I, Me Aur Main - Preview

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I, Me Aur Myself takes being full of oneself to a new level. Sure, we know enough people around us who are full of themselves, but doesn't make watching them in a film any more interesting.



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I, Me Aur Main looks like it will be the perfect fix for the chick-flick starved me. But, John Abraham as a romantic lead has never struck as the best deal in town. The way his face contorts when he tries to emote love, is a put-off rather than inspiring aaawwww. However, the theme, that of a casanova, narcissist, vain guy seems to suit him well. So, overall I, Me Aur Main strikes like a film that can entertain.

While we are pretty aware of the set-up from the trailer, it will all depend on where the movie goes from there. I certainly hope it doesn't boil down to the protagonist mending his ways. That would be unreal. We all know a self-centered person like him to know better than that.

The women though seem to be playing brave rather than being brave. I am curious to know what that is all about. We've seen both of them do pretty much the same thing earlier - standing up for themselves, trying to be resilient.

The music too seems to be received well even if the reviewers aren't ecstatic. That and all the above - enough reason to get a tad excited about I, Me Aur Main?

Music Reviews:
Bollyspice - "3/5"
Bollywood Hungama - "3/5"
dunkdaft - "Sachin-Jigar, giving out surprises album after album. Making their own space in the music scene, I Me aur Main is no exception with some really addictive tunes."
glamsham - "3/5"
Milliblog - "Sachin Jigar help the soundtrack stand out!"
MTV - "This album is not here to change the face of music as we know it, nor is it going to make us admire the undiscovered talents of the musicians. However, it is definitely going to get you to grab a partner and head out to watch the setting sun, as the party lights come to life."