Rascals - Preview

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For a slapstick that is supposed to keep you in splits, Rascals has a very few gags that would have worked better if they were told in a calmer tone, with better timing and weren't dragged endlessly.



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Rascals, another swear word becomes a movie title. Another loud, brash, mash-up of sms jokes becomes a film. Another David Dhawan film is knocking at theaters.

It's sad that it's possible that half those jokes, especially the self-referencing movie scene, would work. But the dialogue delivery is so loud and the comic timing, slightly off, that the jokes wore me out in just these 2.5 minutes. Not to mention screechy Kangna Ranaut.

This is especially disappointing (yep! Just from the trailer) because Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn do have a flair for comedy and have managed to bring out bouts of laughter in the past. But here even some of the half-decent lines seem to be falling flat. Let's just hope that in the flow of the film, the wisecracks will work better.

However, there doesn't seem to be anything to look forward in the story either. Yeah, yeah, I know we are talking about a typical David Dhawan film here. But sometimes, in such slapstick comedy, the situations that characters get into create humor. Here it seems like just the same old, two good-for-nothings playing a game of One-upmanship and lying their way to woo a dimwit lass who is supposedly very ... hot(?). And of course, there's a villain thrown in for kicks.

I really don't expect to enjoy this one. Let's just hope there are a couple of gags and situations here and there that will bring a laugh or two. And let us hope the timing is better than in the trailer. Meanwhile, the music doesn't seem to have appealed to anyone.

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