Review - Jaane Tu ya jaane na: good fun

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

The only word that comes to mind is 'cute'. No less and unfortunately, no more.



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Wogma Review

Jaane tu is sweet, but not saccharine sweet. It's more the fun, peppy sweet. Yet it does not reach the heights of a lasting entertainer, mainly because of the sudden limp in the story 3/4ths way down the line. It just came across as aimless and rather random after that.

However, the spoof-ish undercurrent running through the movie is completely adorable. The digs on all things "Hindi cinema" are thoroughly enjoyable. And I could almost sense how the writer is having a hearty laugh by having the audience lap up, the mother of all clichéd climaxes, without complaining.

The college campus feel of the movie is going to make the young identify with the characters and their situations. And the slightly less young will enjoy the nostalgia. I liked the way various relationships were built. Be it the mother-son, the father from the portrait-son, the brother-sister, and of course friends and lovers - all these equations came across well but yet had an anti-climatic feel about it.

Genelia and Imran Khan both bring a breath of freshness on the screen. It's as much their timing as it's the natural, much needed casualness they afford their characters that make them dear to the audience. I especially liked the insecure, confused, disappointed body language that Genelia presented in the second half. We know for sure that they are here for the long haul, at least for the chirpy, less serious kind of roles.

Anything "Aamir Khan" has to have music that adds to the ambience of the movie and its true with this one too. So, even with a forced in number like "pappu can't dance" you find yourself swaying to the music. While there isn't a shred of doubt that "kabhi kabhi aditi" is one of the most romantic numbers to have come out in recent times, "pappu can't dance" and "nazre milana" have also grown on me with repeated hearings.

To be honest, I just don't feel right judging a movie while sitting in the corner seat of the third row (from the screen). The camera angles, the colors, the sound - all seem off to me. So, I think it'd be unfair to make any comment on any of these aspects.

So, yeah, I had a smile on throughout the movie but the base story is a little disappointing in terms of originality. I felt a little cheated by the ultimate turn of events somehow didn’t go with the tone of the movie and thus made it land in the "much ado about nothing" category.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Very little. A punch here and a punch there.
  • Sexual content: None.
  • Concept: It is about relationships. So, though its fun, its still something only a teenage might begin to understand.
  • General Look and Feel: It does have a rugged look and feel, which means no saturated colors. But, the songs and the overall feel of the movie is happy.

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jaane tu ya jaane na review...

The only word that comes to mind is ‘cute’. Yeah, my vocabulary is never spectacular anyways. But, cute it is. No less and unfortunately, no more....


chavanni's review...


Nice review. I too felt the same thing. Dont know why all the other reviewers are raving about this movie. According to me, except for the treatment, everything else in the movie was just too normal (and dragging at times too!)

Btw, where is ur usual nitty gritty section?

priyanka shukla:

yu guys are mad, how silly to think about a story
must having sexual contact,rubbish,change the sites name keep it without thinking and going to a movie ha,ha.


Thanks for sharing this!This was one movie I wanted to go and watch.


Hey Vimal, have been busy with one thing or the other, that's why couldn't do the nitty-gritty section. Its on my 'to do' list for today.


morph, hey!!! have been missing you. Where were you all these days?

Believe me, I did ask myself if this one was only as good as 'De Taali'. Well it is, but only a shade. And that shade shows in the detailed ratings.

The way I thought of it is - both are movies about friends falling in love with each other or otherwise. Both were trying to entertain. Both made me go "awwww" at a couple of places. 'De Taali' made me laugh really hard at a few places and 'Jaane tu...' made me smile throughout.

!!! mild spoiler ahead !!!

What was wrong with the movie? Well, besides the fact that i didn't like the way things ended up because it was no different from any other 'boy meets girl' movie, i didn't think the individual pieces or bits added up to make a very good 'whole' product. It was better than decent, but not great.


Thanks Mayur! Should have wiki'ed it in the first place...

anyways, but it still makes no sense in the context of the was a random tribute, i guess.


hmmm, morph...i enjoy metaphors, even if i don't get them the first time around, but this one seems a little forced, if your interpretation is correct.


Hey, come on Subur, if I were sitting in a premiere with the director, Aamir Khan, the cast (especially Genelia, right?) around me, I'd tend to like the movie a little more than usual. No?

I assume the excitement in the air is different when you are watching a premiere. I know for sure the excitement is different for a first day first show in comparison to a few days later.


Hey Nisha! Welcome back!!

I really don't think I let the technical aspects overwhelm my opinion of the movie. For me the movie is more about what the director's/writer's most likely intention was - then it may be to pass on a social message or tell a story or entertain. Then, I see if it worked for me and try to dissect why I liked/disliked it. Believe me, this has been natural, not a laboured effort, so much so as to spoil my experience of the movie.

Case in example, Summer 2007, it must have been one of the worst movies, technically. But, none of that can over-ride the awareness it was trying to create. It worked in sensitizing me to the issues of our farmers.

Seriously Nisha, I try to keep the reviews about my opinion, because there is no way I can claim that I know the pulse of the "crowd". I am no mind-reader. I am 'a part' of that crowd, so I will know only what that 'part' feels about the movie.


I loved the movie and genelia was a like a fresh air in the middle of all des plastic faces dat r der in bollywood today...and i simply adored Imraan and his voice. I throughly enjoyed the movie and its music.Sign up on Planet Radio City to get all the latest info about ur fav music and singer/composer. Also get lyrics and meet others who like your kinda music. Spread the word about your favourite music.


I think its a cool movie and a muct watch for Youngsters


No doubt this is a pleasing movie.This movie has brought a fresh air in bollywood after few month.


Hey Nisha,

Why would I not publish your comment? Because you did not agree with me? Never...differences of opinion are one of the most enjoyable things!

I do realize that I am a little harsh on the "romantic" feel good movies. The thing is my rating is based on the feeling I come out with while walking out of the theater (as you agree it should be). Both these movies, left me feeling something was missing. Jaane tu gave me that feeling a lot more than Jab we met.

I'm not Delhi based and can't attend Osian. I don't mind to have you as a guest on wogma if you want to cover the festival. Do let me know what you think.



Ok, i understand, Nisha. But, any time if you'd like to write your opinion of any movie (except latest Hindi, maybe because I cover them anyway), or a movie related topic, do let me know. Of course, we'll have to do a trial run, etc, but that will come once you are on board.


ok i like jenni very much and the heros acting is too good i like kabhi kabhi aditi song very much

dilan younis:

hi..its great and i like it alot...


@TimELiebe oh well, to each his own. I had issues with it mocking at/commenting on something by doing the exact same thing.


@TimELiebe ya-ya-ya! Anything goes under the guise of irony and satire, doesn't it?


::@TimELiebe ya-ya-ya! Anything goes under the guise of irony and satire, doesn't it?::

::pushes up my ten-gallon hat, chews on a matchstick, studying Meetu intently from under half-lidded eyes::


Oh, I'll bet if SRK did it, you'd all be swooning right about now! :D


Direction: 3
Story: 3
Lead Actors: 3
Character Artists: 3

Dialogues: 2.5
Screenplay: 3.5
Music Director: 4
Lyrics: 4

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