Nil Battey Sannata - Preview

Not rated by wogma

The show I went for was cancelled and I won't be able to make it for another show at least until Monday. By Monday, we will also have external reviews and twittter verdict out. Do keep an eye out for those updates.



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A mother-daughter relationship that seems as real as it gets, financial status no bar. No mother can do enough, no daughter can have enough and repent enough after the big show down.

Nil Battey Sannata, as puzzling as the title is (nothing divided by silence?), seems to be a straightforward underdog film that will be all about the details. We pretty much know how it is going to end up, but the details are out to mesmerize and reach out to the heart.

Ratna Pathak Shah's reassuring presence with Swara Bhaskar's eagerness and Ria Shukla's character's brash honesty in the trailer have set it up nicely for a warm Friday watch.