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Would it have worked if it were shorter? Naah, it would have been as tedious and boring.



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Wogma Review

A coronation set in present day India – it is fantasy world, alright. Within that framework too though, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo doesn't have an interesting tale to tell. Neither do you quite 'get' the characters' motivations nor their greivances. Also, all the extravagance you see in the trailer is all there is. The rest of the film is a visual drab too.

A few situations make you feel like you are in a time-warp. Mythili, a successful entrepreneur who also runs a charitable organisation (as superficial as it might look) is suddenly demure about wearing a short dress. She seems pretty comfortable with what she wears so far in the film and carries it well too. It seems more like a Barjatya obsession. Have the lead lady become all aware and weird about a “western” dress that her man wants her to wear.

The writing is too conscious of itself too – trying too hard to be a Barjatya-Salman film that has to teach you a thing or two about family values. As blasphemous as it sounds, a stranger showing up in a family to solve their internal squabbles, reminded me of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Bawarchee. But, why set it up in a “princedom”? You lose connect immediately. If you want me to escape from my real-life problems, why would you bring up familial issues? To top it off, add TV serial style lighting, décor, costumes-jewelry and melodrama.

In the midst of this, there's one honest moment when Mythili has had enough and can't handle the strain of her relationship with the prince any more. But, other than that, there too much effort put into making us believe what the character is feeling. To blame it on the actors would be take the easy route out.

Sure, Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Swara Bhaskar are all guilty of trying too hard to be what they are supposed to be rather than make their characters believable. But, they have no help from the script. The dialogue induce eyerolls. And the innuendos seemed pretty out of place.

The lesser said about the screenplay, the better. Just because it is Diwali season, you have a song with mathri and chakli1 and a scene with Bhaubeej2? All too cheesy. All this serves the sole purpose of elongating the run-time of the film. More time in the theaters is a festival gift?

I saw Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in a single screen theater, in a small town in Maharashtra - a theater where a house full of whistles drowned down dialogue for a good part of the first half hour. That is how excited the audience was to be there. While I wasn't too happy with the movie-watching experience, I was excited about watching the film with the target audience. In a way, it was sad to sense a lull in the crowd for most of the second half. No one should have to watch a film they didn't like on a festival day. A few people left the theater before the end too. But hey, if films which prefer so-called extravagance (with shoddy CGI) to some effort in writing are beginning to bore people, I see a silver lining.

(1) Indian savories that are found in every household this time of the year.
(2) A part of the Diwali festival

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A fight scene.
  • Language: But for a few innuendos, clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: A stranger brings a family together
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and loud

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 0.5
  • Story: 0
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 0
  • Music Director: 0.5
  • Lyrics: 1.5

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Between Bajrangi and PRDP Salman still remains a criminal - and so my point of view on encouraging him remains the same as in July.

However this time around there are 2 more factors to weigh, the name Rajashree productions and the tag of Diwali blockbuster. What the heck, it is festival time - and one should forget all sins (if at least temporarily) and celebrate. For a person like me who has time and again voiced the point of view in favour of family oriented films, nothing can get more family oriented than a Rajashree production. I wish it all the success possible just to ensure that family affairs continue to thrive.

On the other hand, less than a week prior to the release I am getting a very sick feeling - that this Diwali is going to be a disaster as far as Hindi films are concerned. The promos - and some of them mediocre - are all relying on the HAHK fame. If the connection just stops there, i.e. same team as HAHK less Madhuri Dixit, then it is fine. However, if they have tried to recreate HAHK then in my humble opinion it is a monumental blunder. Agreed that HAHK was a giant killer in its time - agreed that it is probably in the top 5 all time Hindi film money earners, and agreed that we still enjoy watching the replays on TV. But then it was a success of 20+ years ago, a path breaker and a pioneer of wedding genre in those days. Cut to 2015. The theme has been milked dry by the YRFs and Dharmas. Audience cannot throng theatres in that many numbers to rewatch a HAHK sans Madhuri Dixit.

So I am hoping that they have not been time capsuled like Subhash Ghai was (by coincidence with Salman too). I hope that they have adapted with times and have made a film in line with today's themes and quality. And I hope that they are going to dish out something other than HAHK. If rumours are to be believed then it is going to be a remake of Raja Aur Rank - which should see them sailing through. Raja Aur Rank was a reasonably successful in its days, and has a sufficiently strong story. So hoping against hopes that the Barjatya's are learners and adapters and offer something new.


Great movie made with good intentions. Salman gives a nice performance. Music is good. Its 2015: So what, lets sometimes taste the old magic also. For a feel good factor, go and watch, today!!


A rating of switch channels if on TV - is extreme.

