Neerja - Preview

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A story that you must watch and the film is good too.



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A film based on a true life story is by default intriguing. Even if we take the 'true' of that phrase with a pinch of salt. Such films have the advantage of not having to worry about being unpredictable. That could tip the balance of the film's acceptance by the audience on 'how' it plays out.

The trailer doesn't raise any red flags except maybe it seems a tad dramatic. However, it feels like that is because of the way the trailer has been edited and hopefully the film will keep excessive drama at bay.

Sonam Kapoor doesn't annoy immediately unlike in the trailer of her last film. And hey, we get to see Shekhar Ravjiani, even though it might be for a short while.

Surprisingly, there are no music reviews out yet. Maybe, that is a good sign. The focus is on telling the story and not the marketing of it? Or rather the story is marketing itself.