Ishkq In Paris - Preview

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Ishkq in Paris is a story told way too many times already to be of any interest. What amazes me is why anyone would want to tell it again, when there aren't any takers for listening to it.



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Wow! Preity Zinta is back! One of the recent Hindi films had the lead lady mimic Preity Zinta which is when I had to come and look up her next film. She certainly couldn't already be in the phase where there would be spoofs and tributes to her, right?

After The Last Lear and Videsh it seemed like Preity Zinta had long moved on from romance. So, it was rather disappointing to find it was a Ishkq in Paris, which looks like your typical love story set in a foreign city. Only this time around, you don't have to romanticize London or New York, it is set in the city of romance!

My only curiosity about Ishkq In Paris, is - what is it about love that Preity Zinta felt has been left unsaid that she decided to produce it? The trailer seems to be indicate stuff that has been done to death, two strangers spend one night together in an unknown city. In fact, we very recently saw the same theme explored in London Paris New York. For sure, the music doesn't seem to explore anything new, hopefully how Ishkq in Paris goes about telling its tale of love in a manner that is different/engaging/entertaining/all of the above.

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