The other extreme is by a noted reviewer who has gone all ga-ga and claimed it to become THE blockbuster in India and outside India, in cities and in villages, in plexes and in single screen theatres.

Definitely the truth would be between these 2 extremes.


Of course the movies stupid, that's the reason it will do good business and people will come out smiling. The khans should not be critiqued for they pull crowds and in the end give you a smile on your face. Not every movie has to be serious. I saw Jurassic World too and yeah I'm sorry the dinasaurs last impressed me in 1995 only. Same goes for this movie. But it still works. At the end of Jurassic world I was entertained and my pop corn was finished. Same goes for this movie.

Ehinome Okojie:

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: A film with a nice message which is executed in an anachronistic manner. 260cr is feasible
Audience score is 2.8/5 thereabout.


Yet another one sided and epic review by the reviewer who seems to be bordering on idiocy of late. Agreed, PRDP is no classic and not a patch on HAHK, but to give it a 1/5 rating is outright ridiculous. But of course, as always audiences are supposed to be "tolerant". Tolerant of these bogus reviewers misguiding the viewers week in and week out. Tolerant to bear a motor mouthed "former" superstar stammering and shivering his way through a desperately self obsessed FAN movie. And perhaps, tolerant of what not!


@Fan : I guess the reviewer you're referring to is the infamous Taran Adarsh whose given 3.5/5 ratings to films like Rascals. None among the trade or audiences take him seriously anymore.


PRDP is a nice film. Wholesome entertainment. Salman has once again proved that he can handle any situation well. His comic timing is superb. Go get a good and genuine feel.


@Anuj: well guessed. I know perfectly well his penchant for over rating a film. Hence my feeling that it will neither be the pitiable saga that Meetu is making out to be, nor the masterpiece that Taran is making it out to be.

I think that once you know how to read TA's reviews, and you ignore his stars or numbers but read the text then you get a good feeling on the pulse. He has his pulse on the mass-mood, unlike most of the reviewers. And he is able to judge pretty okay on how the film is going to swing. Thereafter you take his rating with a pinch of salt.


@Anuj: well guessed. I know perfectly well his penchant for over rating a film. Hence my feeling that it will neither be the pitiable saga that Meetu is making out to be, nor the masterpiece that Taran is making it out to be.

I think that once you know how to read TA's reviews, and you ignore his stars or numbers but read the text then you get a good feeling on the pulse. He has his pulse on the mass-mood, unlike most of the reviewers. And he is able to judge pretty okay on how the film is going to swing. Thereafter you take his rating with a pinch of salt.


Ha, ok, I must admit it was nice to go back to this genre of film after a long gap but it could have been a lot better. The feel of the movie overall seems too artificial for my personal taste. The music on the other hand has some good songs like Jab Tum Chaho and Jalte Diye. Most of the music sounds quite traditional. It's an ok one time watch.

ehinome okojie:

The trend is comparable to Ra.One's, this will end up below 197cr (Hindi). Only Dilwale will rock and beat PK at box office.


Dilwale will sink and meet the same fate as crappy new year. [This part of comment deleted because of personal attacks]


The performance & trending of PRDP is very similar to Barjatya's 1999 super hit Hum Sath Sath Hain. Just like HSSH, PRDP has been patronized and appreciated by the core Salman/Barjatya fan base in the tier 2/3 cities and the mass sector covering Rajasthan, UP/Bihar, MP, Gujarat and Maharashtra. The urban belt and tier 1 cities like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore have completely rejected the film, something that we witnessed with HSSH too.


@Anuj: no offence but your last remark about the film being patronized by the core fan base in tier 2/3 cities does not tally with Meetu's personal experience of

"I saw Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in a single screen theater, in a small town in Maharashtra - a theater where a house full of whistles drowned down dialogue for a good part of the first half hour. That is how excited the audience was to be there. While I wasn't too happy with the movie-watching experience, I was excited about watching the film with the target audience. In a way, it was sad to sense a lull in the crowd for most of the second half. No one should have to watch a film they didn't like on a festival day. A few people left the theater before the end too."

Clearly I am missing some connection between the real life experience of the author and your statistical analysis.

Are you sure that it is rejected outright by metro audiences?


Dilwaale ... (as with Chennai Exp) if only the film had been made with another actor than SRK. Alas.

Clashing with SLB fresh from his RamLeela success - going to be an eventful pre-Christmas week.


