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My Friend Pinto is another one of those dark comedies - the ones that have a series of disconnected threads conspiring to unite. The threads get weirder and weirder and thus funny. Except in My Friend Pinto the situations lose focus of the genre and become outright childish and gimmicky.



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40 tweeters have given My Friend Pinto an average rating of 3.2/5.0(?)

22 yays
11 nays
7 so-so
  • _prithwish_: my friend pinto sees a good weekend. congrats prateik on his first solo lead and kalki too
  • _anamus: My Friend Pinto... what a movie... if u love Chaplin, Buster Keaton...u wud love this film a lot...first of its kind in India i felt..
  • youthfilmmakers: MY FRIEND PINTO-again a film as all happened in a single day & night,good continuity work & shot divisions.average
  • VivekSanthosh: "My Friend Pinto" - A feel good movie which tries too hard to tickle one’s funny bones! Terrific opportunity wasted to a great extent!! 6/10
  • VirginReviews: My Friend Pinto Movie Review – Decent Movie In The Long Time ! #moviereviews #divuadutta
  • teejavus: my friend pinto is sooo tangential i love it XD
  • sweeetstarr1: Superlative Performance by the Whole Cast of My Friend Pinto ! Total Paisa Vasool ★★★★ ! Lovedd it @divyadutta25 @kalkikanmani @SethShruti
  • SwatiiSingh: Money saving tip of the day: Do not go watch 'My Friend Pinto'. Even if it's the last movie released on Earth.
  • SwapnilSalkar: My Friend Pinto...not enough cerebral to get impress, nt enough stupid to laugh at...ho humm affair @kalkikanmani wasted... #Dissapointment
  • Sugar_06: My Friend Pinto has a superb narration and screenplay. It simply amazes me, how well so many characters are inter-connected.
  • subarnapoddar: Watched 'My Friend Pinto', liked it....very sweet and cute movie :-)
  • snahmad_: Left the match early,went to watch "My Friend Pinto".Poor movie suffered from horrendous editing&loose scripting.Pratiek the only good part
  • shreyaghoshal: Just came out of a screening of My friend pinto.. Such a funny heart warming film.. (I m not part of the movie:P) but u must watch it!!!
  • sandeepchordia3: My friend Pinto is a disaster. Better sleep at home rather than in multiplex
  • r1kartik: Watchable but a tad disappointing i thought MY FRIEND PINTO
  • Punkster101: My friend pinto. I like this movie. =)
  • PrateekG: #warning : Dont watch my friend pinto.
  • nixipikxi: My Friend Pinto is boring!!!! :(
  • NeelanshuSaran: when everybody is praising mod .. i watched my friend pinto ... well not a bad movie at all.. second half is betr /..
  • MovieHancho: MY FRIEND PINTO Movie Review: Feel-good, but not entertaining enough: But the message is delivered rather slowly...
  • LazyBone_007: Stay away frm 'My Friend Pinto'..
  • koelganguli: My friend pinto ... Super performance by PB ...but da movie was ok ok !
  • Joey21211: Another great movie! My friend Pinto, a must watch!! Hats off to SLB :)
  • iamsenadam: ♥ My Friend Pinto ♥ Nice Movie! @SethShruti Loved it!
  • himanshushinde: Today saw My Friend Pinto, quite simple & small film worth watchng on DVD(original), a story of night and amalgation of diff charachters!!
  • fun_d_mental: My friend Pinto. Period.
  • evelyn_sharma: Perfect Sunday afternoon to watch My Friend Pinto :D it's too funny! I love it ♥
  • eshaan: Morning janta! just woke up from a weird dream ... made as much sense as my friend pinto .... man that movie is bad. #crazymornings
  • divyadutta25: "@KiranPoojary1: @divyadutta25 : Hi divya... My friend Pinto was awesome... And u looked gorgeous as always"thnnxx
  • devchatterjeeET: My friend pinto - a must watch
  • devakjeffin: A musical delight plus definite fun and masti--watched "My friend Pinto" as usual with my friend and love for life @Joey21211!:) Great nyt!
  • cvsarathi: #My Friend pinto is a sweet simple film..but doz being sweet n simple matter in today's cinema we're evrybody tlks in numbers n crores..
  • Coolshweta: MY FRIEND PINTO Movie Review: Feel-good, but not entertaining enough
  • annavetticad: Were we all wrong about #PrateikBabbar? I've just wasted 2 hours of a busy weekend on #MyFriendPinto -
  • anketaa: My Friend Pinto! A cute movie. I toh liked it very much. Pratiek is too cute! His innocence :*
  • AdeebNadiadwala: Watched (My Friend Pinto) very nice movie a must watch movie
  • abhinabadas: 'My Friend Pinto': Great film by debutant director Raaghav Dar. MUST WATCH !!
  • 812: Watched " My Friend Pinto" .Creative brilliance,I say.
  • 65ldictk: Review: 'My Friend Pinto' is low key humour - Movies News ...
  • 1mkavita: Movie you will enjoy... Go and watch this 'My Friend Pinto' #india #twitter #mumbai