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Bold and brave, yes. Engaging, unfortunately no.



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23 tweeters have given Miss Lovely an average rating of 4.3/5.0(?)

19 yays
2 nays
2 so-so
  • _sabari: miss lovely. take a bow. what a movie.
  • walkingmandar: "Miss Lovely is excellent." - Arvinder Singh Lovely
  • VishaalVermaa: You will not forget Miss Lovely ever. Excellent. What a vision this guy Ashim Ahluwalia had for Miss Lovely.... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=643674639007623
  • Subhash_ati9: 'Miss Lovely' couldn't get a distributor till Nawazzuddin got famous. Watch this movie. It's got standing ovations worldwide.
  • shubhaS: Nawazuddin's brilliance in Miss Lovely has to be seen to be believed. Watch the film.
  • sachinchatte: Better late than never, Miss Lovely is here. Not faultless but an A class tribute to the B grade films of yore.
  • reallybadhairda: miss lovely is lovely.
  • NotSoSnob: so dont Miss it :) RT @reallybadhairda miss lovely is lovely.
  • NiteshSquare: Miss Lovely is in Cinema now! Go watch it guys. A film which makes you face real life in good way. DO not miss @N1har1kaS1ngh's performance!
  • nishantkavi: Miss Lovely ★★★★
  • kpscombine: एक अच्छी मूवी http://nbt.in/micron/redirect.html?str=OObJuY
  • jeetbasu: 'Miss lovely' is brutally honest on the face cinema...though i think the film's pace was slightly slow in the second half..but must watch!!
  • HitheshDS: Miss Lovely is like Boogie Nights but not as good as that one but definitely very very good
  • DIRECTOR_speaks: Only films like 'Miss Lovely' keep me interested in Cinema... Tired and sick of 'Feel Good' and pretentious Films....
  • Devs3: Saw Miss Lovely. So sleazy that it'll make u cringe but that's what the story is about. Very well shot, brilliant acting. Not every1's cuppa
  • BollywoodF: Film review: 'Miss Lovely' is heartfelt and technically superb
  • AnilAy4134: miss lovely ke liye congrets.................niharika singh .................tourism colony patel nagar dehradun.
  • AmitYad22036000: 'Miss Lovely' is heartfelt and technically superb & the cast is remarkable and the film is rich in its material.
  • 1yrold: Miss lovely is such a fabulous film, sure in a good way. Brilliant direction, the recreation of that period. And performances.
  • varunvarghese: 2nd half of Miss Lovely does bring some respite.
  • chink_ster: Masterful recreation of the seedy '80s in Miss Lovely. Just wish they had had more fun with the world. #couldawouldashoulda
  • Sholoana1: Miss Lovely is the world’s first ‘A’ grade film with a ‘C’ grade backdrop! http://sholoanabangaliana.in/blog/2014/01/18/miss-lovely-is-the-worlds-first-a-grade-film-with-a-c-grade-backdrop/#ixzz2qkbK9Iz0
  • pranayzodiac7: I went to miss lovely to see the workings of c grade filmmaking and a solid story, but was dissapointed by confused direction and no details