@Fan : I am sure of my footfalls and numbers. Cannot say the same for reviewers though. PRDP recorded strong numbers even on a working day like Tuesday in the B & C dominated circuits like Gujarat, parts of maharashtra (outside Mumbai city), Rajasthan, UP, Bihar and Orissa. In the metros of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai/Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, this movie is running extremely low occupancies of 20-30%. This is ditto to what we saw with HSSH in 1999. The only difference being that since urban multiplexes contribute almost half the business in today's times, the collections of PRDP might fall short of even 200 cr and will end up in the same range as Ek Tha Tiger, Krrish 3 and Happy New Year.


@Fan : Frankly, Dilwale's trailer looks awful even by Shetty's mediocre standards. It is not a patch on any of the Singham films. In comparison, Bajirao Mastani appears to be Bhansali's best work till date (at least on trailer). I do realize that Dilwale will open a lot higher than Bajirao due to its cast and the Rohit Shetty factor, but i wouldn't be surprised if week 2 onwards, Bajirao outnumbers Dilwale in occupancy and numbers, something similar to what SOS did to JTHJ in 2012.


As far as this review goes, PRDP is nowhere near as unwatchable as it has been described by the reviewer. I'm sure had the same movie been made with SRK or Ranbir in the lead, the rating would been a "watch if you have nothing better". Such is the blatant and absolutely ridiculous bias we have against Salman and Akshay films among the critics fraternity these days. We saw some similarly blasphemous reviews for decent mass entertainers like Holiday & Gabbar in the past. While a absolute fart of a movie like Bombay Velvet which has neither head nor tail was actually being defended by this same reviewer. Thankfully, a majority of the audiences (except for these critics stooges' who form 2% of the total audience viz the "Award Wapsi" supporting class ) are able to see right through the blatant favoritism and conspiracy of these worthless pen wielders.


@Anuj: I am a bit more optimistic for Bajirao. Several factors. First - it goes along similar lines as Ram Leela that tasted enormous success (different thing that economically it costed a fortune to produce).

Bajirao, like RamLeela, has a strong story - and this time with patriotic and historical zeal thrown in for a good measure. Movies with strong stories even if shoddily produced tend to succeed. Whereas here we have a strong story with grand opulence SLB style.

Thus, I am quite optimistic that Bajirao Mastani will be the same intense watch as was RamLeela.

Regards Dilwaale, I repeat, SRK's presence reduces the value of the offering to start with. Add to that a 50 year lead actress. Going to be a tough up hill drive. Yes the NRIs who had SRK and Kajol as the lead pairs during their college years would throng the theatres. I cannot say the same for current college going crowd.

As regards comparisons with Shetty's own films - well Singham and All the Best were the only 2 excellent productions IMHO. Others were time pass entertainers but not of any repeat watch values. Singham and All the best I could watch umpteen times without getting bored.


@Fan : Golmaal 1 is the best comedy from the Rohit Shetty team thus far imo. It was absolutely outstanding to say the least. By the way, I suggest you check out the phenomenal trailers of Wazir and Airlift. Airlift seems like another Baby for Akshay while Wazir brings back Bachchan in Khakee mode.


@Fan : You just increased Kajol's age by one whole decade in your above comment :P


@Anuj : I didn't bother to check in Wikipedia her date of birth before posting. I assumed that if all her co-stars of the 1990s are breaching 50, then she too.


@Fan : She's a lot younger than the Madhuri's and Juhi's of Bollywood. Made her debut at 18! :O



Just watched Airlift trailer on your reco. I was unaware that the trailer is out.

Awesome trailer. Let's hope that the end product is equally good. Akshay though risks getting typecast after relatively successful Holiday, Baby and Gabbar on similar lines.


@Fan : Bajirao, Wazir and Airlift. That's 3 movies i'm looking forward to now, after this 3 month drought since Baahubali, Bajrangi and Drishyam

ehinome okojie:

Dilwale's third week will beat Babalawo Mastizaade's lifetime hahahaha wait all dream projects in Bollywood tend to flop except HNY is really considered a dream project. If Babalawo crosses 90cr, I will agree it Ranveer is a bigger star than Guzaarish actor.

ehinome okojie:

Babalawo Mastizaade (Bajirao Mastani) is the story of a Maratha warrior who does conquests [comment partially delete for personal attack]. Why should SLB disgrace the Peshwars?

ehinome okojie:

ABCD 2 crossed 100cr and Baby aka S26 returns got 80cr, Akki is on expiry mode.

ehinome okojie:

If Dilwale does not beat BM with a ratio of at least 1.9 using figures I will accept Dilwale as clash losers.

ehinome okojie:

If someone says Mohenjodaro will break all records, it will gladden me.

ehinome okojie:

The fact that Bahubali did 109cr in Hindi shows that no Hindi epic will be accepted this year. Bajirao;s descendants have rejected this film, why should the Mumbai audience watch a film that will rubbish its heritage. Only E & F centres will watch nthis film with ticket sales of 3oRs and will be belw average.

ehinome okojie:

Goliyon Ki Raaslela Ram Leela is the only genuine domestic hit of SLB and why will audirnce watch menege a trois?

ehinome okojie:

If Dilwale does not cross 265cr as per trade? I will take a break of 4 months starting from January 15.


