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It's so confusing when seriousness is dealt with song and dance. Wish the film was advertised as modern Ram Leela performed in a tribal theater. That expectation would have prepped me to deal with the over-dramatization a lot better.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just refraining my excitement lest…

Hope never dies. Since January 2010 - week after week, we have waited for the "most" awaited film of the year so far. Friday after Friday we have been more or less taken aback by how things went wrong with an otherwise sure winner. And yet, this third week of June 2010 too, we wait with bated breath and the enjoy the excitement it brings along.

This once, we can claim, we are fully justified. Mani Ratnam - most of us will claim, he hasn't gone wrong too often. And the look and feel of the film as seen in the promos, don't do anything to keep high expectations at bay.

What with Abhishek Bachchan playing the anti-hero with a turmeric face-pack on.

What with Aishwarya Rai playing her ".

She is the one who's pushed, pulled, tied, thrown and put through all such trying situations. And I had to do that. The number of takes & different magnifications, the director would like to shoot in, and that too in both versions (Hindi & Tamil) made the whole procedure very taxing physically.

What with Govinda playing the Hanuman equivalent only his character understands both sides of this battle. Understands that they both are fighting against the same enemy only from opposing sides.

What with the new-age Ram (Vikram) has an ego that makes him ignore the "wrong" means he uses to achieve the right ends.

But then, there is doubt too. While the official site makes enough room for positive anticipation -

The battle between good and evil, between Dev and Beera, between Ram and Raavan. But when the lines dividing good and evil are blurring fast whose side will you take. When hate turns to love and the good starts looking evil, which side will you battle for?

Putting me in a dilemma always works for the film. But, what's scary is what the lady has to say -

She actually discovers an insight into his persona, the truth behind why he has committed this so-called crime

Is this then the regular misunderstood Mr. Crusoe being understood by the lady who has been wronged? And her understanding of the situation actually makes her fall in love with him? shudder

But there is still hope. It could be done in a way that makes it a riveting story, a spectacle. Despite more shudders while you look at the filmi-giri in the promotional trailers. It might just be restricted to the promos, you convince yourself.

Note, like other recent releases, the visuals are more-or-less guaranteed to work. Take a look at the 'ambience' section of the official site

Also, I haven't heard the soundtrack, but looks like it's being absolutely loved by one and all - one, and, all.

Will Vikram be able to do justice to Ram in Hindi while he's playing the title role in Tamil? Is it finally Abhishek's turn for a hit? Is it finally our turn to see a good film? June18th is when we'll know!

Till then -

This article was first published at meetu's Times of India Blog