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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
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No steam whatsoever. A decent idea squandered by execution that just bores you.



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Wogma Review

Yet another common man is wronged by the system and he takes to "fixing" it. Ram Gopal Verma sees a solution in anarchy, but hasn't figured it out completely. So, he leaves us some bread crumbs to Satya 3. That, in all, is the purpose of Satya 2.

Yet, it could have worked, had the execution not been so drab. This is despite the background score trying its best to keep you awake. Fortunately though, Satya 2 doesn't suffer too much from the typical camera gimmickry we have come to associate with a Ram Gopal Verma product. But, these are only small mercies.

The performances are painfully dull. Punit Singh Ratn takes these abrupt pauses between two phrases, that it feels like the film's run-time would have been cut short by a good 5-7 minutes if he delivered the lines the way a normal human would talk. The rest of the cast doesn't have too much room or character depth to make an impression.

Another 8-10 minutes would have been rescued if the slo-mo scenes were not at double the normal slo-mo pace. Many scenes in the second half come across as forcefully trying to make an impact, and they do pretty much the opposite - annoy, that is. Equally annoying are the songs that are not only randomly placed, but also exasperating to listen to and watch.

Even so, the basic premise of the film is built up such that, just out of curiosity, you want to know how it is all going to end. THAT - how it all ends - is the biggest downer of them all. Till the climax, you are still hoping to figure how the protagonist has "fixed" the situation, despite all his inconsistencies and flawed logic. Alas, a voice-over wraps it up as clinically as it started the film and droned intermittently. It is indeed frustrating when you begin to appreciate how the sub-plots are shown in detail, and you are left hanging in the end.

The climax reminded me of a Marathi essay I wrote in school, "The autobiography of a soldier" Mine was a prisoner of war who went through eight pages of trials and travails. In the end, he is let go, because he doesn't give in to the torture and the enemy gets bored. Yep, the enemy is bored of torturing my soldier. My teacher remarked, "Well-written, but did the enemy get bored, or you?"

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads. Gruesome murders and a character is tortured.
  • Language: Liberal use of expletives.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Cleavage.
  • Concept: A man "fixing" the system that has wronged him, in his own way.
  • General Look and Feel: Grim and grey.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 2.5
  • Lead Actors: 1
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 0.5
  • Screenplay: 0.5
  • Music Director: 0.5
  • Lyrics: 0.5

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RGV is one of my fav directer in bollywood,,,,there really very few directers wo can make better gang war movie then him (only anurag kashyap come in my mind),,,,but his carrier is full of flops,,,,although i liked his recent ventures like rakhta chritra series , rann and attack of 26 / 11 ,,,,and also RGV has concentrated on songs in Satya 2.... I didnt actually remember when last time i liked a song from his movie....So i have a special feeling that he is going to show something special with this one....


@Anup Well, let's hope!


I loved Satya..this seems so-so though. I'll still probably give it a look.


@Manik yeah, same sentiment.


Well they say "beggars can't b choosers" , perhaps RGV career has already sinked , every attempt he tried to revive his escapism formula in bollywood films failed blantly. 26/11 attacks nearly took out my sense with its horrendous script and lame performances , i am not going to be infatuated again with dis sequel .

P S : nice review Meetu , will catch it on torrent :)


Big fan of ur reviews Meetu. Didn't expect anything gr8 from this movie and ur review confirmed it. Ur essay comment at the end had us in splits.keep up the humour.


@guddu Thank you! And agree.

@sarada Thank you! I enjoyed writing it too.


Nice post for satya2. I think this movie is very beautiful . i also totry to see this movie.

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