Review - Mehbooba: Back to the late 80s-early 90s

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"Your thoughts on the movie", someone asked me on twitter? I didn't need to think twice before replying, "can't have too many thoughts after watching it. Mind's too numb after random lyrics, music, choreography, costumes, dialogues, story, acting, etc, etc, etc"



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And just in case you are wondering, I am no big fan of what our film industry churned out during that period. Of course, it's over-generalization, but I'm talking of those specific movies with very loose characterizations and even looser transformation of these characters. The kind where the makers thought they are being blasphemous if they didn’t present us with a badly choreographed song, with worse writing and cookie-cutter music every 10 minutes.

Very rarely do I allow myself to judge a movie in the first few frames. But sappy, long, unwieldy words of gratitude from the director to everyone he felt thankful to, one after the other, did it for me. Now, the actual first few frames of the movie reaffirmed the cyncism. Aerial shots of a four-horse chariot running wild on brown pasture lands. This could look beautiful, but here it just doesn't.

Bouts of directorial creativity surface every once in a while, only for you to wish they didn't. Because they are in the form of a two lips touching awkwardly (not kissing!) under a...table fountain!! Or picture this - yetannuder romantic number playing. Manisha Koirala is upto some random dance, suddenly one of her palms faces camera with her lover's name written on it and a red mark on the little-finger edge of the palm. Next, the other similarly red-marked palm, with her name on it this time, joins the first palm at the red spots to form a heart!!!!!, the audience has grown up...when will you?

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

    Mild spoilers ahead...
  • Violence: Slaps between men and women and an accident.
  • Sexual content: A seductive number and a guy womanizing.
  • Concept: It’s a love story that youd find boring, so I've no clue why you'd subject your children to that.

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and did u read taran adarshs' review in Indiafm. Please do, I would love to see your take on that review here.puhleeez.


well said.its total bakwas.


@vimal - :) all i can say is, to each his own, to each his own

@fawaz - thanks!

@chavanni - thanks, assuming that was meant for my review :)

@Michael - i thinks chavanni's "bakwas" was meant for the film and not Taran Adarsh's review

Timothy Liebe:

Sorry I haven't been around lately - book deadline.

I just saw MEHBOOBA with a much-reduced version of the All-American Sunday Night Unofficial Bollywood Film Club and - wow, was the melodrama overripe, or what? Even by the standards of Nineties Bollywood, where every slap or punch splits the air louder than the Howling Mothers of Harfleur, this movie was seriously Over-the-Top.

I'm recommending it to a friend of mine on Facebook - largely because he has a weakness for crazy melodrama like Douglas Sirk's WRITTEN ON THE WIND....


@TimELiebe Your comment reminded me that I've seen the film and in fact reviewed it... that says it all. Tell us the truth, you recommended it to your friend because you are plotting some kind of a revenge, right?


@TimELiebe oh wow! Bring him :)
Ps: Thanks!

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