No one killed Jessica - Preview

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Not every case might be a 'Jessica Lal' murder case, which can be repealed by the gusto of the 'aam junta' and one determined news lady. Not everything might come to culmination as easily as is shown in the second half of No One Killed Jessica. But the film gives us, what we need most - the strength to fight our fights and the hope that we will get what we deserved all along - justice.



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The turning over off the verdict of the Jessica Lal Muder case to give a life-time imprisonment sentence to a well-connected accused, is a precedent of the power of media, should they decide to use it. Dramatizing it with a strong cast and making it into a Hindi film is the need of the hour, if not anything else. The number of scams that 2010 saw makes a film showcasing the power of the audience, a necessary welcome to 2011.

The trailer makes you look forward to a crisp and strong film.

I'm hoping it's not just a cursory glance at the case, the low court acquittal, the uproar, the supreme court sentence but is a deeper read into who said what, etc. The media/citizen uproar and the sting operation are specific parts that I'm hoping will inspire us one and all.

With music composed by Amit Trivedi and the 'right' snippets in the trailer the initial audience is likely to hit theaters. And this despite the fact that the story is known to anyone who is interested. I'm also hoping the film will also reach out to the people who aren't aware of the details.

The question now is - are the parts that didn't make it to the trailer good enough for us to recommend it to family and friends.

Music reviews:
Listen to the songs Here. Awesome, I say!

milliblog has given it a 200 word review instead of their regular 100-worder. That says it all!

music aloud - "9/10"

Bollyspice - "Ultimately, an album certainly worth checking out! Or 3.5/5"

Bollywood Hungama - "This has to be one of the most prestigious outings for Amit Trivedi as he brings in certain maturity in the way he deals with the soundtrack here. Or 3/5"
Hindustan Times - "fails to contain a cohesive sound and is rather mediocre."