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Milenge Milenge is more about the times Kareena Kapoor (Priya) and Shahid Kapoor (Amit) don't meet (Jab they don't meet). Unfortunately, the engaging situations are detailed with lame lines and the good performances are packaged in tacky overalls.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering how this old wine-old bottle affair will fare

Back in the days when Shahid Kapoor used to looked like the kid-next-door and not a muscular hunk that drives girls crazy. Back in the days when Kareena Kapoor was size some-positive-integer. Way back in 2004, Milenge Milenge went on floor. 6 years and many, many postponed release dates later, we will see these two on screen on July 9, 2010.

I'd have loved to use the adjective "sizzling" for the couple. But, somehow it doesn't seem appropriate now. Maybe because Himesh Reshammiya's music is gawd-awfully dated. Sample 'Tum Chain ho', 'Kuchh to baaki hai', and 'Milenge milenge'. Also something about the picturisation is off. The music and the visuals don't go together which makes the whole experience very disorienting. Not that there's much to go gaga over in the music itself. The music reviews at Milliblog, IANS, and glamsham also aren't very impressive.

Something about destiny playing a role in how a couple meets and parts ways doesn't leave much room for suspense, because they kinda HAVE TO meet again. Not only is there nothing creative about this one line concept, even the names of the lead pair are as commonplace as can be - Priya and Amit. Anyway, the synopsis on the official site goes something like - our lady Priya believes in destiny. She finds love as per directions of destiny foreteller (Kirron Kher). They part, do they meet? Yeah right!

Moreover, gone are also the times when the name Kirron Kher meant something you could look forward to. And her as a tarot card reader types brings an image of a completely disposable stereotype.

Yep! I sound super-skeptical aboutthis film though the hope is that the Jab We Met couple will be charming together at the very least. But, the key difference is the director. I don't remember the last time I enjoyed something Satish Kaushik directed. Let's hope this is the one!

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