deepakkishan93: Satya 2 Direction: Ram Gopal Varma Actors: Punit Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti Rating: * 1/2
  • CilemaSnob: Q. Whats the maximum distance between two objects in this galaxy? A. Between Satya and Satya 2. Nobody can beat it.
  • BoL_BLoGGeR: With Satya 2, Ram Gopal Verma gets the 19th Flop in a row. Amazing! I think he makes movie only for himself. Nothing to do with people.
  • Binks21kol: Satya 2 or satya [email protected]!!!!!!
  • Aishwarya_Tej: LMFAOOOO feel sorry for rgv nobody has given so many disasters as he has..... Ahahaha satya 2 is washout !!!!
  • affrrozz: I don't undrsatnd y ram gopal verma is into film making.. Satya 2.. Such a waste of time nd money..