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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

We are happy. We are just a bunch of 'mango' people who are happy to be in a theater after a long hiatus. So happy are we that there is at least something to watch, to draw us to the halls, that we don't mind the "open head; keep brain aside in safety; close head; watch film" drill. Yeah-yeah-yeah the comedy is not bad, or let's just say it's better than what one would expect from this team. And it’s the sight of an oasis in a desert. And thirsty we were.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering to see if slapstick can bring a smile…

The promo promises realization of every man's dream - one husband, three wives.

That is quite what it takes to interest the audience according to trade analyst, Amod
Mehra. And that is exactly what the director-producer duo is aiming at.

Unlike certain film-makers who make films for themselves rather than an audience, I make films from an audience point of view … I promise you that the words “paisa vasool” will be in full effect when you watch ‘Housefull’

While, director, Sajid Khan has no pretense about making a film that appeals to a particular niche, producer Sajid Nadiadwala, only wants to add to the glamor quotient.

How do we reinvent ourselves and do something that will be better than Heyy Babyy in all aspects? As a producer I have made sure that the cast, canvas and music is far bigger than the audience’s expectation … the film has been shot with the entire cast over four countries England, Italy, Hong Kong and India.

Nice trick! The lower you set your standards, the easier it is to achieve your goal. Alright-alright, there were enough people who liked Heyy Babyy, doesn't matter much, that a part of the audience …
ahem … doesn't think of that as paisa vasool.
Yet, for the audience who don't care too much for this variety of entertainment there is hope because Sajid Khan has attributed his movie-making inspiration to seven of his favorite directors.

The lucky seven are Manmohan Desai, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, K. Raghvendra Rao, K. Bappaiah, Narendra Bedi, Prakash Mehra and Blake Edwards.

Just in case you missed it, the veteran directors are…lucky…that Sajid thought of them. Geez!

Anyway, after about 2 hours of browsing for buzz around this upcoming film, you figure that THE most inviting aspect of the film is the skimpily-clad, killer-lady trio - Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, and Jiah Khan. Interestingly though, the straight women in the house have something to look forward too! Sajid Khan wouldn't let half his audience go without 'entertainment' now, would he?

I told them all two months in advance that I would be needing them to show skin, including Ritesh Deshmukh! So they could do all the pushups they wanted … men are all topless I've made each one of them strip, and the lovely ladies are in bikinis.

Now, whether or not a shirtless Ritesh Deshmukh is your idea of recreation, is your problem. Any which way, the cast took their director's word seriously enough to not indulge in Italian delicacies.

Worry not, not all energies have been spent on cosmetics. Ritesh has a supposedly super hilarious tongue-twister which he prepared for relentlessly."What on earth is Ritesh babbling about?" is the first question that pops after you watch this trailer. Thankfully a Lara Dutta interview comes to the rescue. The question is," Who are you married to in the film?"

This film is complete confusion! So I am married to Riteish, but am also married to Akshay. But I am also Akshay's sister. But I am also Riteish's sister. I am Boman's daughter, but I am also Boman's daughter in law!

Rest assured, the lady promises a tight screenplay.

So if you are not following because of all the confusion, you might lose the plot somewhere.

With 6 lead characters, it's always interesting to see who gets what kind of screen space. The supposed budget of Rs. 100 crore, clearly identifies Akshay Kumar as the main lead. Looks like the ladies, however, have divided the labor between themselves.

Deepika is the main female romantic lead. She has most of the songs and romantic scenes with Akshay Kumar. Lara has a stronger role in terms of the dialogue and the comic sequences.

Which is all fine, till I read the next paragraph,

Housefull is a comedy of errors apparently inspired by Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Chupke Chupke about a house filled with characters coming and going and creating a commotion of mistaken identity.

Oh, the horror! Chupke Chupke is my favorite film! Calling the director, "lucky" is one thing but claiming to be like one of his best works…is…heartbreaking.

Especially, when the selling points are slapstick - not regular slapping, slapping by a monkey no less! And item numbers, of course, by Mallaika Arora, Jacquline Fernandes, and maybe even Aishwarya Rai.

Despite all these reservations against this brand of entertainment, despite the anxiety, the ardent cine-lover in me, is hopeful. I remember the subtle humor in the second half of Heyy Babyy. Also co-writer Milap Zaveri is capable of writing decent comedy. Also the music, the mainstay of this genre, has received some decent reviews.

Housefull is slated for release on 30th April, 2010. Enjoy the show and let us know what you think the film is going to be like. Till then, gear up with some of these videos.