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Joker is very intentionally silly and gets cute at times. It keeps things simple despite the seemingly complicated situation it gets itself into and it is clean. If you don't mind some childish fun, wait for the DVD release. And if you do, you are better off skipping it.



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8 readers have given Joker an average rating of 2/5.0.
2 yays
5 nays
1 so-so
  • Want to Watch by VeroMeet: It might be one of those movies, where its SO BAD, its SO GOOD lol
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Fatema: Cutesy-ridiculous, with a bit of imagination and lots of typical naivete.
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Sergio Ramos: 91
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Raj: Dear Shirish I want a few more from you. Worst than Clerk and worster than Joker. Please..!
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by James: This is dumb movie by dumb director.
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Amit Kumar: A complete waste of money and time. Not worth watching on television either!
  • Not Interested in Watching by Jake:
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Suman:
  • Not Interested in Watching by professional resume writing services: <a href="">Adwords</a>
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by stemple Warszawa:
  • So-So by TimELiebe: Short and funny with great dance numbers - but the story is a hodgepodge even by *masala* standards.
  • Not Interested in Watching by Minda: