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Nothing happens in the film. And therein is its beauty. A simple, charming film despite its toilet humor and a couple other quibbles.



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Thumbs up by Naresh Kumar Deoshi, Apun Ka Choice ...Here’s a movie that you must watch with your parents. It may touch and eventually change just a little something inside all of you. Recommended... full review

Thumbs up by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks Cinema.com ...Having said that, with PIKU as one of the best films of 2015, Hindi film-makers do expand their vision of mainstream cinema exploring new ideas undoubtedly and therefore the film deserves to be seen as a must supporting the progressive move... full review

Thumbs up Bollywood Hungama ...On the whole, PIKU is a must watch this season as it brings back the memories of the legendary directors Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee and likes. This is a film that shall grow with word of mouth.... full review

Thumbs up by Moumita bhattacharjee, Bollywood Life ...Bengali or not, Piku is a mass family entertainer. This weekend, it will be a mistake not to catch up with her and her Baba’s shitty problems. It is a film that will leave you with tears in your eyes and smile on your lips towards the end.... full review

So-So by Deepa Gahlot , cinemaah ...The film is different in the way it sets up relationships and stays unpredictable; it has many warm and funny moments and absolutely wonderful performances from all the actors, even the one-scene appearances. But in the end it is as engaging or amusing as a dinner table conversation about shit... full review

So-So by Suparna Sharma, Deccan Chronicle ...AB has shed many inhibitions to play Bhashkor and is, for a change, acting here. An ungainly wig, his brows arched in wary surprise at the world around him, I thought he was at times channelling Harindranath Chattopadhyay, the man who acted only in burlesque to create his own unique stereotype. But AB's Bhashkor is a fluctuating Bengali. He oscillates between a crabby Bengali and Amitabh Bachchan mannerisms. I was entertained but couldn't make a connect with him and for me that's usually impossible. Deepika Padukone, on the other hand, was simmering. Apart from the fact that she is simply luminous and I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was very good. Despite her compelling screen presence, she was restrained and subtle... full review

Thumbs up by Krish Sripada, Desi Martini ...Slow-paced but endearing, quirky and laced with a lot of Indian-ness!... full review

Thumbs up by Sidhant Shori, Desi Martini ...Great performances by all the leads make this a must watch.... full review

So-So by Ameet Bhuvan, Desi Martini ...Warm at the core, but not great... full review

Thumbs up by Sarita A Tanwar, DNA ...Piku is one of the best films of the year. It’s a must-watch for the thundering trio of Bachchan, Padukone and Khan... full review

Thumbs up by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare ...End of the day, Piku is Shoojit Sircar’s film. It’s his way of celebrating forgotten cinema by Bengali greats. Whether it’s the music of Anupam Roy, the crisp editing or even the artistic frames captured by the cinematographer, this film openly harks back to the good old days of Satyajit Ray and Bimal Roy. It takes the most ordinary situations from daily life and churns out the kind of drama that’s missing from modern mainstream cinema. There’s a deftness to its emotions. There’s a purpose to every point in the film. Even though this isn’t toilet humour, you have grown adults constantly talking about feces and digestive ailments. It could all put you off. Instead, it draws you in. That’s the hallmark of great cinema. It effortlessly speaks to its audience. It creates magical moments with the most unlikely situations. This one’s definitely to be watched with your family, especially your parents.... full review

Thumbs up by Gayatri Gauri, FirstPost ...The final stroke at realism comes when Padukone plays badminton like anything but the daughter of an International champion. She is simply Piku. Sircar’s Piku is khoob bhalo jhaalmuri. Go eat. Digestion guaranteed.... full review

So-So by Johnson Thomas , Free Press Journal ...The film is interesting and likeable too but after a point it ceases to affect. The constant carping about motions does take it’s toll towards the end. To begin with it felt charming especially because the interplay between father and daughter was so succinct but thereafter when every character begins to get overly involved in it, the charm begins to wear off ... full review

Thumbs up by Zehra Abbas , fullhyd.com ...As a tribute to the film's originality, we can proclaim Piku a shitty film - secure in the knowledge that everyone knows it's a compliment.... full review