@ [personal attack deleted] : Ho gaya? The [personal attack deleted] not even capable of contemplating a project such as Airlift or Baby, forget acting in one. Neither have you watched Baby nor have u watched Bahubali and nor will u be watching Bajirao or Airlift. All u can do is to sit and troll absurd and fake numbers on multiple internet social media sites like a [personal attack deleted] seeing his face on screen.


I do remember this [personal attack deleted] making predictions of 350 cr at the time of Crappy New Year's release. Turns out that the 150 cr production ended with lifetime collections of 180 cr and a share of <100 cr, thus being a coverage film at best. That too after being a solo Diwali release with 2 open weeks. Of course, concepts such as Roi and distributor shares are too complex for illiterates who understand. Their definition of mathematics is 180>80 and hence HNY becomes a bigger HIT than Piku and Baby despite the fact that the latter 2 have been made on an investment of 40 & 60 cr respectively. I'm sure this guy considers Ra.1 & Don-2 to be better films than Dil Se and Swades.


@Fan : Who doesn't mind getting stereotyped when doing films like Baby & Airlift? In fact, Akshay's fanbase itself was fed up of the monotonous braindead comedies and rubbish action films he had been doing for years together. It was high time for Akshay to experiment and rebuild his image and he has managed that perfectly through films like OMG!, Special 26, Holiday, Baby, Gabbar and now Airlift. While all the above films have been successful at various levels, the usual Akshay no brainers like Khiladi 786, Entertainment and Singh is Bling have flopped. That's a clear indication of how not only Akshay's fans, but even the general audiences want to perceive him on screen. I know a lot of people from among my friend and family circle (me included) who used to consider him as trash up until 5 years ago but have now actually started looking up to him with a lot of admiration and respect. OMG, Special 26, Baby, Holiday etc might not have achieved the numbers of Welcome or Singh is King but the ground reality is that these films have only expanded Akshay's fanbase to even the multiplex frequenting crowd and people who prefer watching their films on satellite TV/torrents piracy. The fact that he has managed this turn around at this stage of his career is commendable. All this, while the so-called superstars have been conning the audiences through their repeated trash products on the biggest of festivals year after year, be it Ra.1, Bodyguard, JTHJ, Kick, HNY and what not!


Well, finally watched the film yesterday - and on big screen.

Being an obsessed fan of commercial / masala films I did enjoy this film. I had walked in with trepidation remembering Meetu's rating of switch channels if on TV. But I walked out quite happy and in a feel good mood. This movie is not going to win any awards at any ceremony - but at the same time it achieves its purpose. Giving a perfect Diwali festival mood cheerful feel good movie. Yes I agree that the grievances or the methods used to resolve the grievances might seem trivial - but then human nature/psychology is a highly complex matter. What may seem a trivial reason to me, might be an extremely important reason for somebody else to break off a lifelong relationship. Another good reason to ignore such liberties (if I may call them that) is this a Diwali release. The movie is supposed to lighten you up, cheer you - and not to make you brood over some serious matters.

Coming to performances, Salman starts off with over the top entry sequence. I was quite dejected on seeing that sequence, and hoped that it would not continue like that. As the movie progressed, Salman's acting became more controlled - more in line with what we are used to seeing the past few years (which is less over the top that his entrance sequence). Anupam Kher entirely dependable. Security manager pretty good. Ladies department, just alright - what one expects in a Rajashri film of the past 20 years. Swara and others - not much scope. Arman Kohli, getting a Big Brother favour most probably, was an eyesore for me. Neil Nitin Mukesh after a hiatus was alright.

I did feel that songs were too many, especially in the first half. But then it is a Barjatya trait, and having seen many if not all Barjatya films since the 1960s I have no reason to complain - I know what to expect.

All in all if watched during Diwali time, this was a perfect holiday film. So in that sense deserves a far better rating than switch channels if on cable. Post-festivities, if you are zapping channels on cable, and happen to fall on a channel showing this, then do sit through it. A decent watch with family values (even though the 2015 audience might not appreciate it), loads of emotions of the positive kind, a feel good factor overflowing in every frame, and some tears of happiness moments if you are the softy kind. Certainly a good film if you happen to watch it.

Disclaimer: If you are the Kashyap brigade then stay away from this. You are too advanced a creature to understand or feel the basic animalistic emotions of family love.


LOL. One of the most over rated dumb movies :@

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