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Pretty much what you'd expect - silly and more silly which is funny occasionally, story that has no idea when to stop, and so on.



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Wogma Review

Films like Phata Poster Nikla Hero make me wonder about the larger purpose. What drove the makers to make this film? So, here we have the theme of a wannabe actor landing himself in situations which force him to become a real life hero. Squeezed in you have a mother's aspirations for her son. All of this is made out to be silly, just in case you take any of this seriously. But, then the laughs drain out because of repetitions and/or labored explanations. The story knows not where to stop and you are running around in circles much like the characters in supposedly comic climax fight sequence.

Andaz Apna Apna had an elaborate and absolutely hilarious last fight sequence - purely because it was silly beyond comprehension. Phata Poster Nikla Hero seemed to be gearing up to something similar. Unfortunately, it wasn't even close. Also, the sensibilities have changed since the 90s too. Which pretty much can be said of all of Phata Poster Nikla Hero.

From the texture of the film to characters like the righteous mother - the film has a very dated feel about it. As if the makers were relishing nostalgia, rather than make a fresh film. The only thing fresh about the film is Shahid Kapoor's performance. Yes, the role and the film's genre require him to be loud and so he is. Yet, there is a certain composure about his performance within the context of his character. He over-acts and yet there is some constraint to not get annoying.

Ileana D'Cruz on the other hand irritates soon enough, especially at places where she is required to pause between words for effect. The timing is all wrong. Though its cute to see Padmini Kolhapure back, her performance is as theatrical as it ever was. Darshan Jariwala, Zakir Hussain, Sudhir Mishra all go about their dos like they would in any third film that they do.

I must say though, there are times when you can't help but laugh at the silliness on screen. Much like Andaz Apna Apna - despite the annoying self-referencing jokes strewn across the film. But, of course, these times are few and far between. Less often than the completely out-of-context songs that are picturised in a completely different tone to make the misfit even worse.

In general, I find silly comedy cumboresome. Even Andaz Apna Apna, arguably the silliest of them all took its time to grow on me. At least, it went all out there. Phata Poster Nikla Hero seems like the writers lost steam within 30 minutes of run-time. How are we supposed to hold up for another two hours?

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots of gun fights and fist fights.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A pole dance by a fully-clad Shahid Kapoor in a bar.
  • Concept: That of a wannabe actor becoming a real-life hero and his duty towards his mother.
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and peppy.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1.5
  • Story: 1
  • Lead Actors: 2.5
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 1.5
  • Music Director: 2.5
  • Lyrics: 1.5

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Heh - oh, come on, Meetu! It looks like good dumb fun - and I really like Shahid Kapoor, so we'll be seeing it once it hits DVD (since it's unlikely this will end up making it to our local Multiplex!).....

I'll admit, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing him channel his Inner Shahrukh Khan! :D

Lost In Confusion:

The promos are too amateur, to say the least. Shahid sounds too fit for his role. His dialogue delivery is as good as the dialogues. Hope Santoshi has kept better in store for the audience. Otherwise, if promos represent what I'm supposed to expect from the movie, it's a foregone conclusion.

"Type the two words"? Are we human? :-p


@TimELiebe oh dear! :P

@Lost In Confusion :D true that. Sorry, didn't get ""Type the two words"? Are we human? :-p"


Being crazy for clean entertainment, I have booked tickets for tomorrow night.

Personally my expectations are zilch zero nada. Primarily because I was never a massive Rajkumar Santoshi fan despite critics' cult like adoration of box office dud Andaz Apna Apna. Secondly the promos are not kicking up the expectations, unlike those of D3 and to some extent K3, and thirdly the songs are yet to catch on despite having heard them a few times.

Let's see how the product turns out. Shahid certainly needs a big hit as since Jab We Met and (to some extent) Kismat Connection, he has not really had a blockbuster to his name. Will try to post back my feedback over the weekend.

Lost In Confusion:

"Pretty much what you'd expect" Spot on, but for most of Shahid fans and a few of Santoshi's (so as to exclude myself; sadly, the promo was too revealing than appealing), I suppose. Yet I may give it a go when the occasion coincides with me having nothing better to do. And w.r.t the captcha in my earlier comment, I meant that there were digits, not words!!! Apparently, didn't mean it in a critical way; was JK.


@Fan let us know how it goes. :D

@Lost In Confusion good call, I say! (oh ok - for the captcha :P)


I was thoroughly entertained by the film.

For people who need an intelligent logical rational film: please stay away. You will most certainly detest it.

The film is a pure Clean (with a capital C) classic brainless logic less entertainment. You go in there to get some nicely timed punches, some good dances, lots of colurs, dollops of gravity defying Rohit Shetty style stunts, and come out refreshed.

Gags, one liners just keep on rolling at regular intervals. They are not non stop, to get a stomach ache. But they are reasonably well paced.

Shahid Kapoor is in good form, and his comic timing is superb. The Vinod Khanna joke in the most melodramatic scene of the film gives an idea of the tone of the film.

All other actors were pretty good in the various comic scenes.

Post interval, in less than 5 minutes, the remaining half of movie became quite predictable. So no marks for innovative or twistful story. But even in the predicted plod of the plot things don't get boring.

Ileana was just there as eye candy, no other purpose. Padmini Kolhapure looked like she needed lessons on applying minimalist makeup, otherwise she is alright reprising Nirupa Roy type of role - and indeed the mere paas maa hai moment does come.

30 seconds of Salman Khan was worth every millisecond. Salman's expressions were hilarious.

Did not understand the initial titles that stated We are "greatful" to Akshay Kumar.

Go for it if you enjoyed Clean movies without having to worry about each scene intelligently.


Phata Poster Nikla Hero is a waste of a decent idea, waste of an adequate build up, waste of a brilliant actor (Shahid) and waste of your time and money. Avoidable!


@Fan :)

Suman Chakraborty:

Direction: 1.5
Story: 1
Lead Actors: 2.5
Character Artists: 1.5
Dialogues: 1.5
Screenplay: 1.5
Music Director: 2
Lyrics: 1.5

Nishant Wadhwa:

One of the crappiest movie to come out this year. Except for a couple of one liners there is nothing good about the movie. By the time the first half ended I was looking forward to get out of the cineplex. Should avoid on all costs.


@Suman oh wow! you saw it. For some reason didn't think you would. :D

@Nishant :)

Bipul Khan:

Phata Poster Nikla Hero is a nice movie. Its got all the elements a comedy movie should have. Thanks for the review.


It's Very Nice Movies Phata Poster nikala Hero. This Movies Comedy And i Like Thos

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