Thumbs up by Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham.com ...It's amazing how a good script brings out the best in actors and that's exactly the case with PIKU. Deepika Padukone is impressive and how! She just keeps getting better with each film. Amitabh Bachchan plays the annoying constipated father brilliantly. Moushumi Chatterjee is superb. But it's Irrfan Khan who steals the show, hands down! He again shows how versatile he can be. Watch out for the scene in which he which he's discussing his father's death with Amitabh. This film again establishes the versatility of the actor. ... full review

Thumbs up by Anupama Chopra,, Hindustan Times ...Piku speaks its truth with simplicity and heart. It made me laugh and cry. And I can get behind any Hindi film in which a father says of his single daughter: "She's financially independent, sexually independent." Bravo.... full review

Thumbs up by Rajeev Masand,, IBN Live ...I'm going with four out of five for Piku. Despite being obsessed with all the wrong body parts, it's a film that's full of heart.... full review

Thumbs up by Arunava Chatterjee , india today ...Sircar's film is a feel-good, emotional tale, involving human relationships. Rarely do we come across films we can call gems and Piku is bound to touch your heart. Piku is a film easy to digest.... full review

Thumbs up Indicine ...Piku maybe wholly about shit and talking about shit, but the quality of the film is anything but shitty. It is enlightening, heartwarming, funny and loveable. You will fall in love with the characters and the tone of the film. Piku is so good that we can’t think of any film which matches up to Piku other than Vicky Donor. If you are a lover of good cinema, if you are a Bengali, if you love to smile during your movies, then there’s no better film than Piku for you this week. A must must watch.... full review

Thumbs up by Surabhi Redkar, koimoi ...I will go with a MUST WATCH!! It is a rare thing to find directors like Shoojit Sircar who truly understand how strongly a medium like cinema works when you want to emote something so natural... full review

So-So by Uday Bhatia, Live Mint ...Piku may be a film about difficult fathers and dutiful daughters and charming taxi stand owners, but audiences are likely to leave with crap on their minds.... full review

Thumbs up by Shubha Shetty-Saha, MiD DAY ...Do watch this one, more so, if you are a Bengali. I bet you won't stop smiling for most of the two-plus hour duration. ... full review

Thumbs up by Jaidev Hemmady, Movie Talkies ...There is no doubt that the film does send across a message, but Sircar does it without sounding preachy or shoving it down the throats of the audience, for which we are grateful... full review

Thumbs up by Divya Solgama, MoviezADDA ...Dum??? Well, this movie has all the dum required for a good overwhelming film. Director Raj Kapoor once said that it's easy to make a hit film, but most difficult to make a good and a simple film. Shoojit Sircar and his team succeeded in making a good and a simple film which cleanses your emotional soul, which has been badly tampered in this materialistic world. The father-daughter bonding will bond everyone with their family in their own way by teaching you the art of living due to which, 'Piku' ends up setting a benchmark of a true and purest film from our time... full review

Thumbs up by Saibal Chatterjee , NDTV ...Bengali singer-songwriter-composer Anupam Roy's musical score (his first for a Hindi film) is outstanding, enhancing the film's delicate emotional texture. Piku is an absolute must watch. ... full review

Thumbs up by Sukanya, Rediff ...I grew so fond of your world in just two hours that I cannot stop missing it. Neither should the audience. I hope they can savour your sweetness, simplicity as well as laugh at your tummy troubles like I have. ... full review

Thumbs up by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies ...you will love this nutty comedy for its characters that are nuttier still. Much like all of us and the people we love. "Death and shit can come anywhere," says a character. That's quite a philosophy! Watch it, and then watch again. This one's a winner... full review

Thumbs up by Somdatta Sen, Star Blockbuster ...Must watch. Bohot bhalo hai.... full review

Thumbs up by ANUJ KUMAR, The Hindu ...mitabh Bachchan has approached Bhaskar Banerjee without the baggage of the mega star that he is resulting in it becoming one of his most internalised performances. The scene where he breaks into an impromptu dance after a few pegs is in itself worth the ticket price.... full review

Thumbs up by Srijana Mitra Das, Times of India ...With passion, there's precision too, the editing fish-bone sharp, detailing, down to Bhaskor's monkey cap, perfect. Some moments evoke Ang Lee's terrific 'Eat Drink Man Woman'. Others evoke your and my life. Together, Piku makes you shake with laughter. It also makes your heart cry. Don't miss this gentle rollercoaster ride. Piku's motions and emotions must be enjoyed. ... full review

Thumbs up by Vito Vega, Upper Stall ... a warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction washes over you when the lights come on... full review