Review - Roadside Romeo: Sleaze in kids' movie, why?

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Animation scores though animals behave no different from humans. They dance sleazily even in a kids' movie!



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Wogma Review

Just because a movie is animated and set in a fantasy land doesn't mean it is for kids. But, when you advertise it on kids' TV channels, implies you are targeting them. Then it absolutely peeves me off, the instant you have a central male lead bragging about scoring with 'chicks' in the opening song. It is a sheer letdown that the YRF banner, which usually has decent-sized, significant roles for women, have the two she-characters as mere sidekicks. And the sole function of one is to be wooed by men for her sexiness physical beauty.

Nevertheless, the graphic design is certainly one giant leap for Hindi movies. If only the story were too. Even if we forget that dogs are on two-legs, own salons, and dance to sensuous moves at pubs, the basic story is snore-worthy. Not to mention we have seen humans do it countless times. Anyway, one step at a time, I guess.

It is sort-of funny when a movie where Aditya Chopra is involved in the writing has references to his earlier movies. Not so when it features in EVERY Yash Raj film. So is this the contract the writer signs at gunpoint?

  • A Yash Raj film has to be mentioned a minimum of 8 times.
  • There shouldn't be a lapse of more than 5 minutes and 45 seconds between references.
  • Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayengehas to come up at least twice.
  • What does the audience know about movies!? Anil Kapoor's character, Lakhan was underestimated in Tashan. He needs more exposure. The villain in your movie has to have his mannerisms.
  • You are not allowed to let the audience forget the real life relationship between the lead pair.

So, yeah if you are likely to enjoy another movie full of digs at their own films, this is one you might completely enjoy. Once you have accepted that, the imaginative and smart dialogues keep that smile glued to your face throughout.

It was especially hilarious to see the audience hoot when they hear Kareena Kapoor on screen. She sure has a faithful fan following, even if she's playing a bitch! Saif Ali Khan and Jaaved Jaaferi aren't doing anything especially new with their voices. They all just sound a little gruffy, as if the same digitized special effect was layered over their usual voices.

I wouldn't want my kids to watch something that implies so much disrespect towards women and is more-or-less story-less. But, they will. And they are most likely going to enjoy it too.

Yeah-yeah-yeah, lighten up, diwali hai (it's the festive season)...oh well...

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A little bit of fighting around, but all animated.
  • Sexual content: A kiss between the dog and the bitch.
  • Concept: A dog has to help a goon in wooing the she-dog he likes.
  • General Look and Feel: It is peppy and made with kids in mind. Unfortunately not the story.

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Hey Sudhir, you still around? I thought you had stopped visiting wogma :)

Prashant and Dattaprasad, mythological or 'woo a gal' - it has to be well-made. It is done with so much crass (and unfortunately no different from other such Hindi movies) that i wouldn't want my kids to watch it, just like i don't like the violence in power rangers but that in tom and jerry is alright.


Dattaprasad, it'll be nice if you can explain what you mean by visuals versus animation.


hmmm, thanks Dattaprasad. Will certainly add to my experience in watching animated movies henceforth.

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Suman Chakraborty:

Sexual content: A kiss between the dog and the bitch.
lol hahahahaha



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