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While Jannat 2's lead character, Sony Dilli has a decent conflict, the film isn't worth watching because of the dull manner it is narrated in. In many ways, Jannat 2 feels like a film that could've been a film worth watching once if it had a little better of everything, especially better actors to play the side characters and the villain.



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Wogma Review

What is it that makes Vishesh Films name its films to make them sound like sequels? Murder 2 earlier and now Jannat 2 have nothing to do with the films with the same names but for the number attached at the end. Is it that the producers are trying to bank on the success of the earlier films to get in the initial crowd? Is it lack of creativity? Is it pure laziness? Or is it mere disinterest? The same disinterest that shows through the film by the actors and the director.

Of the entire team, only the writer seems to show interest right through the end of his assignment. Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi), a small-time gun-dealer finds himself stuck between a cop (Randeep Hooda) who forces Sonu to turn into an informer; his willingness to live an honest living for the love of his life (Esha Gupta); and the bigger-time dons of the underworld (Manish Choudhary). A dilemma that could've been so much more engaging but for some awful performances and a tedious screenplay.

Similarly, the dialogues are some of the most inane ones. The kind that actors should have objection to saying out loud, however inept they might be at their work. No, I'm not referring to perfunctorily used profanity Except for Emraan Hashmi, the rest of the cast is rather monotonous, each one seems to take to one expression and hold to it. This fact is more so evident in the cases of Randeep Hooda, Esha Gupta and Manish Choudhary. Anyway, as usual, the lead lady is made irrelevant in a crime saga.

Despite all of this, I'd consider the climax one of the bravest ones in recent times. It is surprisingly unexpected for an otherwise predictable story. It is also an interesting one in terms of what it means to the various characters, even if they aren't written with too much depth. Yet, it can't take away from the fact that it is 'too little, and a little too late'.

Jannat 2 is another one of those standard crime romances to come out of the Bhatt stable - only less engaging than the average Vishesh Films' product.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

    Rated Adult.
  • Violence: Loads of gun fights. Well, the lead character is a gun-dealer.
  • Language: Loads and loads of profanity.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A few scenes showing a couple making out or kissing. Then, a scene with Emraan Hashmi in the act with a prostitute, even though he is fully-clothed. Many dialogues in the beginning revolve around sex.
  • Concept: A gun-dealer who has decided to mend his ways gets caught in a trap that doesn't let him do so.
  • General Look and Feel: Dark.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 2
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 1
  • Screenplay: 1
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 1.5

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