Roadside Romeo - Preview

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Animation scores though animals behave no different from humans. They dance sleazily even in a kids' movie!



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NOT A REVIEW - Just excited about the quality of animation!

Will my kids really get to watch a Hindi movie made for kids with decent computer graphics? There is hope with the one bank that hopefully will not dry soon - the Yash Raj bank.

There is one concern that I always have with a movie in this genre, especially with animals and inanimate objects - contextualization. I don't see the point of making animals do what humans do in other movies. When that happens, it feels unnecessarily honey-coated, over-the-top-cute animals/cars/toys falling in love and fighting villains.

The one wonderful example of story completely in tune with the context of the ocean-world is Finding Nemo. Fish were doing fish things like bouncing off sharks and jellyfish and making friends with turtles. Versus say , where cars were running hotels and managing cities.

Oh well, expressive caricatures, hopefully with adequate support from Walt Disney is a good start...