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For what it's worth, I'd consider it a positive that I didn't find it too much of a torture.



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99 tweeters have given Housefull 3 an average rating of 3.8/5.0(?)

70 yays
20 nays
9 so-so
  • Zain_Khan78: Wow Housefull 3 was absolutely amazing. Excellent performance. loved it @Asli_Jacqueline @akshaykumar @Riteishd
  • yashKapoor1234: Wow Mst comedy thi yaar some thing new you will all see HOUSEFULL 3 MY FAV DIALOGUE LALLA LLALA LORRY DUDH KI KATORI BAHO MEIN AAJA GORRII
  • vogueszap: Just watched housefull 3 and It was so hilarious
  • vinodnarayan: #Housefull3 is a new low in #Bollywood as it weaves obtuse jokes on skin color, race and disabilities
  • vaishalisirohia: Housefull 3 more like awful three!!!!#Housefull3
  • VaibhavPuranikk: My life is so boring that I found even Housefull 3 to be entertaining..
  • UroosaAkbar: Just came bk from cinema i watched Housefull 3 and man it was soo funny!! Everyone needs to watch it!
  • troubledblurt: Housefull 3 is full of bad jokes. Please lend the writers some brains. @akshaykumar is the only person worth a watch. #Housefull3flop
  • tiltonferns: Epic comedy movie
  • sureishs: housefull 3 bakwaas movie bc...
  • sunnykapoor23: housefull 3 hit
  • Sukhyykaur: Housefull 3 is a mad funny movie
  • singhp1105: Housefull 3 with the family was hilarious and just the medicine I needed.
  • ShefaliModi3: Watched movie #housefull 3... Its really superb... Laugh riot
  • SharmaStrong4d: Excellent entertainment housefull 3
  • Shaikhamreen25: Housefull 3 movie was superb
  • ShahRukhKrazy: Just caught up on Comedy nights bachao with housefull 3! Really good episode..probably best comedy show on tv right now
  • ser_gie: Housefull 3 was so much fun it,s a laugh riot it was totally amazing i really enjoyed it especially the stunning beauty jacgueline
  • SaroshKotwal: Saw Housefull 3 . Gotta love it
  • Sagarika_Rixton: Just home hha. Loved @NandosUK my fav and Housefull 3. What a great film
  • sagarasmani: [email protected] #housefull-3 #citygold #riverfront. Full enjoyment today weekend saturday..
  • sadukifarzi: Housefull 3 is just punny, not funny.
  • RoHiTbhUToRIA: Watched Housefull 3...A madslap be watched without expecting sense...enjoyed the movie.. @juniorbachchan @akshaykumar @Riteishd
  • Rockways: Housefull 3. Akshay Kumar can make any movie great. His performance was on spot!
  • RitaaaKaur: Housefull 3 is out, it's a must to watch.
  • rishabhbairwa: Fully fadu funny movie .
  • retardedlampost: Housefull 3 is by far one of the best housefull movies I've seen
  • ravi1964: Movie: Housefull 3, My Rating 3.5/5. Very Good Movie. worth watchable.
  • ras_gullla: Housefull 3 is not a movie, it's an emotion. A depressing one nonetheless but an emotion after all.
  • Rakesh3324: HOuseFull 3 mst movie hai maja aa gya aapki ksam bas @riteishd
  • rajan_midha1: Housefull 3 was a funny one
  • raghumaram: Movies are great, they take you to the another place. For example, Housefull 3 took me to the coma.
  • qasim2210: Fantastic Awesome Housefull 3 Movie I cant Stop Laughing @Riteish @akshaykumar @juniorbachchan
  • prateek03sharma: Housefull 3 -Mass entertainment if you leave your brain outside the theatre
  • pratapjain79: Triple Time Fun In Housefull 3 | Akshay | Abhishek | Riteish | Latest Housefull 3 Movie Update 2016: via
  • nrhumaira_: housefull 3 is awesome
  • niteshbarnawal: Housefull 3.....boring movie of the comedy at all........very very very below the expectations
  • Neo_Einstein: Housefull 3 wasn't that bad..... Akshay has alone saved the film
  • naveenroy1: Watched housefull 3 today at Cinema.. Bade Dino baad khul ke hasaaa. Thanks to @akshaykumar @juniorbachchan @Riteishd
  • NarryMcCuddly: Housefull 3 is soo good. Such a fun and entertaining movie. Nargis is goals
  • MukeshBolaniya: Full Entertain movie Housefull 3
  • mohit_sharma__: Housefull 3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Class Comedy
  • MeUmashankar: Housefull 3 is #UltimateComedyRiot Full on entertainment!!! Sandy and sundhi were fabulous and Chunky Pandey is Epic!!
  • mbhardwaj19: Movie: Housefull 3, My Rating 3/5. good one.
  • manatelugumovie: Housefull 3: Too Silly With Rotten Comedy: No one expects a logic from Housefull franchise…
  • kumarshubham367: I enjoyed Housefull 3 with my friends really awesome
  • kulthoomshxikh: Housefull 3 was sooooo good
  • kritz_04: Omg housefull 3 was so fucking awesome
  • KRangoonwal: Today Watch Housefull 3 Comedy & Action Movies Full Enjoyed Akshay Kumar Role Super
  • kinkylilboots: #Housefull3 is a fun ride that will leave you LOLing
  • khizarchocksy: Housefull 3 is amazing ~
  • kd_jk91: The best part about Housefull 3 is that is ended.
