Humshakals - Preview

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And here I thought pretending to have a story could help even a Sajid Khan movie.



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Anyone who has followed this blog for a reasonable amount of time can guess how much I am or am not looking forward to this one. But, honestly I am surprised that I am not looking forward to it. There was a time when I'd look forward to three times Saif Ali Khan or three times Riteish Deshmukh. Three times Ram Kapoor would be a bit much. But the problem is this put all together.

More importantly, it looks like it is also promising three times Sajid Khan. Now, that I will never be ready for.

The only thing I can appreciate about a film like this is that it is absolutely unashamed of itself. No pretensions, no inhibitions. We are what we are, a slapstick and proud of it! Watch out for the closing shot in the trailer.

Other than that, even if it says what it is, it doesn't make it any more enjoyable. Even the two minute trailer. The threesome dressed in drag to induce laughter, silly pun that is extended and explained way beyond its short life.

The music seems to be the typical do too. Let's just hope I have at least two good laughs from this one. Just two? Can you do that for me, Humshakals?