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For a slapstick that is supposed to keep you in splits, Rascals has a very few gags that would have worked better if they were told in a calmer tone, with better timing and weren't dragged endlessly.



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68 tweeters have given Rascals an average rating of 1.6/5.0(?)

18 yays
43 nays
7 so-so
  • waveringthought: Rascals....even I left it half way; with a headache.
  • VirozneenPatel: watched the new movie 'Rascals' today..its ok but I had the better expectations from it
  • vinodnaagar: Hoping that #friendswithbenefits movie could be good one. cos #rascals hindi movie really disappointed me & it was just waste of money.
  • vinay24k: #Rascals, what a dumb film.comedy just falls absolutely flat ! Nothing is worth #fail #DavidDhawan.
  • vaibs_ch: #ThingsPeopleShouldNotDo watch rascals..
  • utterflea: yuck no wonder th theatre is empty. seriously doraemon wld hav bn better th this. left brain behind but Rascals irritating evn brainless me!
  • twisidd: RASCALS..: not much worthy to see ...
  • TupeshSGole: rocking movie rascals mood fresh karneka h to 1 bar jarur dekhna.
  • TheSlumDawg: 120Rs. gaye paani mein. #Rascals
  • surajgandotra: Rascals rating -----(-1.5/5) :-X
  • souravjaiswal3: Starcast like sanju baba,ajay devgan nd arjun rampal then also rascals iz lukin like a big disaster
  • sjoshipura: #RASCALS - seriously OK movie ! bt u wont get BORE all coz of AJay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt ! sum moments stand out otherwise OK !
  • shubhamstunter: Went for movie #Rascals :) Horrible movie. Would not like to watch again. Waste of money and time, only some stupid comedies.
  • Shaytaahn: Watched #Rascals today, neither good nor bad, sort of an adult comedy, strictly for guys and for girls if you are a Arjun Rampal fan..!!
  • SavarSuri: #Rascals gets 1/5.. Hall mein bas gaane achche lagte hain dosto.. N the exotic locations
  • Saumil_J: Rascals : silly - con movie. headache even if head's kept at home via @jayvasavada !
  • Satyajeev: made da mistake of watchin RASCALS....!!!!!!!!!!
  • sanampervaiz: Just saw #Rascals, hilarious film. Go watch it. Congrats @rampalarjun, @ajaydevgn, @duttsanjay and the whole team. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • rworldsrk: I saw film rascals....what a film ya...so GOOD yaar..!:-)
  • RohitnAjayFC: #RASCALS rocked... Rib Tickling Comedy.... DONT MISS IT! AJAY DEVGN brilliant yet again!
  • rkmalakar: Rascals a good movie bt need some more funny moments
  • Razukomar: Rascals superb movie
  • rajputmannu: Rascals MoViE rocksssssss.....
  • raghavthapar1: Rascals an avrg comdy ....:-\
  • PRIYAM1988: guyz Rascals is waste of money n time.... Bakwass hai..
  • priyalisur: Msg in public interest: pls stay away from RASCALS
  • pradeepyadava: DAY(719)- RASCALS a good comedy Movie
  • Pradeepkpatel: RASCALS is better than Double Dhamal ! Light comedy ! Watchable !
  • pankajchargotra: Watched RASCALS, my ratings 3.5 stars.
  • PanditMastramji: Wt can you expect from david @BollywoodGandu Rascals is such a pathetic attempt at a movie that it's actually compliment to call it a movie
  • OyeHooye: rascals is #flop
  • onlyforAJ: Watch #RASCALS chetan Bhagat rocks,its like india's Tom nd Jerry. Must watch
  • nizbizz: Saw rascals last night .. Its nothing but torture!!!
  • nitigya_mishra: Y the hell ajay nd sanju baba acting like rascals ! Movie nt recommended !
  • nikhilfernande2: hey guys today i saw Rascals and its a bloody disgusting and boring movie
  • Maniashaa: i feel ashamed that i watched rascals!
  • kunal461: [email protected] so rocking....!!!
  • kool_garv: RASCALS is such a crap....bechara Devgn,dosti me kya kya nai krna pta...!!
  • kkroxG: rascals is nt even 1 tym watch,, entertainer in parts..!! 2 stars
  • King231193: I saw rascals. Ajay "hats off" to you.
  • ImC_Vu: Watched #Rascals Simply Fine Jst Enjoyed ..
  • hrameshg: Rascals is totally bakwas
  • HotWebNews_: Movie Review : Rascals its an silly comedies http://newsfox.in/2011/10/07/movie-review-rascals-its-an-silly-comedies/#.To7xOAKbc3g.twitter via @AddThis
  • HariKripaHai: Rascals.... Worst movie ever :(
  • GuttuG: Forgot to review #rascals. Like Salman disppointed in Bodyguard, Ajay disappointed in #rascals. Not a good movie.
  • gossipsnjokes: saw #rascals .went with zero expectations but the movie turned out to be even worse!! sanjay dutt put his own money to make such a bad film!
  • farheen_meow: RASCALS GUD FILM!!!
  • d_mighty_singh: Rascals is such a pathetic attempt at a movie that it's actually a compliment to call it a movie.
  • DudhatKevin: Rascals movie watched today but i don't like becoz very boring story. Not Enjoyable
  • DEBAYANSIMLAI: "Rascals" is a Good movie..Not Verrrrrry Good..xcept the Last Scene..
  • dash1707: Rascals nice mvie and enjoyable
  • CenasNumba1Fans: Back From Muvieee 'Rascals' Amazing Movie and it waz damn FUNNY
  • call2shridhar: Rascals movie is realy a #rascal
  • btushar: If u r looking for logic in a movie rather than entertainment then don't watch Rascals.
  • BolegaGossips: Rascals turns to be a big failure!
  • awatekiran: Watched #Rascals movie...limitless overacting with unlimited lusty scenes...
  • AVIROCKRULES: waste of talent of ajay devgan & sunjay dutt i don't remember who he is.#rascals
  • AseeMishra: Watched "Rascals" late night show.... No idea why people create junks to corrupt others mind :(
  • arnabBj: Rascals.. Gaahhhhhh!! Boooorrrriiiinnnngggggggg!
  • aniruddhakundu: just walked out of the movie 'rascals' and is ready to own up his mistake...it was indeed a stupid choice...please stay away from the movie
  • AmitWalia3: Just saw Rascals. Not bad but I think time for Sanjay Dutt to retire as an actor.
  • Amitabhthakur: God save us from David Dhawan, he has really become intolerable. His "Rascals" is a real rascal.
  • amirmaaz: Rascals....wat a waste of time. Sahib Biwi and Gangster thumbs up.
  • akshat1413: #rascals ghatiya movie pta ni kya story chl rhi hai sir darrd movie! :&
  • ajay_sha84: Watched #rascals not upto the mark comedy scenes are not so good just waste of time and money.
  • Acin_tweeteR: And ' Rascals' was awesome!!!!! Hey rascala, I will fly in d air & kick u, Right in d potato...
  • 9958274334: Hay ajay i m your big fan .i see your movie rascals. It is very very funny. So good.
  • 1AnuraaG5: I can't imagine how these actors act in such movies RT @Ms_Jabberwocky How can people watch movies like rascals?Really, people are so jobles