  • Kaur1Chetna: #housefull_3 awesm #movie :p . I have nevr laughed bettr than this :v . . -RaHuL™
  • JZ_7: Housefull 3 was a good laugh
  • Jrbachchansite: Housefull 3 movie review: This paisa vasool entertainer will make you bow down to Akshay Kumar's comic timing!
  • JiishaaN: Housefull 3 was pure garbage.
  • JayMakkar: HouseFull 3 review by me 4.5/5 #Housefull3 gang is #Awesome
  • jangida776: Housefull 3 movie 100/5 star super duper hitttt movie i like akshay kumar
  • jaishjoshi1: Housefull 3 review: Mirthless and worthless
  • iFarhanKhan: Achi movie haii housefull 3
  • ifanjuniorbad18: 'Housefull 3' Review: Entirely Puerile, Only Sporadically Funny...
  • ifanakshaykuday: 'Housefull 3' review: A tolerable entertainer...
  • iamash_007: Housefull 3 Quick Review :- What's Good:- Nothing. What's Bad:- Everything.
  • iamankit_A: Housefull-3... You will die laughing
  • hiraakamal: Housefull 3!! What a great film.... Had soo much fun laughing and just chilling.... Lovely way to spend a Saturday!!!
  • himzzy786: Housefull 3 gr8 but #housefull2 was much better
  • Gitesh21kapoor: Watched housefull 3. It was amazing but @ times repetitive. @juniorbachchan was my favourite in the movie. @Asli_Jacqueline @akshaykumar
  • ghufranyousafi: Watched Housefull 3 at Cinepax Fortress Stadium tonight, not a bad movie. Few scenes are seriously funny, music is also good.
  • Fanclub_nepal: I personally didnot like housefull 3...
  • ElegantSRKFan: Housefull 3- Patriotic Comedy, must watch!
  • Dxnnii_bbyOX: Housefull 3 was hilarious omfg
  • djahmedbilal: Housefull 3 is full entertainment time pass movie, guess crowd is loving it.
  • DineshN16346217: Housefull 3 movie the best movie
  • DevChawla7: Tell the truth or i will make you watch housefull 3 - new kind of terrorism @Sarcasm_So
  • CllmeBhullar: Housefull 3 was a perfect movie to start my weekend
  • cinematiclives: Housefull 3 rating from my side ... 2.25/5 ..just an average time pass
  • chiitaphon: just watched Housefull 3 it was hilarious!!!
  • BOSSaddicted: Review: #Housefull3 is a fully paisa vasool entertainer. Non-stop entertainment for the entire family. -"
  • Bahar_Deshpande: Muaah Akshay rocks in Housefull-3 and movies is laugh-riot, laughed continually, shows how versatile Akshay is- must watch for all
  • bader_zia: Housefull 3 was acc decent
  • a_mufc1: Just saw housefull 3 silly as expected but gave me a good laugh so im happy
  • aveek125: Movie: Housefull 3, My Rating 5/5. A very good comedy flim
  • Atulkumarshanu1: What a great film given by akshay kumar again soo funny Housefull 3 Rock.
  • Ateev_Anand: Housefull 3 की समीक्षा- हंसी फ़िल्म देखकर नहीं आती बल्कि फ़िल्म देखकर हंस रहे इक्का-दूक्का लोगों पर आती है.
  • ashthina: Housefull 3 wasn't all that bad. Definitely better than expected
  • Ashmita1234: Saw Housefull 3. Its the best Housefull ever. It was very funny. @akshaykumar you were the best. I can watch it again and again
  • Arsalan_Tweet: Absoultely LOVED Housefull 3. So hilarious
  • arjunjasmeet143: Housefull 3 isa phenomenal film great work by @akshaykumar @Riteishd @juniorbachchan @Asli_Jacqueline @NargisFakhri
  • anumunjal_: housefull 3 is funny af
  • AMARKANTJHA: Housefull 3 movie review: Akshay Kumar strikes again with this paisa vasool family entertainer via @ZeeNews
  • akshaysrilanka: Movie review – Housefull 3 – A laugh riot all the way for family audiences. Rating: 3.5…
  • akingle786: My review-- Housefull 3 – A laugh riot for family audiences. Rating: 4/5
  • ainaysmne: housefull 3 10/10. best gila & asyik gelak tahap keluar air mata dah
  • AdilChandiwala: Housefull 3 to be renamed as "12 IDIOTS"Majority of the audience were busy msg in the theatre. Totally confused film was comedy or tragedy?
  • acetard: Enjoyed Housefull 3, akshay was awesome,his Jim Carrey act of Me Myself And Irene was fun, better than 1st 2,now judge me all you want
  • AbhishekLoveU1: Akshay Kumar build The Whole Film Without him Housefull 3 is nothing Full Paisa Wasool. Watch Housefull 3 with...
  • 2susanparker1: 'Housefull 3' review: A lazily written, flat ensemble film