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Such a shame. A woman-centric film and all that. Hard to like despite the quirks.



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75 tweeters have given Revolver Rani an average rating of 2.2/5.0(?)

30 yays
38 nays
7 so-so
  • vivekranjit: Revolver Rani - Dhamakedaar!! Some real good, over-the-top, grindhouse type fun with kickass performances from...
  • varunyadav89: Revolver Rani KO dhain dhain dhain ... Pathetic movie alter very long time
  • ThePage7: Revolver Rani added to the list of movies I left during the interval! Can give it a miss! ~PM
  • TheFraudMallu: My heartfelt condolences to the embarrassed parents, sitting next to me, for bringing the kids to watch Revolver Rani.
  • thatdarkcoffee: Revolver Rani is a brilliant satire on Indian regional politics. Kangana nailed it once again.
  • SushilKTomar: Revolver Rani is confusing.
  • supernovapras: Revolver Rani 3 stars. kangana experimenting something new, well done.. 1st half is draggy. 2 half with lot of twist and turns. fun and gun.
  • srirameragam: except for kanganas performance 'REVOLVER RANI' is a boring fare
  • sonaligupta615: Revolver Rani lives up to my expectations. Thumbs up!
  • snalcool: One of the worst movies of all time- Revolver Rani! Please donot watch at all. It really sucks!! — feeling fucked
  • Shobhitchaudhry: Revolver Rani. 0 stars to Kangana. Bc Queen me kamayi hui sari izzat paani me mila di. Vur das ko minus 5 starts
  • shivom_oza: Quite enjoyed Revolver Rani. Yet, Dhulia would have taken it to an another level.
  • sheth77: Revolver rani .. good movie ! Kangana you nearly rocked again ..!!
  • sheshankanand: kitty part stuff that bollywood dishes out for the aspirational classes and Revolver Rani is one such attempt (though a half baked one)in
  • shah_zaib_ahmed: Marvellous performance by @thevirdas revolver rani - a must watch!
  • sd_iflex: "Revolver Rani" is one breezy,OTT,crazy caper. An endearing saga of Coco,Chum Chum and their Chemistry. Very creative conceptualization. Wow
  • sanwat: Revolver rani! Dumbest movie i have ever seen.
  • sanjanaa: Revolver Rani. What a brilliantly made film. Not without feminist and caste critique though. But please go watch it, will you? Just go.
  • sairaparkar: Watched REVOLVER RANI 2nd half too good!!!
  • romaanch: Watched Revolver rani...brilliant cinema..grt performance by kangana n superb direction. ..
  • roadkingamogh: Revolver Rani is the female version of Bullet Raja #boringmovie
  • richard29033866: Revolver rani...not satisfactory **stars
  • rajdandy143: Watched Revolver Rani ***/5 must watch atleast once *ing @kangna_ranaut! Awesome acting @SrBachchan has to write one more letter to her :)
  • Pratyz_185: "Revolver Rani" is total bakwaas. Mr. Director 'Gangs of Wasseypur' was made once and can not be copied. Try something better or different.
  • nitinfive: Revolver is a confused film...This is not Kangana Ranaut’s will definitely die..... —...
  • morning_sizzlr: I want my money spend on Revolver Rani refunded. Pencho koi itni chutiya movie kaise bna sakta h
  • mihirs55: Had low expectations of Revolver Rani but Kangana's performance and political intrigue is very refreshing. Bollywood is dishing out variety
  • meetshivamhere: Waste Of Time = Revolver Rani.....!!
  • meajay: Revolver Rani was fantastic. And it's written and directed by a 30 year old. The kids these days!
  • lubna_anila: Revolver rani equals to headache!
  • lothbroking: 'Revolver Rani' reminded me a little of '300: Rise of an Empire'. Great female character wasted on a bad script.
  • LizaSaha: Revolver Rani is a perfect example of a great idea and bad execution
  • KrSaurabhVerma: Movie Review: Revolver Rani : 3/5, The movie is a dark satire not many people may like. To idiosyncratic guys...
