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wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

Milenge Milenge is more about the times Kareena Kapoor (Priya) and Shahid Kapoor (Amit) don't meet (Jab they don't meet). Unfortunately, the engaging situations are detailed with lame lines and the good performances are packaged in tacky overalls.



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This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Plot Summary

Boy meets girl. By coincidence and not. They fall in love. But…do they live together happily ever after?

What Worked

  • Shahid Kapoor's expressions for Satish Shah - over the top, but good acting of having to act.
  • The 'No Smoking' scene
  • The Naarad muni story
  • Having decided to take destiny as a theme, the concept of letting destiny decide (50 Rupee note and book)

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • The first frame itself - the titles - looks dated.
  • Ok, who's providing for Priya (Kareena Kapoor)?
  • I don't if this is good or bad, but because it made me laugh unintentionally, I've put it here. A tarot readers capabilities are limited to when and where she'll meet her man, what he'll be wearing, but not if he's a smoker, teetotaler, etc.
  • Even I'd like to have gone to a college that sends students out to Bangkok for youth festivals.
  • The sudden cut to Amit's (Shahid Kapoor's) friend Ashish in the canteen.
  • What is a 24 year old doing in college?!
  • What kind of hostel in, of all the places, Bangkok have an 8pm curfew?!
  • The weirdoes in black, with red and yellow scarves, who show up to sing 'ishq ki gali'
  • Amit lying down on the tracks in the same song.
  • The suspense built during the life scene. Too melodramatic even for this genre.


This section lists things that I think are not important to the overall impact of the movie. In most cases, it could be explained away by something like, "we noticed the glitch after the scene was shot and there were schedule/budget issues and thus we could not re-shoot it". I like giving the makers the benefit of doubt, but I am amused nevertheless. Hopefully, they will tickle you too.

  • The denim shirt and jeans combination that Amit (Shahid Kapoor) wears in one of the scenes looked godawful!