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After a breakup time stands still for the lovers or maybe it goes in reverse. Katti Batti holds time still and you wish it'd move in any direction, just move.



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Wogma Review

We've seen and are even used to what we fondly call, “mindless comedy”. Katti Batti is a “mindless romance”. The kind where the destination was known but the path to the venue seemed to be unchartered. It felt like the writer knew, they had a rough idea of what they wanted on the way. A little comedy - slapstick even, the typical woo-ing and faking nonchalance, and a lot of lingering around with nothing happening.

For some reason it felt like the run-time was decided before the script - the movie has to be this long no matter how you reach the number. Add songs, add random back and forth, add inconsequential scenes. No matter if they don't hold an iota of viewer's interest.

It is understandable that there can be no logic when love is at first sight. But, doesn't a romantic film let you in on why the relationship has held together so long? You can tell why Madhav Kabra (Imran Khan) has fallen in love with the chirpy Paayal Malhotra (Kangna Ranaut) but you don't know her side of the story at all. Why is she with him?

Anyway, we have to be convinced because he is convinced. So we accept and move on. But move on, he just doesn't. Yes, at least one end of a couple finds it very difficult to let go after most breakups. Our man Madhav aka Maddy seems to be the one in this love story. And that is pretty much the story. That he doesn't give up. That his gut tells him what his eyes see and brain processes don't ring true.

But, you get that in the first 10-15 minutes of the film while the film spends the next hour and more making sure you got the intensity right. Except that, it doesn't work on the intensity. It just asks you to believe the sulking Imran Khan. You don't feel the pain, other than the one when you realise it is not even interval yet.

Other than the back and forth time-line that the film uses to go between Madhav-Paayal's present break-up era and the years gone by when their love blossomed, Katti Batti has very little to keep you interested. And that too gets boring after a bit. In fact, the criss-crossing time-lines seem to have confused the writer themselves and the “physical intimacy” chronology is a little difficult to believe. In the middle of a making out scene, Madhav claims he just wants to cuddle in response to Paayal's “You want to make love, don't you?” Just doesn't fit in.

So, the makers try to make it up with different kind of picturisation for a few of the songs. It is intriguing, entertaining even. But, it gives the film a surreal video album kind of a glaze. Making the story even more unbelievable than it already is. That leaves all the onus of making something worthwhile in the film to the lead cast. Since what we can call the story is from Madhav's point of view, Kangna Ranaut hardly has worthy screen time. And the by the time she does have some meat to play around with, it is too late. Madhav on the other hand, has two modes in his point of view – sulk and smitten. He does play both reasonably well, but then again nothing we haven't seen before. It also feels like the romantic lead label for Imran Khan comes more from his chocolate-boy looks than actual romance.

No romance, zilch comedy in this rom-com. Should they stop trying so hard to remake movies and try their hand at some novel story-telling if not original stories?

~ ~ ~

ps. A quick word about the use of FOSLA – Frustrated One Sided Lovers' Association. Way back in 1995-96, I am pretty sure, one from our group of friends had come up with this idea/concept. It was surprising to hear of the book, a rumor about a film and then see it in Katti Batti today. I guess, things had their own way of going viral back then. :D

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A few slaps.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Talk about sex. Making out and kissing scenes.
  • Concept: Undying love. Or thereabouts.
  • General Look and Feel: Peppy and hip but too superficial.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 0.5
  • Story: 0
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 1
  • Screenplay: 0
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 1

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Now why would anybody want to go and watch this film?

Imraan Khan seems to be sleepwalking in a role that he has done umpteen times - remember Break ke baad, I hate love stories, Gori tere pyaar mein, ek mein aur ek tu. Thoroughly stereocasted.

Kangana's histrionics are as annoying as they have always been.

As regards the promos: all the various tid-bits that are revealed showcase the naughty adults oriented jokes. Clearly catering to youth in metros. This means forget the rest of India - zero connect and so zero business. Forget the papa-mama, dadi-dada, nani-nana type of audiences - promos tell them clearly to stay at home : once again zero connect and so zero business. As for the target audience (looking at promos at least): the young generation is fed with much better adults jokes and entertainment than what is shown in the promos. They are not going to fall hook bait and sinker for this stinker.

In short, it is headed in the direction where it should head - i.e. heavy commercial flops of the year.


FOSLA was also mentioned in 'Dum Laga' song of movie 'Dil Dosti etc'.

Raj D.:

Dear Meetu, When has Nikhil Advani given a good movie? He has sophistication, connection, understands technique of movie making, can convince and talk to bollywood honchos confidently to put money behind him. But what he comes out with is... Uhh... I think, he hopes one day after 10 flops he will give a big hit. He may. But who is going to bear the torture of those 9 movies?


Two Back to Back junks From Nikhil Advani.
The bad thing is that even the direction is not good this time.
Next time it would be difficult for anyone to put money on Nikhil Advani.
Even Welcome Back was much more entertaining than this.
To select this movie Kangna has done a fault because she was barely getting any long scenes until the last 20 mins .
And i dont know how far Imran Khan is going doing the same characters in each and every movie (still not getting better in the same role) ..

Indian Short Movies:

How can one think of watching a movie of Imran Khan? Barring Jane tu, what else he has done? I preferred sleeping at home.


"I preferred sleeping at home"

ha ha ha - apt one-liner for the film.


No worthwhile or exciting release lined up for the next few weeks. Looks like 2015 is going to be a wipe-out year for Hindi films.

The next biggie on which all eyes would be hovering now is the Suraj Barjatya's next. Remains to be seen how much will James Bond eat into the Rajashree's revenues.


@DSS yeah, I remember it being used elsewhere, but couldn't place it. Thank you.

@Raj D Well, I didn't mind salaam-e-ishq that much. Also, I am a movie-optimist. I almost always have hope.


Katti Batti is emotional torture I love Kangana but sorry you owe me 700

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