  • Kishnani_T: Revolver Rani - something different kuch hatke and Kangana Ranaut and @thevirdas are brilliant, go watch it if you haven't
  • kavi74: Revolver rani is a rocking movie
  • JessicaMathur: every1 watch revolver rani..bohut haso ge
  • JaisinghJiya: Bmm students make better movies than revolver rani -,- except for Kangana the movie is worthless :/
  • Ish_Malhotra: Revolver Rani. A genre breaker. Amazing work #kangnaranaut and #virdas. Not only have you picked amazing scripts,you've done justice to them
  • imohitupadhyay: Revolver Rani is a waste of money annd time.
  • iamshapit: Just saw the revolver rani. Mine before the movie :) Mine after the movie :(
  • HappyGoAkki: Watched two horrible movies this week - 2 States & Revolver Rani. Why do I even have any expectations? #Sigh
  • GeetanjaliKaul: Watched half of revolver Rani the biggest mistake was to even watch half of it the best decision made was walking out halfway.
  • gaganichake: Revolver Rani (My rating: * * * *). Kangana Ranaut does it again. #RevolverRani #kanganaRanaut
  • FilmyNerd: Revolver Rani is just a failed attempt to imitate Anurag Kashyap school of cool
  • dsouzaarnold: All the good that Kangana did in Queen was undone by Revolver Rani.....half the audience in the theatre was on their phone
  • DilDarBaDar: Revolver Rani was a fun watch. But the other way you can put it in 'so-bad-it's-good' category.
  • dhrishnit: Revolver Rani. Today. Gajab talent tohar, Ranaut!
  • dheerajmalineni: revolver rani :felt borin n ovr rated by critics queen ws much btr ..2/5
  • deeagarwal2002: अच्छी फिल्म है
  • dancerali: Though over all the movie is good, Kangana Ranaut's performance is mind blowing! Vir Das is awesome too! C Revolver Rani for these 2 actors!
  • caprismart: 70mins into Revolver Rani. Still trying to make some sense of it. Is it slapstick or dry or sarcastic or idiotic joke, on us.
  • cahimanshu_kuma: Plz don't watch Revolver Rani for d sake of your hard earned money... A real blood and brain sucker!!!
  • Bitter_Scotch: Second heartbreaking discovery of the day: Revolver Rani kinda blows.
  • Bikashp21: Love the film Revolver Rani what a acting by kangana
  • BhukkadMata: Bloody horrible week. And capped it off with Revolver Rani. I wish I had stayed at home instead.
  • becauseofb: Revolver Rani is quite an experiment that I loved. Probably not meant for everybody. Great work Sai Kabir and Kangana!
  • bbjns: Revolver Rani is a nice movie watch it guys :) #Suraj
  • baybeh3: seen revolver rani and I love it... kangana I love you baybeh
  • babwire87: Revolver rani good attempt too stretched too long
  • babanitin: Baba's verdict for Revolver Rani: avoidable! Kangana - u should have avoided this film ...... nN
  • av22292: After a long time remarkable bollywood movie ...Revolver Rani
  • audidsilva: Revolver Rani amazing movie... Hats off to Kangna for her outstanding performance <3 #movie #amazing…
  • asgaraligain: Guys go and watch 'Revolver Rani' in your near by theatres its an amazing movie.KANAGANA RANAUT IS OUTSTANDING IN THE MOVIE
  • arpnthluvsu: Revolver Rani #ab_mard_ko_dard_hoga What nonsense
  • Apoorvgarg2: Didn't liked revolver rani!!!!!!!!!! Such a bogus
  • ankitt_01: Revolver Rani- One time watch.
  • angelicgabie: Revolver Rani....= wat non sense
  • amitafjd: Revolver rani.... a must watch movie for kangnas fans...
  • akshaybadkar: Who the hell made revolver rani???
  • AishaDaga: Revolver rani...ridonculous, but entertaining to an extent.
  • aditichopraa: Watched Revolver Rani - wouldn't recommend even if it's the last movie ever made. Utter waste 21/5 hours on a Sunday!
  • abu1383: Revolver rani has its flaws but much better than recently released stupid blockbusters ! Kangana rocks yet again !
  • 99thprecint: revolver rani was no GoW but still v entertaining!! kangana and vir were brilliant!!!
  • 33Salvi: Watched Revolver rani ..... loved it . Totally paisa vasul cinema.
  • 1vani: Had high expectations of Revolver Rani. What a let down ,pretty average movie.