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Joker is very intentionally silly and gets cute at times. It keeps things simple despite the seemingly complicated situation it gets itself into and it is clean. If you don't mind some childish fun, wait for the DVD release. And if you do, you are better off skipping it.



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7 tweeters have given Joker an average rating of 1.1/5.0(?)

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5 nays
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  • ZeniaIrani: #Joker is the worst movie Ive seen in my life....ever!
  • seanwilliams259: 'Tees Maar Khan' used to be Akshay Kumar's worst movie ever.. until I saw 'Joker'... yuckhhh!!!
  • nkumar_: Joker is an entertainer though I would say that none of the character stays in your mind once you are out of movie theater. Period
  • faizal0603: Joker nice sweet movie....worth watch it....
  • DasLuck4: joker such a Idiotic movie.. total waste of money
  • Aayushz: sorry @ShirishKunder sir , #joker was a waste of time
  • 25_Shalu: Its better to watch a Ben 10 show rather than joker..!!☇